Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Hit up Whole Foods for more Kombucha :-) This time I tried the HONEST brand, maqui berry grapefruit. Seriously yummy :-) Whole Foods has some great online coupons (including ones for some of my favorite brands: Siggi's skyr (icelandic yogurt); Muir Glen; Bare Naked Granola, TLC (Kashi) cereal bars (the kids love 'em); Imagine boxed soups/broths, and lots more! Now if they would just give me some coupons for Kombucha! :-)

Bowling went well, food ended up being very light yesterday, but it was all whole and clean. I did find a new Kombucha (yay!). Since my  beloved GT kombucha has yet to return to the shelves, I'm finally trying new brands. High Country brand was in my Whole Foods, so I picked up the Wild Root bottle. Very tasty. Definitely kombucha, it's got that vinegar scent, but the very light flavor of root beer was terrific! I can't wait to try more!

Today, began... confuzzled. I woke up in plenty of time to enjoy my coffee before yoga, I got there on time, stretched and readied for the class, but I was "off". I really struggled through this morning's class. Though I did repeat my baby arm balance (see yesterday's post), I bobbled Dancer, which I've gotten very confident in. It wasn't until the end of class that I realized what was wrong. You see, I'd brought with me a couple of companions: anger and fear. Neither of which belong in yoga class, and I'm afraid that my frustration in my practice today was tangible and communicated itself to the others. I truly hope not.

This situation with my knee is bothering me more than I've even admitted to myself. I am angry to be injured. I am afraid I will not reach goal. I am afraid I will never get past this. (It's the same knee I blew out in '07.) While I know that I conquered then, and I reached my goals, it doesn't stop me from being afraid (and angry, very very angry) that I'm battling it again. What If's are insidiously weaving themselves through all my thoughts. Making it worse, I am fully aware of the mind-body connection, and I know that my anger & fear are only endangering my success. Not only is my body fighting me, but now I'm fighting myself, too. I don't know whether to cry or go punch something.

Hopefully tomorrow's dr appt will help settle my mind. And if it doesn't, the Lucy & Ethel time Tab and I have scheduled for afterwards will certainly do the trick.  J

On another note, I will be doing much baking this weekend. The seeded-bread was a big hit, and that's what I'll be using from now on. I will run the numbers for both price and nutrition and get those posted as soon as I can.

Today's Food Profile

Yesterday only got crazier, though I did forget to mention I did an arm balance in yoga yesterday morning! Woohoo! Ok, it was a baby arm balance, but I got my feet off the ground! I didn't look as graceful as she does (in the picture), but it happened! :-) 

This morning I hit the gym and got my upper body workout done, then 20 minutes on the stairs (steady-state). This week I've had to revert back to my knee sleeve, instead of my IT band. $%^#@&!! I have an appt on Friday morning with the knee-Doc. And you guessed it, I am not a happy camper about it. #$%@&!! Tab has advised me to see the Doc (Read: slapping me upside the head until I get it), because while I feel no pain in the knee, there is an odd floaty sensation, along with tingles and numbness... oh, and did I mention that the kneecap is actually shifting? My (hard-headed, dumb-ass, all-or-nothing) perspective was that if there's no pain, then I can keep pushing forward. Tab's (oddly contrary to mine) is that if it doesn't feel "right" there is something wrong, and if there is no pain, accompanied by numbness and tinglies, there is a strong chance of nerve damage/pinch. Hence the appt friday. Oy. I am just not even going to think about it, as even the hint that this might derail me from my goal makes me want to throw a tantrum. So... moving on.

Food today, while clean & whole, is short some fat & calories. I'm heading to Whole Foods soon to pick up more lunch meat for the boys, and while I'm there I'll look for something to boost my intake, as well as maybe something portable for dinner tonight at the bowling alley. I'm currently only at 1377 calories (without dinner), and though I've already hit my fiber intake (38 g), my other levels are 44% protein (152 g), 36% carb (127 g), and only 20% fat (30.6 g). I need to tip that balance back in favor of fat, and bump up to at least 1800 calories. I'm thinking of picking up some cheese at WF for Snack 2, and an avocado & cherry tomatoes for a salad with dinner... we'll see what they've got that looks good. I also don't want to just dump a ton of fat into one meal, healthy or not, I need to spread it out.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Quick Updates

Crazy day ahead! Shi has a dr appt, so I'm heading off to that shortly, then rushing her back to school, stopping to let the puppy out for a bit, then back to my no-longer-air-conditioned hotbox office for the day. Oy. Hopefully our air will be back online today. I haven't taken pics of my cooler yet, but will do so when I return. (View my Coolers here: 

Dinner last night was the Chicken Enchilasagna. So yummy! :-) I used the last of the fresh-baked seeded bread for the guys' lunches (Bill, his dad, and Joey). So I'm planning to make more :-) Maybe I'll make a ton of it and freeze :-) If you enjoy making bread from scratch, this is the one to try! Seriously fabulous bread!
Ok, I'm off runnin!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Zumba Adventures

I'm back! :-) I spent the weekend offline... so much catching up to do, and yes, that includes Zumba!

