Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sentinels of Freedom

I am involved, in a most peripheral way, with an amazing organization called Sentinels of Freedom. Our Arizona chapter is run by the broker of the real estate company I work for. The work they do is both humbling and heartwarming and if supporting our troops (regardless of political leanings) is of interest to you, I encourage you to learn more about the Sentinels Scholarship program.

What I wanted to share with you is that they're launching a new program to get some cool technology into the hands of our troops in Iraq & Afghanistan. Can I just say that above and beyond POWER.GUY Solar Charger for Electronic Devices. Support Our Troops! Donate a solar charger to a soldier today!believing absolutely in this not-for-profit organization and the work they do, this tech is SOOOO COOOOOL!  :-) It's a solar charger for iPods, iPhones, phones, blackberry's, cameras, and so much more! It will allow a soldier to recharge his/her phone (for example) on the go, without ever needing electricity... increasing his/her ability to stay in touch with loved ones back home! How cool is that? And they're only $49.95.  Seriously!

If you'd like to know more about The Sentinels of Freedom, please visit their website at http://sentinelsoffreedomaz.org/

If you'd like info about donating a solar charger to a soldier (and/or buying one for yourself), please visit: http://sentinelsoffreedomaz.org/powerguy.html
New book/music/movie day! Great reason to like tuesdays! :-) Christine Feehan has a new "dark" book out today, Maggie Shayne has 2 new ones I need to pick up (Killing Me Softly & Kill Me Again), plus the third in the trilogy next month. We rented The Backup Plan and watched that last night. Cute. Last week we rented Date Night. That was funny :-)

Yoga at 6:30 this morning. Yay! Loving it! Bethany is definitely sick, no gym time for her. She's all stuffy, so we're doing saline nasal spray & benadryl, and she's loving the "need" to eat honey, lol. She'll be flying to CA this friday, so I want to get her sinus's cleared before that... it's miserable flying stuffy. We did a "fend for yourself" dinner last night, which isn't as bad as it sounds, lol. There's tons of great food, it's just a matter of everyone putting it together the way they want. I had a whole grain wrap, sliced open a roasted hatch chili from Whole Foods and laid it open, topped with browned ground bison mixed with black beans & green chili, added a scoop of lowfat cottage cheese and some shredded cabbage.... UBER YUM! Really hit the spot! :-) Love those hatch chilies!!  Tonight I'll be experimenting with a recipe for a crust-less spinach quiche.

Did I mention they're tearing up my gym? Major renovations. The downside is the absolute mess, the smell of fresh paint, the constantly moving equipment (now where's that back extension today??), and the dust. Upside is the new stuff coming in. We're getting a Boxing Ring! Woohoo! And a TRX system!!! I don't cycle or spin so the new bikes of varying types mean nothing to me, but I'm sure they're very nice. We'll soon be temporarily ousted from the yoga studio and into the fitness room while they refinish our floors (great, better to slip on, lol). I'm anxious to see all the new stuff! :-)

Monday, August 30, 2010

Weekend Recap & Sunday Food Prep

Weekend was good :-) I lifted (upper body) Saturday morning, and was quite sore throughout the weekend :-) Woohoo! The Luau was fun and the food was fantastic! Awesome filet & scallop kabobs, I've been promised the recipe :-) My fruit salad was yummy. I just threw strawberries, cantaloupe, blackberries, kiwi, raspberries & sliced peaches in a bowl, then chopped up angel food cake into "croutons", and grated a bar of dark chocolate to sprinkle over it. Super yummy! :-) And yes, in case you were wondering, the family/group dynamic was indeed interesting. Lol.

Sunday, I got my food prep done, and indulged a craving... ahi tuna sandwich :-)  I did bison burgers for the family, and seared a few filets of ahi. Joey's roommate, Robbie also loves ahi, so we both had that with the incredible wasabi mayo (clean). Bill laughed at us because he could see exactly when we got a bite with a bit more wasabi, lol.

