Friday, December 31, 2010

Knee Surgery Update with pics

 Surgery recovery photos...

December 19 (surgery was on the 16th) - bandages off. Rubbing alcohol finally got the last of the betadyne off, though the ink took a lot longer (and lots of rubbing with emu oil!)

December 20th - 4 days post surgery. Swollen, but not bad.

My trusty ice packs

December 22nd - 6 days post-surgery Just two tiny stitches and some swelling.

December 31st - 14 days post-surgery. In this first photo you can't even see my scars!

Here's the first scar... see that tiny pink spot?

here's the second scar... it looks a little purple

 My right leg is on the left in this pic... a bit of swelling, but really not bad. Would you guess I'd had surgery on this?

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