Homecoming... the girls looked lovely (of course, lol).  Click to view the photos.

Friday and Saturday I went on a baking spree. I stocked up on great whole grain flours and supplies and turned out 2 loaves of banana bread, 2 loaves of honey-wheat bread, 2 loaves of seeded-wheat bread (abso-amazing!), and a batch of the most incredible soft pretzels. Everything was chock full of fabulous whole & clean ingredients, and incredibly tasty. While I only had nibbles, I can attest, that it was incredible. This morning there's only a nub of banana bread left, a ton of pretzels (the recipe made a ton to begin with, but they're best fresh from the oven), 1 loaf of honey-wheat, and a little less than a loaf of the seeded bread (which I used for the guys' sandwiches and my toast).

I had forgotten how much I enjoy making bread from scratch until I'd recently begun making cinnamon rolls for the kids (yep, those are "clean", too, though definitely on the treat side of the scale). I had the greatest time mixing dough, kneading, and baking. The house smelled like heaven all weekend. :-)  The family all laughed at me that I was baking up a storm, but not eating it.  I had lots of fun  J

Remember when I said I was NOT going to weigh this weekend? Remember when I insisted I was NOT going to weigh this weekend? Yeah, I weighed. I was sure I'd be up a few lbs, having increased water, fiber, caloric intake and exercise. I've felt so bloated this whole week! Ugh. Imagine my shock and awe when I weighed in 1.5 lbs lighter and down 3% body fat. !!!!????!!!! Now, I know it's probably water weight (water flushes water), but still.... and 3%? That's huge? It's gotta be a fluke, but it sure made me feel better! This week I'm hitting it again, here I come week 2!

We've had a full house all weekend, between homecoming preparations & followup, and Joey staying with us (along with Winchester the puppy). Lots of fun :-)  Joey's been working for FlexGround on a few jobs, which require uber-early starts with Bill, so Joey and Winchester have been staying over (which I love). However this morning when I left for work, being the last in the house, I was in charge of crating Winchester. I'm telling you, I felt like the world's meanest person putting that sweet puppy in that crate. I still feel guilty! I think I'll run home in a bit and let him run around.

So Zumba. I bet you're wondering how the klutz (that would be me) did in the class. Well, pull up a chair, my friend, I'm about to share the story...

6:25pm... The three of us arrive, nervous but ready for a new adventure (well the other two were ready for a new adventure, I tried to run away but Tab caught me and hauled my ass back). The doors open and attendees enter the room, we stake out our territory - yes, the back of the class. Folks are chatting, stretching, and then the instructor begins to outline a few of the moves we'll be using in the first song (a woman of great perception, she recognized that we were new and might need a few tips)... this is when I make my second run for the door. Damn! Foiled again. That Tab, she's quick!

Music begins. Feet tap. Arms sway. Hips.... bounce??? Really?! How do they do that?! We three are laughing as we try desperately to catch on and keep up. Tab and Erin are doing great; I figure as long as I'm moving that's half the battle, and move I do! Holy cow! Then, it sped up! Lightning fast, transitioning from a 3-step to a slide to some kind of hip gyration... at one point I'm just focusing on facing the right direction, rather than the actual step. Tab leans over and whispers, "It'll be easier if you just pick one... either do the arm movement or the steps." Yep, she was right! My stress level went down significantly (lol), and while my coordination didn't improve, at least it wasn't as bad.

We were the only newbies in the class, but (unfortunately for the woman to my left) not the only ones in the back row. I'm having so much fun and choose to ignore her panic whenever my bouncing-bumbling steps lead me her way. (And really, she was a regular and would have seen at a glance I was new - she could have chosen a different row. I feel no pity.) Swaying, Swooshing, Tapping, and Gyrating, the class moved through various songs.  We laughed, we danced (ok, they danced, I bounced), we lost our breath and begged for water (ok, that was just me, too). It was a blast!

While it might be a little intimidating (FINE! a LOT intimidating), it truly was fun, and more so being with friends. I'm very much looking forward to the next class.  

Thursday, September 23, 2010

I Will Not Weigh This Weekend.