My proteins this week include the usual Chicken, plus tilapia, cod, bison and beef. My veggies are zucchini, yellow squash, white squash, broccoli, cauliflower, plus my usual cabbage, tomatoes, spring peas, etc. Lots of veggies get eaten in my house :-)  Fruit... peaches were on sale for 59 cents/lb, plus apples, strawberries and blueberries. My grains... I cheated again and got 'ready to eat' varieties to save me some time in the kitchen. Thankfully, there's lots of convenience foods coming onto the market that are clean, yay!

This morning I did my cardio. Sprint intervals on the treadmill. Bethany wants to get back in the gym and workout with me, so we may be going this evening. She's also coming down with a cold, so I'll see how she feels.

DID YOU KNOW?  Cooking tomatoes makes them healthier! :-) Yep, it's true! It increases the lycopene! Drastically! (Lycopene is an awesome antioxidant) One of my favorite ways to cook tomatoes is to drop them in a Ziploc steamer bag, add a handful of snow peas and a tsp of coconut oil, sprinkle with Mrs Dash Garlic & Herb, then microwave for 1.5 minutes. Yum!  (by the way, cooked carrots are higher in beta carotene, than raw ones! check out the story here:  http://www.scientificamerican.com/article.cfm?id=raw-veggies-are-healthier).

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Godiva Makes Me Happy

Got it all done yesterday AND made it to the mall for Tab-Time! Woohoo! We had lots of fun, and entertained many salespeople in the process, lol. Imagine Lucy & Ethel in the mall. Yep, that's us. :-)  And of course, we hit up Godiva for some excellent chocolate. They have a new truffle, Dark Chocolate Molten Lava Cake.... There are no words. Truly. It is an experience. Incredible Awesome Yumminess. We're walking through the mall eating this little piece of chocolate heaven and Tab says, "I think I just became a diabetic." I responded, "I think I just got 4 cavities."  LOL!
Afterward, Bill and I got our date-night dinner. Blue Adobe. I had the shredded beef taco and the tenderloin relleno. Yum! :-) Excellent treat meal.

Today, I'm heading off to the gym. My a$$ is soooo sore, so I'll be doing some light cardio and upper body work. Then hitting the grocery store to mix up a fruit salad for the Luau tonight.
Hope ya'll are having an awesome weekend! :-)

Friday, August 27, 2010

Hectic Friday

Home computer is crap. Drove very fast to Whole Foods for lunch then to office where I am now trying to input new listings at super-speed, so I can get together with Tab later. Crossing my fingers!!!!

Cardio - check (sprint intervals on treadmill, 20min. Did have to use the inhaler twice, but I hit all my sprints - woohoo!).  Yoga - check (60 min).  Clean power breakfast - check (oatmeal with protein powder, cinnamon, ground flax & fresh berries). Relaxed and enjoyed a cup of coffee, and now I have work to do. Hoping to finish early and maybe catch some mall time with Tab, before date-night this evening. Heading over to one of our favorites, Blue Adobe - New Mexico grille. Yum :-)  Tomorrow I have yoga, errands, then we've got a Luau-party in the evening. Considering the 2-month old marital-separation of two of the attendees, the family & group dynamics should be just fascinating. Yes, that is sarcasm.

I'm off to grab a tall glass of mineral water mixed with fresh grapefruit juice and get to work. Happy Friday!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Best Laid Plans...

The best laid plans... overslept this morning and missed yoga. :-( Seriously not happy, especially since I can't get into the gym tonight because we have back to back parent meetings at the high school (senior info nights). DAGNABBIT!

Dinner last night was a couple protein cookies, followed a couple hours later with crockpot bbq chicken legs when we got home. More healthy than it sounds, lol.

I got my answer back from Tab on yoga vs weights... check out her page for the info :-)

On a snacky note, ya'll know that my family LOVE the Pops chips. Turns out, we're not alone :-) They're actually sponsoring Jillian Michaels cruise coming up in October. If you haven't tried them yet, I encourage you to. They're excellent for those family/neighborhood bbq's and events where normally you'd be hiding from the snack table... now you can indulge! Read up, then taste... wow! http://www.popchips.com/  BBQ is our favorite flavor, but I see they also have a salt & vinegar... can't wait to try it!!! 

