Friday, April 29, 2011

My Baby Can See!!!!

Did that title strike you as strange? I know this has nothing to do with eating clean, fitness, competing, or anything else... My youngest has vision issues. When she was tiny (a toddler) she developed a wandering eye and the doctor treated it by patching her for several weeks. Broke my heart to see my little baby with a patch, and a girlfriend and I got together and made up several patches with little backpacks to match (and hats) out of cute kidsy fabrics. Anyway, at the follow up appointment, the doctor discovered the condition had flip-flopped. Not reversed. Flipped to the other eye! We had to patch her OTHER eye for a couple weeks. OY! Once the trauma of that was done, little Bethany was prescribed glasses. She's very far-sighted, and has astigmatism, though the wandering eye disappeared.

She's worn glasses ever since. About 8 years ago, our current eye doctor was helping me better understand how Bethany views the world and he put me in the chair and dialed up how she "sees". I cried. That's how my baby girl sees the world?? It was fuzzy and dull... nothing like the way I see things. Then he dialed in her prescription lenses, so I could see how she sees "fixed". I cried some more. It still wasn't "right". It hurts to know that my daughter doesn't see things in vibrant focus.

Years pass, and while she has the glasses, in the last couple years she's moved to contacts, and her vision has remained about the same. A month ago she came to me complaining that her left eye (the one that has the worst vision) was becoming blurry. Then the eye began to wander out again. Today was our appointment with the doctor. Her prescription has changed, her eye has worsened. We talked about her condition, and the ramifications that she'll deal with throughout life. Then the doctor got this funny "thinking" look. He started asking her how she was doing with the contacts, is she comfortable, and so on. He then suggested something new. A different type of lens for the left eye. The right eye is the same as it has been, so nothing new there, but he brought out a new lens that is specifically for her type of astigmatism. He explained the several drawbacks, that the lens is odd shaped, thicker, heavier, but she agreed to give it a try.

She popped it in, and he dimmed the lights and pulled up the vision test again. She covered her right eye, and began to read the bottom line. All the way across. Correctly. In all her years, she has never been able to read the second to last, or last line of that screen. Ever. She read the whole thing. It was crystal clear. My baby could see.

While the doctor wasn't fighting back the tears that I was, he was pretty darn pleased. We go back in a week for a follow up, then order the new lenses. Her glasses remain the same, there's nothing more they can do with those, but this new contact is like a miracle. We walked around stores for a while and Bethany kept commenting on how different everything looks. I kept fighting those tears.

I'm so grateful. My baby can see.

Fabulous Friday!

Last night's leg workout was brutal - in all the best ways. Tab was still working when I finished, so we chatted a bit before we both headed home.  The last thing in my workout was 6 sets of 15 calf raises - by the end, I couldn't feel my calves, so I hope my form was still good, LOL!  I wobbled out of the gym to ice my knees and enjoy my dinner (grilled chicken breast & steamed asparagus, plus a banana for the post-workout refuel).

Bill and I chilled a bit, chatting with the girls as they were in and out, and we listened to more posing music choices. Took a list of 24 down to 4 - progress! We also had a great talk about what I need from a posing song, and what I don't... Music is an essential part of my life. My iPod is like an extension of myself (multiple personalities and all, haha). My playlists document the events and journeys. And while there are lots of songs that are "me" not all of them, very, very few of them, are "me on stage". Does that make sense?

For instance... Bill really likes (really really likes) the Hurricane 2000 song by Scorpions & the Philharmonic - it's awesome, I love it, too... it was the song we used for our introductions at our wedding reception. But it's not me for the stage... it's too big, it makes me want to hide away, it makes me feel shy and small. Another "me" song is Def Leppard, Pour Some Sugar On Me... it's totally my summer bbq, hanging with friends, I grew up in the 80's and Hair Bands ROCK song. It's also got great stage energy, but not for me... I want to cover up and hide.

I know, I'm a little weird. It should be simple... you step out, you do the T-walk, strike the poses and exit stage-left. It's only 90 seconds of my life, but I want the soundtrack for that 90 seconds to be about me... my journey, my inspiration, even my aspiration. I want the music I choose to help me cross that stage with confidence, strength, and a smile. A great big smile.

With that in mind, we've narrowed the list down to three strong possibles, with a fun backup as 4th. The finalists are...
The Afters - Never Going Back to OK
Nickelback - If Today Was Your Last Day
Maino feat. T-Pain - All The Above
Jennifer Lopez - Papi

Let me know what your thoughts are, I'd love to hear!