May the gods have mercy on me (and anyone unlucky enough to be near me!). I have been shanghaied into taking a Zumba class tonight. Yes, Chelle of the uncoordinated limbs will be trying out Zumba. Run for the hills, people! There are three of us on this adventure, none of us has done Zumba before, but Tab says there's safety in numbers. We'll see.

Wish us luck! :-)

9 am... Food ended up right on track yesterday. I ended the day with an intake of 1866 cal; 38% protein, 34% fat, 28% carb... 180 g protein, 138 g carb, and 71 g fat. Not too shabby for my goal of 40% protein, 25% carb, 35% fat. Feeling more relaxed now about it... really helps to have that ratio to target. I had told myself I could have that Godiva truffle after bowling, but by the time I got home, I was so tired it just didn't sound good. Something must be wrong... two days in a row I'm not in the mood for Godiva. LOL! :-) Oh well, when I'm ready for it I know I'll really savor it. Good chocolate is an event. Lol! :-)

My day started with 6:30 am yoga, then my breakfast, packing up my cooler and so on. Today's food is looking on track (as long as I get into the gym after work). If all goes according to plan, I'll end the day with 1831 calories, 42% protein, 24% carb, and 34% fat. Sweet. Though I am only getting 26 g fiber.

I forgot my lemon slices for my water, so I'll have to run out at lunchtime and grab one (really helps me drink all the water I need).

The last few days, between all the extra water, the extra food, extra fiber, etc... I'm feeling very bloated. And yes, I've got fat-girl panic goin' on all over the place. It's hard to jump my calories this high, it seems counter-intuitive. Add to that how bloated I feel and, well... it's difficult.
Yesterday, I kept telling myself, "Trust the process". Problem is, a big part of me doesn't trust the process, never has (remember the fat-girl in my head? yeah that part is her), but... I trust the person who taught me the process (World's Greatest Trainer, aka Tabitha). 

Back in my journey, Tab trusted the process, I trusted her, and I found success. This new experiment pretty much piggy-backs on that. Intellectually, I know that I should trust the process, I know how it works, I know why it works... but emotionally... that's a different story. It's hard to not scramble back to my comfort zone. However, I do know the process works. I will stick with this. And I will not weigh myself this weekend. I will not. I will not. I will not.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Tweaking the Nutrient Ratios, Ignoring my Inner Fat Girl

Total geek moment. Look what I found on one of my favorite blogs... I so very much want one! :-)

9:00 am. Last night I did make it to the gym again. 50 minutes of cardio - 15 on the elliptical, 15 treadmill, 20 stairs. I seriously was unmotivated to go, so I bribed myself (and mentally beat myself) with a piece of Godiva if I actually went... so I did, then after dinner, I was completely not in the mood for chocolate. How sucky is that? So not only did I bust my butt for 50 minutes (plus yoga earlier!), but then there really was no reward :-( Maybe that means I can have it tonight? lol.  Knowing I'd be doing weights this morning (before food), I added a small (tiny) baked potato to my dinner. This morning I did upper body & abs, then came home and had a quick breakfast of scrambled eggs, toast & a banana.
I have to say, the 33/33/33 food ratios I generally have dialed in. This tweaking? Not so much! I'm annoyed. My total calorie count yesterday 1968 calories. 37% protein, 32% carb, and only 31% fat. 184.5 g of protein, 161.3 g of carbs, and 67.2 g of fat. Not what I was aiming for, though I did manage to get in 36.7 g of fiber.


Dagnabbit. I hate panicking. I just saw those calories yesterday hit nearly 2,000 and I freaked. The fat chick is still in my head! WTH? That was dumb. Let me pause and take a look at the simple science here... my RMR (resting metabolic rate) is around 1350 calories. That's what my body burns just to function, at rest. Yesterday, I did yoga (not the sit and breathe kind, lol, the kick your ass kind), then later I also did 50 minutes of cardio. Just a guesstimate, I probably burned around 700 calories (250 yoga, 450 cardio). So add 1350 plus 700 = 2050. In addition, I have post-activity increased burn (when you exercise, your body continues to burn calories at an accelerated level for up to several hours after) X 2 exercise sessions, plus movement during the day, digestive activity (more caloric burn).... now it's clear. I'm still at a deficit (lower intake than output). Geeze. I really hate when the fat chick panics. She's in the back of my head screaming "keep it to 1200 calories!"  Now, the rest of me knows better. I drop to 1200 and I'm gonna screw up my metabolism... that will hurt me, not help me.

Ok, so I'm still getting a tic in my eye when I see my intake yesterday, but I'm sucking it up and moving on. (tic, tic, tic). I'm going to focus on those ratios and keep my calories high(er).

On that note, now that I am calm again, I just found a handy online tool...