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wine and Yoga Don't Mix

Long day yesterday. Got home and poured myself a half glass of red wine. Drank most of it, then realized how stiff I was and thought, "hey, I've got On Demand! I can pull up a yoga session on Exercise TV and stretch out a bit!"  And so I did. That's when I realized that even a measly half glass of red wine before cobra and down dog is not a brilliant idea. I paused and drank a bunch of water, then got back to it. I did the set - 30 min of intermediate to advanced work... it was awesome, I was sweating up a storm, but my stomach was not a happy camper, lol. After, I headed to the kitchen to serve up my buffalo taco salad. 

 Nutritional needs met, I spent the next couple hours catching up on Warehouse 13, season 2. Yep, I am a SciFi geek :-) 

This morning, I hit the gym at 6:30 for cardio... 20 minutes of intervals on the stair-master, then 10 min of intervals on the treadmill. Back home, I mixed up my bowl of oatmeal/protein powder, had another cup of coffee then got ready for the day. Tonight is bowling, so I'm really glad I got some gym-time in this morning. It'll be my first night with the new ball (and revised throw). We'll see.

One thing I've been pondering... doing yoga during the week, I'm quite sore. It's definitely full body, and the class I attend is anything but slow-paced. It's quite the workout. Now, normally, I do upper body 2x/week, and lower body 2x/week, plus my cardio sessions. With being so sore, I'm afraid to do lifting, because of the whole "rest" thing. Hmmm. Maybe I should head over to  Tabitha's page and ask the expert :-) I'll see what The World's Greatest Trainer says!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Fat Burning Cookies?

Well, my plans for Taco Salad night were dashed when I arrived home to discover my wayward daughter had tossed a lasagna in the oven for dinner. Lol. While they munched on lasagna (it might not be strictly clean, and certainly not carb/protein balanced, it is made with whole ingredients and no preservatives), I enjoyed a grilled chicken breast and steamed veggies for my dinner.

Today was yoga (yay!). Seriously loving it! I'm starting (barely) to recognize some of the terms, and I did Wild Thing without hurting myself! :-)

I made up a batch of cookies last night out of the Sept issue of Oxygen. Did you see the Fat Burning Cookies on pg 80? Have you made them? Here are my thoughts... 1) They look NOTHING like the photo. The photo in the magazine looks like they didn't even include the oats! Mine rose and got "cakey", certainly nothing like the cookie-gems in the magazine. 2) Serving Size... it says the recipe makes 38 servings of 2 cookies. Those cookies must be the size of my thumbnail! My batch made 38 regular normal size cookies, so the nutritional info for my cookies is the same as for 2 of theirs.  3) Texture... very dense cakey-dry. Not at all like a cookie. But, knowing this, they do still make an excellent pre-workout fuel-up and since the nutritional profile is good, I'm content.  They taste pretty good, as long as you're not expecting a cookie. Lol. I think these ones are safe from the kids.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Sunday Food Prep with Photos

Hope ya'll had a great weekend! :-) My 30 minutes of cardio is done for the day... I even managed to run (ok, jog) for 10 minutes on one stretch, and another 5 a few minutes later! I have a new knee band... it's an ProBand KneedIT and it's incredible! Truly! This is the 2nd cardio session I've used it and the difference is just night and day. I'm going to pick up a 2nd one for my left knee, too. The patellar straps I've been using just aren't cutting it.

We got a new bed! Some friends were moving and getting rid of an extra king size (we have a full size), and they graciously gave it to us. One of these days we'll get a headboard, but it's soooo nice to have room to stretch! Woohoo! 

Saturday, we had the boys over for bbq buffalo burgers. I tossed in some of the hatch green chilies and they were great! One horrifying thing happened on Saturday... my beloved foreman grill gave up the ghost. :-(  Considering how much use it's seen, it's no surprise, but still. Then, the boys (Joey & Robbie) offered me theirs (which has been used exactly once). They bbq frequently, but prefer their propane grill, and wonder of wonders, I now have a fabulously working grill! This one is the 360 model, with a larger cooking surface (nice!), and I used it for the first time yesterday during my food prep.