Today, I've done my last workout for the week - my big one - Back/Biceps/Triceps/Shoulders/Abs. It was brutal, thought I was gonna puke at the end. Loved it :-) I also love how my arms look when I'm done :-) LOL!  The rest of today is for some safe-sunshine, an abundance of errands, an eye-doctor appt for Bethany, and menu planning for next week. Tomorrow I have a spin class, my first! Of course, it's not your average spin class. Nope... this one is funky :-) Karaoke Spin! I'm wearing my green wig and a feather boa. It's supposed to be fun, funky, and introduce me to spinning. I'm hoping to last the whole 90 minutes. Bethany and Shiloh are going with me :-) While I won't karaoke (oh heck NO), I might join in on the sing-alongs. Tab is leading it, so I know it's going to be super fun, no matter what.

After that, we're heading to a friend's for a bbq. I'll be bringing my cooler along with me. I could use the day as my "treat", but I'd rather eat clean and enjoy a couple of cocktails (rum & mineral water with a dash of kiwi, pineapple or grapefruit). I'm also making that amazing chocolate goodness I did last weekend, and want to save the bulk of my "treat" for that :-)

Progress.... I walked into the gym last night and Tab says, that's it, I'm cutting down  your cardio. Wait, What, Why??!!. Evidently I'm leaning out too quickly. Seems like it's a good problem to have, lol, but still, it's a problem. She's also told me to lighten up a bit (what, who me?) on the diet, that I don't have to be as tight as I am for  awhile yet. Hmmmm. Between restricting my cardio and easing up on my diet, I'm having a bit of the "somebody moved my cheese" response. Gotta get over that, quick! We also chatted today about my legs. I'm seriously concerned about them, but Tab had some really positive things to say that made me feel a whole lot better. So my waffle is syrup side up again, ROFL! :-)

So that's where I'm at. Bill says it's a good thing I'm gutted like a fish and over menopause, because if he had to put up with PMS or menopause along with my waffling, he might have to shoot me. HA!

On an unrelated note... well, maybe not so much unrelated, I seem to have "treat" on the brain... I picked up Elana Amsterdam's new Gluten-Free Cupcake book.... YUM! Can't wait to dig into it! :-) There's a recipe in the new Eat Clean Diet Cookbook 2 that's also on the horizon for treats :-) he he he.

Hey.... before I sign off... do you twitter? Do you tweet? I have an account, and am slowly finding my way around. I don't think I can say yet that I tweet... I might twit. LOL. This morning Tosca Reno put out her #FF tweet and mentioned me! Of course, being the twitter-twit that I am, I had to hit google to find out what #FF means... Follow Friday... to promote other tweeters readers might find interesting! WootWoot! AWESOME! Thanks, Tosca!! :-D

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Fun Cardio Playlist!

This is such a fun playlist!!! Tosca Reno turned me onto it today in her blog post at:

It's hugely eclectic and has tons of energy - I think I'll use it for Saturday's cardio session, and Sunday's Food Prep! :-) FUN!! You can download as individual tracks or as one track (which is definitely the way to go).

Girl Talk All Day album, you can get it here!

About My Husband...

Mad Scientist
My husband is a genius. My husband is also a mad scientist. He loves to tinker with mechanics and chemicals, he's always looking to create the "next" thing. Sometimes this is not a good thing in our household. I have had to put down my foot and disallow experimentation in the garage, for the safety of all (I have also unilaterally declared my Pyrex and mixing bowls, and measuring cups and measuring spoons OFF LIMITS, DAMMIT!).  Sometimes he really hits on something. Sometimes he comes home minus an eyebrow (once); or the hair on his arms (lost count how many times). I love this side of him, though it often worries me (blowing up the garage or warehouse is a very REAL risk).

For years he has asked for a chemistry set for Christmas. I haven't gotten it for him for three reasons...

1. Practicality - The "set" he wants is pretty much exclusive to Research laboratories, usually the ones with Nobel Grant money and/or government contracts.
2. Emotionally - I love my husband very much, and really don't want him injured.
3. Financially - Let's be honest... He's worth a lot more to me alive than blown up.

Pinky & The Brain
You might think I'm exaggerating about his mad-scientist/genius tendencies. I'm not. My father-in-law thought I was until they moved the company into the new warehouse space and Bill began doing his chemical experiments there. Now he gets it. And sometimes he worries too, though mostly they're a bunch of little boys playing with the science toys.