I plug in where I want my daily calories (shut up, fat-girl-in-my-head!), choose the type of diet (I picked low-carb because my experiment is to have lower carbs and higher fat), choose the # of meals per day (5 for me) and looky-there! It magically pops out my ratios, right down to the gram count! Oh yeah, frustration be gone, I have a new gadget!  :-) 

I'm off to play with ratios....    :-)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Upping My Calories

Catching up on the water intake. I've gone through nearly a whole lemon today (will have done by the end of the day), adding it to my water bottle. Chatted with Tab a bit on my goals over the next 5 weeks. She suggested I drop my cardio intervals and stick with steady state (because the type of energy available for burning isn't going to be the the readily accessed carb-based type which is conducive to interval exercise). I'm still trying to figure out exactly what my ratios should be... it's so individualized that I'm having a hard time determining a target. <sigh>. 

9:00 am:     6:30 am yoga. Done. Breakfast. Done. Water intake... gotta catch up. Oy. I could definitely tell I had upped my water yesterday, since I was up several times in the night! Lol!
Dinner was taco salad. While the family enjoyed (clean) tortilla chips with theirs, mine was simply the beans & beef over a bed of cabbage with a bit of cottage cheese on top. Tasty! I allowed myself a little treat before bed... a piece of Godiva. Have you tried the new Chocolate Molten Lava Cake Truffle? Let me tell you, it's a thing of beauty :-)   Without the chocolate, I ended the day at 1539 calories, 43% protein, 21% carb, and 36% fat.   That works out to 164 g of protein (yay! reached & surpassed my goal of 130 g), 82 g carbohydrate, and 60.5 g fat.  Fiber was only 14.3.  Grrr. Gotta boost that fiber.

Today, if I get in all my food and before I count dinner, I'll be at 1547 calories, 37% protein, 29% carb, and 34% fat. 145 g protein, 116 g carb, 58 g fat, and 28 g fiber.  Dinner is bison bacon burgers, so I'll do mine sans-bun, with a side of some steamed veggies. I'll allow myself a few sweet potato fries, but nowhere near a serving. I am hoping to make it to the gym tonight for weights or cardio (maybe both). We'll see how it goes.

FYI, I am NOT weighing on Sunday (my usual day). With the diet changes I'm making, it's going to take a week or two to adjust and stabilize, and if I weigh and don't like the number, I'll freak. Lol. Better to just avoid that drama. 

Monday, September 20, 2010

Changing It Up - Daily Calories & Activity

Drat! Ran off and left my water bottle on the kitchen counter! Must be something in the air today, as Bill left his & his dad's lunches, too. I did get my cardio done... 20 minutes of intervals on the elliptical, followed by 10 min of steady state.

Yesterday was my usual Sunday Food Prep & The Counter of Chaos. :-) Proteins prepped for the week are hard boiled eggs, grilled chicken breast, grilled mahi mahi, grilled london broil (beef), browned beef (for taco salad), and browned bison (for the chili). Veggies are kale, spinach, cabbage, portabello's, snow peas & cherry tomatoes, orange cauliflower, beets, broccoli, zucchini & yellow squash, and spaghetti squash. I also prepped sweet potato fries. Fruit: peaches, gala apples, strawberries, pineapple, and raspberries. Additional snacky stuff for Bill & the kids: Newman's Own Organic pretzel sticks, POP's BBQ & Salt 'n Vinegar, Dr Kracker flatbreads, and a variety of granola and cereal bars.

Dinners will be:
Sun. - Chili
Mon. - Taco Salad
Tues. - Bacon Burgers w/Sweet Potato Fries
Wed. - Pizzas
Thurs. - Enchilasagna
Fri. - Shrimp (scampi style with quinoa pasta). I will be skipping the pasta.
A variety of veggies will accompany each meal.

I'm embarking on a new experiment... I'm changing up my food ratios. I've maintained my 33/33/33 split for quite some time now. Over the last year, my weight has crept up to 130 (from 123-125); my muscle mass has increased, and my body fat has stayed the same, so I wasn't concerned about the weight. However... I've decided to kick some serious body-fat a$$, and reduce. My goal is to cut 10 lbs in 5 weeks. To do this, I am increasing and focusing on intervals for all my cardio, increasing my weight routine, and keeping yoga. As far as food goes, here's where the experiment comes in... I'm reducing carbs and increasing fat. My goal is to have 130 g protein per day, and I'm not decided yet on my carb & fat... still researching. I have started a fat supplement (remember previously I have not been supplementing, and this one contains a series of great healthy fats). I'm also going to increase my water intake. I hope to have my fine-tuning and overall plan complete in the next 2 days. The biggest factor I have to settle is what carbohydrates I will eat, and when.