I wanted to cut short my kitchen time yesterday, so I took a couple shortcuts. The first was buying ready to eat hardboiled eggs. Safeway carries bags of 12, and while they're twice the price of an 18 pack, it was worth it to me (this week) to not mess with the trauma of shelling those buggers. My 2nd shortcut was to purchase pre-made rice. I picked up 2 containers of Annie Chun's Rice Express (one black pearl, one multi-grain). Each container is 2 servings. I also bought a bag of Seeds of Change Uyuni Quinoa & Whole Grain Brown Rice (view). This, will also be broken into multiple servings.

My proteins prepped were a london broil and chicken breasts grilled. The steak I marinated in Mr. Yoshida's Sweet Teriyaki sauce. While not strictly "clean", there are no preservatives, and the flavors are intense so a little goes a long way. The chicken breasts I marinated in olive oil and pomegranate balsamic vinegar. Additionally, I grilled up some Tilapia (I love to eat it cold!). My veggies this week include orange & white cauliflower, broccoli, yellow squash & zucchini, along with my usual shredded cabbage, kale, etc.

Dinner last night was a tweaked 13x9 of Devin Alexander's Chicken Enchilasagna. First I doubled the recipe, then instead of making the chicken, I used the shredded crockpot chicken from last Sunday's food prep and also added about a cup and a half of leftover bison taco meat (high protein dinner!), used Mrs Dash Extra Spicy & Southwest Chipotle seasonings instead of the burrito/taco seasoning called for, chose a "clean" (no added junk) enchilada sauce brand, Ezekiel sprouted corn tortillas instead of regular corn tortillas... added all that to the recipe and WOW it was good! :-) Loved it! That's one of the kids' favorite meals. Cleaning it up makes it easy to enjoy it. Bill and his dad are having leftovers for their lunch today :-)

Here are some pics from the weekend, click to view larger:

Additionally, we finished up season 4 of Dexter last night so we're ready for season 5 on Sept 26! Can't wait! Love that show! :-)

Friday, August 20, 2010

I Love Hatch Chilies!

Happy Friday!  Had the fun experience of taking my oldest (Joey) and his buddy to Whole Foods today. They were shocked by how big it was, how many never before seen foods, and of course... all the food stations. Joey enjoyed a burger from the bistro, Robbie had sushi from the Asian bar, I had a Hatch Green Chili Philly (sans cheese)... Yum! For dinner, I grilled chicken breasts with Raspberry Chipotle sauce and put one of my hatch chilies on top... super awesome! 

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Whole Foods, You Temptress!

Just got back from Whole Foods and am enjoying my lunch. A friend let me know that my local Whole Foods had grilled Hatch Chilies :-) I couldn't resist! I love spicy foods and Hatch are like a little piece of spicy heaven! I'd seen on Sunday that they had the fresh chilies, but didn't notice the packets of pre-grilled (ready to use!). I couldn't wait to run over and pick some up! Then I noticed they had my Varlhona cocoa powder, so I had to grab some of that (it's soooo dark and rich!) and while I was gleefully putting it in my cart I noticed the Varlhona dark chocolate pearls!   [Yes, it is on the other side of the store from the chilies... shut up.] Of course those had to go home with me! I just ran out of my Godiva pearls, so hey, good timing! And then.... I saw the confectionary display. Now, this is a corner of the store I avoid. Too tempting. Unless I'm picking up a specialty birthday cake for a kid or something special for Christmas... I don't even look. But I saw the glistening dark chocolate out of the corner of my eye and heard the sibilant whisper, "Chelle... you WANT me, you NEED me!"  Damn!

Actually, lol, I figure it's like my occasional Godiva treat, and since the confectioner was kind enough to show me the nutritional information on each item I was interested in, I picked up 3 different Vegan dark chocolates (butterscotch caramel, chocolate caramel, and plain caramel) and one dark chocolate fleur de sel caramel (yeah, I can't resist that combo). Aren't they pretty? Of course, I have to share with Bill.  If they make it home :-)  Mwah ha ha ha ha.