My purpose is to force my body to use fat for fuel, rather than carbohydrates. Yes, it can be done. No, it is not easy. Bill has been warned. LOL! And, it's a temporary state. Once I reach goal, I will return to my 33/33/33.   You can see by my fitday profile today that pre-dinner, I'm at 25% carb, 41% protein, and 35% fat. It's a start. J

Friday, September 17, 2010

Weekend Plans &

Doing anything special this weekend? We've got the usual chaos of kids going several different directions, though I do have one who's sick (better not be strep!). I've got a new farmer's market to try out Saturday morning. I hope it's a good one, as it's less than a mile from my house! Woohoo! I've missed going to the big one in Old Town Scottsdale.  And tonight is date night... maybe we'll go back to Bario... the Jalapeño Bacon Wrapped Shrimp I had last time was absolutely amazing. I have a few certificates for that restaurant that I got a screaming deal on through I paid $2 for a $25 gift certificate, and the only requirement is that the total bill must be $35 or more. So for a total of $12, we get a fantastic meal :-) 
I like that 'cuz I'm cheap. LOL. Happy Friday! 

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Healthy Heroes

The week is nearly over, as is September! Can you believe it? Homecoming is next weekend! Yikes! 3 girls... homecoming. Oy Vey!

So, today I have two things to share with you J

First..... I am so very excited to announce the new page is up! It's called "Healthy Heroes - Living Balance".  I have been blessed to have come into contact with some very incredible people who are truly heroes. These folks have impacted my life, and made me a better person. My greatest hero, you already have met... Tabitha Citro, and there are just no words to express how much she has come to mean to me. Who would have thought, that first day when I walked into the gym, that my life was about to change so drastically, and that I would not only get The World's Greatest Trainer, but a cherished best friend, too! Through the Heroes page, I will be sharing more wonderful men & women with you. 

My first Hero interview was with my yoga instructor, Abbie Chapman, and is ready for you. In addition to sharing herself with us, she also offered a fabulous favorite healthy recipe :-) You can view the interview and recipe here:

What, Lil' ol' me?   The second thing to share is a funny-what? moment I had yesterday.
Now, ya'll know me... I'm just me.  This website grew out of my own journey to lose weight and subsequently maintain that loss. I don't sell anything, I don't host ads, it's just you, me, and the fence post. :-)  Well, I belong to several internet forums and boards in the health world, and post often. I love to share, and if someone is, for instance, looking for a recipe and I have one that fits the bill, I'll gladly send them a link to it.

If I can help, I will, whether it's a cardio playlist, or recipe, or my sunday food prep.  Over the last couple weeks, I've noticed an odd thing on one of the sites I visit... my posts were disappearing! Odd. Then yesterday, I posted in reply to someone's inquiry about banana "ice-cream", and linked to the recipes (for the "ice-cream" and the peanut butter coconut oil fudge that I like to melt over the frozen treat). Just moments later, I received a notification that I had a response (to my response)... a moderator had edited my post and deleted my link! What? Then my "inbox" dinged and there was a message telling me I'd been flagged and was violating the terms of use for the site. !!? Me??

I got in touch with the moderator, who was a very gracious and patient person willing to answer my questions. Turns out, they had gone through the site and either removed my posts altogether, or removed links to my website because.... ready for this? I'm a competing website. They offered to sell me advertising space.

Ok, now if you don't grasp the full hilarity of this... let me reiterate... I do not sell anything. I do not promote anything. I am just lil' ol' me with a personal website and a desire to share what I've learned (and am learning). So, this Website has been watching me, editing me, deleting me because I represented competition. Me! Competition!

Are you curious as to who this Website is? Before I tell you, let me just share how confused, a little irritated, and supremely flattered I was by all this! How confused, irritated, and flattered? BOUNDLESSLY! Ok, ready for it? Ready?....
Yeah.  Haha!  Lil' ol' me.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Food Today

My fitday numbers are updated for yesterday. Ended up with 1659 calories, and 37% protein, 29% carb, 34% fat. Today, if all goes well, my numbers are closer, at 1682 cal before dinner (which will be post-workout) with 33% protein, 35% carb, and 32% fat. In my cooler today, I've added lemon juice... I've gotten out of the habit of putting lemon in my water, and my water intake has suffered. I really need to boost my intake, hence the juice (plus it's got all those great liver-cleansing properties!).

The plan for gym-time this evening is 15 min warmup/intervals on the stairmaster, followed by a full-body routine, then stretching. Then tomorrow is back to yoga, friday will be cardio, and I need another lifting or yoga session sometime during the weekend.

The boys (my son Joey and his friend Robbie) came by for dinner last night. Lasagna was on the menu, so I had chicken, rice and a slice of cheese instead. :-) They all love lasagna, I'm not much for it anyway, so my chicken and rice was just fine for me.

I'm working on that new page for the site... I'm so excited about it, and hope it'll be done today. I can't wait to share it with you!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Ease in The Pose II

Dinner last night was weak, but I got in all the rest of my food. I only had a couple hard boiled egg whites, but frankly, that's all I wanted. Today's food is up and figured using fitday, I'm on track right now for just under 1800 calories. Dinner may bump me up, but I'm ok with that.  **Correction, I skipped my first snack, so my current calories, without dinner are at 1324 - 35% protein, 31% carbs, and 34% fat.**

Yoga this morning was a substitute instructor. She was very good, and I got a great workout (though I really missed Abbie).  :-)    Tomorrow is my off-night for bowling (rotation), so I'll be hitting the gym after work. I may have a workout buddy, so depending on what she wants to focus on, I may also go in the morning to either do cardio or legs, then hit upper body or whatnot with her. I'll see how it goes.

Yoga - Tree Pose
Going back to my Ease in the Pose post. I was thinking today during class as we were doing Tree Pose... this was a very difficult pose for me to learn. My balance was never a strength, lol. While I have in no way mastered it, I have become stronger and my ease in that particular pose comes when I fully activate all my muscles. My standing leg tensed, my bent leg pushing the foot into my thigh, my standing thigh pushing back, my core tight, arms reaching, shoulders back... all fully active in maintaining the balance. The more muscles I activate, the more balanced I am. The more balanced I am, the more my mind is calm and my breath is easy.  To activate the muscles, I have to consciously think and focus on them. 

I think there's a life-lesson in there, I'm just not sure what it is yet. 

Monday, September 13, 2010

New Workout Playlist & Food Prep

DID YOU KNOW? Food fact for today about antioxidants. This mornings newsletter from Rodale offered a terrific article about 7 affordable sources of antioxidants. Read it here.  A couple of my favorite things made the list... black rice and coffee :-)

This morning started well... hit the gym and got in a good run. I was thrilled that I was able to run for 20 minutes straight without knee or shin pain! Woohoo! Granted, my speed was not high (5.5) but for someone (me) who normally cannot run for more than 5 minutes at a stretch, this was awesome! J Once back home I ate a bit of last night's quiche for a quick protein boost, then packed my cooler.

I wanted to do make something for the FlexGround boys as a thanks for my spa day, so I pored through the pages of Devin Alexander's various books and found her recipe for a lighter version of Cinnabon's cinnamon rolls. I think they turned out pretty good, I'll find out what they thought later. I know my kids liked 'em :-)

I did update the workout playlist page to include my new tunes. My daughter Shiloh turned me on to more of Manafest's songs :-) Plus I've got a fun Linkin Park/Britney Spears mashup, and Egypt Central, Deepfield, and Tyrese, along with an awesome cover by Metallica of Turn the Page.  I tried it out today during my cardio session and I loved it! :-) Yeah... I am eclectic!

Food prep for the week included another shortcut... rather than making my quinoa or other rice, I picked up some convenience grains. Annie Chun's Black Pearl Rice and a couple others. I roasted a pork loin with Coconut oil and Mrs. Dash Southwest Chipotle, grilled a few chicken breasts and a piece of salmon, plus I've got my usual ground bison, hard boiled eggs, and healthy lunch meats for the guys & kids. Veggies are snow peas & cherry tomatoes, zucchini & yellow squash, broccoli and orange cauliflower. Fruits are gala apples, white peaches, strawberries, raspberries and blueberries.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Looking For The Weekend

Food went very wonky yesterday afternoon. After lunch my stomach would not settle, so I skipped snack2. I've updated fitday on the cooler page for yesterday's meals. Today, though light, is all clean. I had to hang out at home this morning waiting for the UPS man to deliver a package (requiring signature) then rush to the office. Whole day feels disjointed. Weird.

Anyone have special plans for the weekend? I do! :-) Bill and I are planning to go see the new Resident Evil movie (not the 3D version). I love those films, so we're doing a quasi-marathon. We watched the first movie last night, tonight will be one or two others, then we'll be ready either Saturday or Sunday to see the new one. PLUS tomorrow is my spa day! :-) Woooohooo! I'm so ready for this! :-)

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Fat Burners

DID YOU KNOW?  Food Fact for today about Fat Burners... many supplements on the market boast that their product stimulates higher fat burning... they also tell you that you should combine their product with a healthy diet and an exercise program. Here's why... those products (the ones that work) stimulate fat mobilization, or the rapid release of fatty acids into the system to be used as energy (bringing the fat out of storage)... good, right? ONLY if there is increased exercise to burn that fat. Although the fat is available for burning, if there's no increased muscle activity to do the burning, the body simply recycles the fat back into fat storage.  Huh. Smart body.