Did end up having to go for the bowling league meeting last night, but snuck out of the boring stuff (lol) to hide in the lounge and study. Bill had fixed the air (yay!) so sleeping was much more comfortable last night and I woke ready for yoga. Good thing, because class was TOUGH this morning! Yowsa! I did manage to get myself tangled up once as we went from Wild Thing to Side Plank. Oy. Thankfully, no one was injured. Lol.

Yoga Positions - Wild Thing Side Plank - Yoga Positions

I've mentioned before how much I'm loving the extended range of motion I'm getting in my shoulders, and the all around workout, but I am also seeing new stability in my neck. For those of you who don't know, I have a reverse curvature of the neck - the result of an auto accident years ago. For years, my neck would seize up about 3x/month. It was horrible. Once I began working out, I noticed big gains in this area and was thrilled to not have my neck go out every time I moved too quick. Now, with yoga, the curve is actually starting to reverse back to normal! The downside to this, is that I'm feeling some fresh twinges and stiffness as everything is trying to re-align. But hey, I'll take it!

Food today is simple but on track. Tomorrow will be yoga again, and then I've got to get in a leg day and more cardio somewhere. Friday is going to be crazy, with moving furniture around (we've been given a frame & mattress set! Awesome!), running errands and applying for my passport (woohoo!). Can't wait for us all to have our passports and head back down to Rocky Point! Woohoo!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Struggling With The Eating Clean Lifestyle?

Had company for dinner last night, so no gym. Then the air went out ... AGAIN. As I slept, I dreamt the  fires of hell were licking at my toes. Yeah, it was hot. Hit the gym this morning... did cardio on the elliptical & stair-master plus did upper body (elliptical first, then lifting, then stair-master). New playlist is up, by the way.  Still not sure if I have to attend the bowling league meeting tonight, so it's unclear if I'll be back in the gym this evening or not. Tomorrow at 6:30am is yoga, though :-)

Struggling with the Clean Eating Lifestyle. 
I wanted to address something that's come up several times in the last couple days. Many wonderful folks are struggling with the fact that they struggle with this new lifestyle.
Can I break it down a bit for you? I've said often that this is not a diet, it's a lifestyle. That means it is subject to the variances of our lives... when we get stressed, it becomes more difficult (just like the rest of our life, when we're stressed becomes more difficult); when we're dealing with traumas or troubles, it becomes more difficult (just like the rest of our life, when we're dealing with traumas or troubles, it becomes more difficult). It's just another facet of your life. Please don't beat yourself up when you struggle.

Life happens, and sometimes we just have to hold on until the ride is over... ya know?  Yes, it sucks to struggle, but struggling is part of the great experience of living. It's not unique to your food-lifestyle... we struggle in relationships, in jobs, in parenting (or being parented), in finances, in school, etc.   Tab and I often say to each other, "It is what it is... now what are you going to do about it?" Here're a few thoughts...

1. Preparation is key. The more prepared you are, the better equipped you are to stay on track. That said, sometimes preparation just doesn't happen. Don't fret, just move on. There are options to keep eating clean even on the run.

2. Exercise is a stress-release. Apart from the endorphins and all that, working out is a release of the pressure that's been building up. It's your time, you alone. Put in your ear-buds and tune out the world. That said, sometimes exercise just doesn't happen. Don't fret, just move on. Get back to it when you can.

3. This too shall pass. You will not always struggle. There will even come a time when you will not struggle very often. Like so many things in our lives, the more you do them, the more natural they become. You'll learn to make time for food prep to save you time throughout the week; you'll learn to squeeze in workouts when necessary, and how to get more out of a 20 or 30 minute session when you have to make it quick (remember my motto - harder not longer); you'll learn all kinds of shortcuts that will help you get what you need to do done. There is no final exam for the clean eating lifestyle, so take your time in learning. Enjoy the process. 

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Craving Red Meat

Yoga this morning! Yay! Shiloh and Olivia (her bff) joined me :-)  I was so glad to be back in yoga class! It's so different from lifting, and I'm learning to find the "ease" in the poses, while maintaining muscle tension.

Dinner last night was bison tacos, and tonight we're having bison chili (hmmm, am I craving red meat?). Lunch, ha ha, is a grilled london broil wrap. Must be low in iron. Tomorrow is tilapia and chicken for my lean proteins. We may be having company for dinner, and if so, I'll head home from work; if not, I'm hitting the gym to lift. 

Monday, August 16, 2010

New Photos!

Headache is gone! Well, not gone, but it's just a dull and manageable roar. Yay! Food prep was completed yesterday and I was in the gym doing cardio this morning. Feels good to be back :-)

Senior & Family portraits went well, I'll post a few soon. Friday was Freshman Friday (ironically, on the Friday the 13th!). Having 2 seniors for sisters can either be a good thing or a scary thing, lol. All the proofs from the photo shoot are on their own page.

I wanted to share this excerpt from today's Jillian Michaels Newsletter. It struck me as something I can say to myself. I know she's talking about her workouts & dvd's and whatnot, but as you read it, imagine you're saying it to yourself:

"Change can be painful and often involves some struggling, but remember, it's so worth it. Every time you push yourself physically, you'll grow even stronger and more confident in your abilities. No, my workouts are not easy, but you might as well face it now: I'm never going to let them be easy. I'm always going to be pushing you to the next level, whatever it might be. And you know what? You're only going to be stronger, healthier, and happier for it."

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Barometric Pressure Blahs

Grabbed a salad at Whole Foods. Same as yesterday (baby spinach, kale, shredded cabbage, slivered almonds, shredded chicken, shredded beets, red quinoa and olive oil. While in the store, the current issue (Sept/Oct) of Well Being Journal caught my eye with this headline, "Coconut Oil Benefits Cholesterol". I picked up the journal and headed back to my office, excited to read the story. I was disappointed to discover it was written by Bruce Fife (author of the majority of coconut oil books on the market). Don't get me wrong. I like his books, found them interesting and informative, and my own coconut oil experiment was successful. But... There's so little "real" research available! I was hoping for a new study released, or at least a new voice. <sigh>.

Ok, the wrap for dinner last night? Sucked! Ew! Not getting that kind again! Blek. Moving on... I'm heading out again today at lunchtime, so I'll pick up either another Whole Foods salad bar deal or hit up Red House for Steamed Chicken, Veggies and brown rice. I may or may not have time for Snack 2, as I have to leave the office early to make it to the studio for Senior portraits and Family portrait.

No yoga this morning (much to Shiloh's dismay, she really wanted to go with me), as the headache is still raging, though as the morning moves on, it's becoming less intense. I checked the barometric pressure and sure enough, it's "steady" as of about an hour ago (coincidentally, the time when I noticed the pain easing off). Surely there's a way to combat this! Oy! Hell or high water (please God, neither!) I plan to do yoga tomorrow morning. I've got to get back in the gym. This is driving me nuts. I want my cardio, lifting and yoga back! Ok, I'm done whining.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Freakin' Barometric Pressure

LUNCH! :-) Ran to Whole Foods and grabbed a wrap for tonight (love the bbq chicken slaw one, but they were out so I got a different kind), and a salad for lunch. I layered baby spinach, kale, quinoa, shredded cabbage, chicken, slivered almonds, sesame seeds and olive oil. Yum!

Oy. Still with the headache. Did a little research, and I think I've nailed some of it down... in the last week we've had barometric pressure and temp increases. Grrrr. I used to get migraines all the time, but since cleaning up my diet and getting fit, they're rare. I feel like I should have seen it coming, but... well, didn't. Typically, when we have these pressure fluctuations, my kids get bloody noses (have since they were little), but so far I'm the only one affected this time. Weird.

My normal gym-time in the a.m. has been replaced this week by study time, which is great because I'm getting extra time in with the books, but bad because I'm not exercising and really miss it. The constant headache is also impacting my nutrition... nausea doesn't make for fun meal-times, lol. So, I've focused on easily digestible foods... greek yogurt, quinoa, hard boiled eggs (mostly whites), fruit... that sort of thing. Just stuff I can get the fuel I need from, but not spend a lot of energy processing. 