Yesterday got a bit wonky, food-wise. Skipped my last snack, so I had that for dinner instead, after getting home from bowling. Calories were on the low-end of my range (1391), and my ratios were a bit off (Protein 29%, Carb 36%, Fat 35%... should be around 33/33/33). Today, I'm much more solid, as long as I stay on track. My total intake will be 1762 cal, with 36% protein, 36% carb, and 28% fat. I need to balance that out further, but it's not too far off my goal.  I've got a couple extra hard-boiled eggs in my cooler, I may eat the two yolks only to boost up that fat (and get some amazing aminos, too!). If I do, it'll bump my numbers to 1871 cal; 35% protein, 35% carb, and 30% fat. Still not perfect, but closer. For those who are curious, that would take me to 166.6 g of protein, 168.4 g of carbohydrates, and 63.7 g of healthy fats, with 27.5 g of fiber.

My day began with 6:30 am yoga. :-) Yay! Today I will finish my playlists, get those posted, and try to get ahead of my work load. As I do all this, I am still mulling over Finding The Ease in the Pose.  It's difficult for me to appreciate fully where I'm at, when it's not where I want to be. How do I pause and recognize the value of Now? I'm nearly to two-years of maintenance... but my body isn't "done". I don't know how to be satisfied with where I'm at. I'm goal-oriented, I'm driven and competitive, so it's hard for me to find that balance. If anyone has any insight into this, I'm all ears!  :-)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

New Workout Playlist

DID YOU KNOW?  Food Fact for today :-) Studies suggest that foods high in sodium, beverages high in sugar, and processed foods with a high calorie density and low nutrient density don't trigger our appetite sensors to signal fullness or satiety. Kinda scary, right? It's so important to have a diet rich in clean, whole foods that send the right signals at the right time.

I did some quick calculations and realized my nutrition intake was slipping a bit, so I'm back to using to keep an eye on my numbers. You'll see today's ratios so far (sans-dinner, as I haven't had it yet) on my cooler page. No gym today, used the time instead to get in some needed study/research. On that note, I've got some fun stuff heading this way soon. I'm really excited about it, and can't wait to share with you :-)

Today I'm working on (in addition to my actual work, lol) a new playlist or two for September. I'll be posting that/those shortly. 

I read a quote today in regard to the 80% theory. You may be familiar with the concept of 80/10/10... that nutrition is 80% responsible for what your body looks like, 10% is exercise, and 10% is genetics. While this concept is not unique to Tosca's Eat Clean Diet (indeed, it's been around since the beginning of body-building!), it is becoming more well-known. The statement I read today addresses this: 

"Indeed, although you'll hear people estimating that body composition results are 80% diet [and the rest made up of exercise and genetics], I don't like such estimations. Both are so important independently that I'd suggest the following.  Exercise is 100% necessary just as nutrition is also 100% necessary.  Without both, reaching the upper limits of performance and body change is nearly impossible."
Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Finding The Ease In The Pose

Hope ya'll had a great weekend! My day started with yoga at 6:30am. Have I mentioned how much I'm loving yoga? :-)  I also took a yoga class from a new instructor on Saturday... holy cow. Remember my first yoga class? Much like that! The heat! The sweat! The slipping! The cute, sweet-faced, gentle-voiced DRILL SERGEANT! I got my butt handed to me on a plate. I think it's safe to say I do not currently prefer (nor tolerate well) heated yoga. Oy! LOL!

Yesterday included my usual Sunday Food Prep and the Counter of Chaos (did it Monday because of the holiday weekend)    :-) I did a big batch of quinoa for my grains, crockpot chicken which I then shredded for use throughout the week, browned up 2 lbs of ground bison with Mrs Dash Southwest Chipotle seasoning for wraps and tacos, and grilled 5 ounces of salmon for today's lunch. My veggies are snow peas & cherry tomatoes, red beets (crockpot'ed), white & yellow squash, broccoli & orange cauliflower, and large Portobello caps, in addition to my usual shredded cabbage, various lettuces, spinach, etc. Fruit is peaches, gala apples, bananas, Clementine's, strawberries, raspberries and blueberries. I also picked up some (cheap!) New York steaks for an old fashioned meat & potatoes dinner this week.