Anyone else get barometric pressure headaches/migraines? How do you treat them? 

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Photos from the Weekend

No gym as yet this week. Haven't been feeling well. :-(  I've had a weird headache for a few days, so Bill went out and got a carbon monoxide detector just in case. Food's been right on track though. If you've been following my cooler page, you have noticed a lack of fitday images... I go in spurts of counting my calories & ratios, and just rolling with it (not just random... my food is still within my ratios & calories), and I haven't been updating fitday. I will again, just not right now. I hope to be back in the gym this afternoon. I'm going to focus today on hydrating and (don't laugh) deep breathing, then with luck, my headache will leave me alone long enough to work out, or at least get in some cardio. That's the plan.

Here's more pics (Thank you Chrissie!) from the weekend party (click to view larger):

Monday, August 9, 2010

Updates and Photo


Chelle and Bill Stafford - August 2010Busy weekend! Thursday my sister-in-law arrived :-) Friday morning she joined me for yoga, then she was off to spend the day with her bro & pop, while I headed to meet Tab with Shi & her best bud. Friday evening was Bill's Dad's 70th birthday party (woohoo!) and yes, I did dress up like a girl :-) I totally forgot to take photos, but a few others, including Sandi took pics and then the weirdest thing happened... someone took the SD card right out of Sandi's camera! Left the camera, took the memory card! Really??? Crazy! And, it happened at the house, not at the restaurant!  Such a disappointment! 

Anyway, moving forward, Saturday we got together again to see SALT (which I LOVED, though everyone else thought it was just OK, lol), and Sunday Sandi flew back home :-(  I did my food prep and final ready-for-school stuff, and today the kids are all back in class! 

My folks are at Sturgis and I'm so jealous! :-) For my birthday a couple years ago, they took Bill and I to the Love Ride in CA. Here's a pic of all four of us (and my Dad's amazing chopper he built!).

This week is going to be crazy. We're still working out the kinks with schedules and rides. We've got family and Senior portraits on Thursday, and that will be fun. I look at our last family portrait, and it's amazing how much the kids have grown! 

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Ready for the New School Year

Freshman registration is complete! All my kids are now ready for school Monday! Yay!! :-)  With the crazy schedules, these are the days I'd be sunk if it weren't for my Sunday Food Prep! It was so easy to throw what I needed in the cooler and run out the door after registration this morning! While it's been too chaotic to remember to take pics, or take the time to upload to fitday, my food is all clean and on track. Breakfast this morning was a bit light (Siggi's yogurt & berries), but my first snack of the day (hard boiled eggs & apple) left me comfortably full & fueled. The rest of my food is listed in Today's Cooler, and dinner is in the crockpot at home.

Went to Yoga at 6:30 this morning. Substitute instructor... she was great. Similar enough to the instructor I like to make me feel comfortable, but different enough to make it... well, different. Lol. I'll be at tomorrow's 8am class, then I've got a million (slight exaggeration) errands and appointments. Then tomorrow evening I get to socialize with Sandi (sister-in-law), yay! :-) And because we're going out, I even get to dress up a bit, like a real girl! Woohoo! :-)  LOL!

Those of you who have kids in school... how are you handling school lunches and snacks? Are you packing food? Paying for cafeteria fare? How firm are you being (or plan to be) about clean & healthy food & drink?  I have one senior with half-day schedule, so no lunch issues there, but another senior and a freshman who are full-day... we've been discussing our game-plan, and I just wondered what other folks were doing. :-)  I'd love to hear from you!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Bison Burgers

Total insanity this morning. Our main (work) domain expired, and no one knew since it was registered wonky and no one got notice, so everything was down and everyone panicked.  Once I got hold of a real person at NetSol, I discovered that the contact information reads: 
       Contact First Name:  ContactFirstName
       Contact Last Name:  ContactLastName.

Really?? REALLY???   Might I just note, self absorbed as I am, that this is the domain I was never given control over; that when I suggested we move it to GoDaddy with our others (our 48 other domains), I was told to leave it where it was? Yes, that domain. After much trauma and drama, we are back up, and pending some major changes (yeah, I'm moving the domain). And peace reigns once more throughout the land. Lol.

6:30 this morning found me once again in the gym. I did upper body, then 20 min on the stair-master (nasty-biting-bitch!). I'm sore and very glad that it's done, lol. Having done both lifting and cardio, I'm clear for the day and can spend some solid study time tonight, plus hang out at the bowling alley.

Dinner last night went well. Good thing I stopped and picked up an extra pound of bison, as instead of the 6 people I expected to feed, it was 10. The burgers were a hit. :-) Then the girls wanted to make yogurt/fruit/granola cups for desert. Oddly, my kitchen was not destroyed by this endeavor! :-)

While at Whole Foods (aka Whole Paycheck), I discovered a new (to me) brand of coconut water (yes, I was searching for Kombucha... drat!) and since it was on-sale, I picked up a couple bottles. Wow! New favorite!  I love plain coconut water, and often mix it in my water bottle for a tough workout, but this tastes like a treat! TasteNirvana is the brand, and it's just coconut water, but it tastes so much different from the other waters! This is seriously good stuff! I'll be heading back to WF today to get more! Even Bill liked it! And I mean LIKED it! I don't know if he'd give up his beloved Monsters for it, but I can hope, right? :-)

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Healthy Can Taste Good

Yoga at 6:30 this morning. I really like the instructor of that class. It's faster paced, and very challenging; some moves are still way past my ability, lol, but others are coming in line. :-) I gotta say... I'm really sore! Wooohoo!

Tonight's dinner is bacon-buffalo burgers & sweet potato fries (see recipes page). We're having Bill's Dad and Grandma over for dinner. It's funny how people look shocked when I say I'm making burgers or tacos or whatever. "But you can't! That's not healthy!" When Bill told his dad what we're having for dinner, his response was , "No, really... what's for dinner?".  LOL! I like being able to prepare something "mainstream" but keep it really healthy. :-) I'm anxious to see what they think of it.  

Monday, August 2, 2010

I Have a Hater! LOL!

Much catching up to do! First, Tab's back!!!! Woooohooo!!!!! I can't wait to catch up with her!

Next, today was Senior registration day, and while there are some class schedule snafu's, it otherwise went fairly smoothly. Freshman registration is Thursday, which is also the day my sister-in-law arrives (Yay, Sandi!).

Last week I didn't lift weights, but I was in the gym 5x's.  I did 4 yoga classes, and 2 cardio sessions. And I am sore! :-)  This week is beginning well... I have already completed my cardio for the day, and will lift this evening after work. Tomorrow and Thursday mornings are yoga class, plus I'll have other cardio & weights sessions in the evenings. While I didn't lift last week, and had limited cardio, I don't feel I lost any ground. Instead, I feel strong. I'm really liking yoga! Shiloh and her bff Olivia went to class with me on Saturday, and afterwards said they'd be interested in "occasionally" going again. Lol. Yoga is a fun, challenging and different activity, and it will definitely be staying in my routine.

Saw a couple movies... on DVD we watched Clash of the Titans; then Bill and I hit the theatre to see Despicable Me. And yes, we were indeed the only adults without small children attending. LOL! It was awesome! I so very much want minions! :-)

Now my big news of the weekend... I have a hater! ROFLMAO!!!! I got my first hate-mail from a viewer of this site. I feel so official now! LOL! Evidently I am "self-absorbed and vacuous". Too funny!  Tab asked if it was possibly from the Person-Whom-Shall-Not-Be-Named, but I don't think said person could use "vacuous" in a sentence.  :-)

Seriously though, I do not understand why some folks just can't play nice. I'm not referring to my web-hater, because I get that he must entertain himself somehow; it's the real-life people who mystify me. It's a big world, why narrow in on one person and make it your life's work to attempt to make them miserable? It's fine to disagree. It's ok to see the world from differing perspectives. It's not ok to be malicious, nor to involve others in plots and drama. <sigh> Anyway... Happy Monday!