FINDING THE EASE IN THE POSE: As I was leaving yoga this morning, I was going over the class in my head... evaluating how far I've come, how much I have to learn, and the constant seeking of balance between the difficulty and the ease. This last is a lesson my fav instructor Abbie encourages us to focus on each class... to maintain the discipline of the pose, while breathing easily through it. "Find the ease in the pose." Sometimes I think to myself, "ha, ease! let me tell you how much ease I'm feeling!" LOL. However, I do get what she's saying, and I constantly seek that. I find that as I increase my muscle involvement during the pose, my balance improves; as my breathing deepens and calms while holding my muscles taut, my ability to focus on the muscle involvement improves, thus creating a cycle wherein I am ever evolving, progressing, and "easing". As I was thinking about all this, I recognized the correlation between finding the ease in the pose with yoga, and finding the ease in myself, my body image, my acceptance and quest for continued evolution.

For me, since I began my journey, it's been a battle. I've waged war on my old body, my old lifestyle, and I've sworn to never go back. As it became a lifestyle and I entered maintenance, I've continued the battle... eat right, be active, stay focused. I've rarely, during this time, experienced the ease. Always at the back of my mind is the thought that I must do this (exercise, eat clean) to not be fat. There's no ease in that mindset.

One thing I remember Tab saying to me during my journey, and often after it, is to appreciate the moment. She encouraged me to pause and enjoy where I was because she knew I was always singularly focused on where I was going, and she tried to give me those pauses. I am realizing that I'm still looking to where I'm going, what I want to be, look like, feel like. I am doing this to the near exclusion of appreciating what I have, what I look like now, how I feel now, and where I am.

It's time for me to begin finding the ease in the pose, in my life, rather than just in the studio.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Fiber Fact Of The Day

DID YOU KNOW?  Fun Fiber fact for today :-) If you're planning a treat meal, be sure to include a high fiber content. Fiber passes through the digestive system, cleaning as it goes. Fat is the last of the macronutrients to be absorbed into the body. When high fiber accompanies a "fatty" meal, fiber molecules will bond with the fat, carrying some of it right on out of the body, not allowing it to be stored for future use. Go Fiber! :-)

2pm...  The boys' booth looks great! :-) Yay! On the way back I stopped at Red House (woohoo!) and am now enjoying my very tasty steamed chicken, veggies & brown rice.

10am... Yoga at 6:30am. Ahhhh. Perfect way to start my day :-) My cooler today is light again... I'll be heading over to the conference at 1pm to see the guys' booth so I'll pick up lunch on my way back... probably my fav Red House (steamed chicken & veggies & brown rice).

Last night, Bethany went to the gym with me... 30 minutes on the treadmill, then she wanted to do abs (she might possibly be regretting that decision today, mwah-ha-ha-ha-ha!). Then dinner was a bit of whole wheat pasta and some beef. Tonight I'm planning some mini pizzas on whole wheat sandwich thins. :-)  Tomorrow, I plan to start my day with the morning yoga class, then I have a bunch of errands as  Joey (my almost 19yr old) and his friend Robbie are coming over for a bbq to celebrate Robbie's 18th birthday :-)   Also tomorrow, Bethany flies to CA for her labor-day visit to her father, she'll be flying home on Monday.

What are your labor day plans? 
Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Whole Foods for Lunch

Have I mentioned my upcoming spa day? How did I forget that?? Check this out... I do all the web-work, hosting, email, print design/graphics, etc for my hubby's company. It's true free-lance because it's, well, ha ha -  free. Lol.  With the new partnership and company reorganization, new products, etc... it's been a lot of work, and a lot of time, and will continue to be demanding over the next week or so as we roll out new print marketing and update the websites. Well, the guys got together and got me a gift certificate to a local day spa! I get a massage, facial, manicure, and pedicure! Yes, I cried. :-) It's something I've always wanted to do, but would/could never justify spending that kind of money on something so frivolously luxurious... I can't wait! I just booked my appointment for next Saturday and have blocked out a 3 hour period of my day for this, per the nice lady on the phone. How amazing is this??? Seriously! I'm going to a swanky Old Town Scottsdale Spa! Ha!  :-)  Wooohoo!  Thank you, FlexGround boys! :-)

Lunch! Ran over to Whole Foods for the salad bar ($5.99/lb on Wednesdays!). One word to describe me at the Salad Bar... GREEDY! :-) Little of this, little of that, little of that, too... serious yummage! I've layered kale, spinach, cabbage, beets, green onion, tomato, cucumber, black beans, peppers, quinoa, broccoli, cottage cheese and chicken. Most tasty! :-)

Crazy morning! I've been a bit pisky-mazed all morning. My cooler is light (no lunch), but my snacks are all good and breakfast was excellent, though outside the box, lol. Last night's dinner (crustless quiche) was amazing! I've posted the recipe if anyone wants to try it. No gym this morning, but I'll be heading there after work :-) Hopefully my brain will re-engage shortly.