His genius isn't limited to chemicals (though he's invented several truly amazing products). He also plays around with surfacing (he's made astonishing strides in both safety and aesthetics and a strong name for himself in the safety-surfacing industry - FlexGround, FlexGrass and Xeritec are his companies), and his pet project for several years has been SplashGround. He's had a vision for it that he's doggedly pursued whenever he's had the time/money. While the in-ground units are awesome (view - two of those girls are mine, look how little they were!) and popular, he's wanted a portable unit. And now he has it. And... DIY Network is going to feature it!  Wooohooo!!! (I have a lot of web re-design to do! Yikes!)

Pretty darn cool! Go, Bill, Take Over The World!!! :-)
pinky and the brain - take over the world

2nd Leg Day of the Week...

After work, I'm headed back to the gym for my second Legs day of the week

Here's what's coming (supersets with little to no rest):

Alternate x 3:
Romanian Dead Lift (30 lb barbell) 15
Wide Leg Press (85-90 lbs) 15

Alternate x 3:
Leg Curl 8
Walking Lunges with Kickback 15 each leg

Alternate x 3:
Single leg lifts with resistance 12 each leg
Dumbbell Squats (15# dumbbells) 12

Calf Raises 8 x 15 (3 second squeeze at top)

What is Heroism?

I read something this morning that really grabbed me. 

I'm really struggling with this emotional waffling (yep, I am still The Waffler), and this morning in particular, it was hard to get up and get going. I wanted to skip yoga. I wanted to sleep in. I wanted to wake up and discover my butt had magically become what it needs to be for the show. Instead, I got up, got ready, drank some coffee then went to yoga. 

Once home again, with another coffee in hand, I read that Heroism isn't always about doing the big things. Sometimes, the act of heroism is simply getting out of bed in the morning when you don't want to. 

Apart from that statement really striking me, and hitting me where I needed to be hit, I guess it means something else for me, too...

I'm still a super-hero.  he he he.

Today's Food and Workouts...

Let's start with the basics... exercise & food :-) I did Chest & Triceps yesterday after work... OY! My shoulders were still mega-sore from Monday's class, and since the incline and flat benches were full (with sweaty grunting he-men), I chose to use the Body Master's machines, the ones you add weight plates to. I tested them out (this is for my incline presses and flat presses), and realized the machine without weight was plenty heavy, and away I went... 10 inclines, 12 flat, 10 inclines, 12 flat... I did 4 rounds (sets) and was reaching deep to get them done. Had to keep stopping, but pushed through and completed. I know the angle is different than when I do them with dumbbells, and maybe that combined with the weight of the apparatus... I don't know, but it about did me in.

Here's the full workout:

Pec Deck: 3 x 12 (35lbs)

Alternating 4x with little to no rest between:
Incline Chest Press 10
Flat Chest Press 12

Alternating with little to no rest between:
Lying Tricep Extensions (skullcrushers) 30 lb barbell: 4 x 12
GI Janes (sit on end of bench - back to the end - someone sits on your feet and holds your legs while you - back straight - lean all the way back and come all the way back up. It's a killer version of the situp): 3 x 20

Alternating with little to no rest between:
Tricep Pressdowns (40 lbs): 4 x 12
Medicine Ball Twists (10 lb ball): 3 x 25

After my workout, I headed to the bowling alley where Bill bowled a 602 series! Woot! The girls had junk food while I enjoyed my clean wrap and a cup of coffee (which I didn't even think about it being caffeinated). Headed home, and tried to crash, but the caffeine at 7:30pm kept me up until after 1am. OY.  My 5am alarm came waaay too early today.

Yoga at 6:30, then on with my day.  Here's my food/cooler (click to view the cooler page with the fitday data - yeah, yeah, I know I said no fitday, but I just needed to check it to be sure I was on track - yes I know, this is a problem.).

Breakfast (post yoga) - 
 Oatmeal w/protein powder, ground flax, cinnamon.  
Snack 14 oz grilled chicken breast with 5 medium strawberries.  
Lunch 5 oz  grilled tilapia, 2 cups steamed asparagus, 1/2 cup of brown rice
Snack 2 -   4 oz cooked chicken breast  and 1 cup steamed green beans.    
(not pictured) Post-workout/Dinner  -  5 oz grilled chicken breast with 2 cups steamed asparagus.  
(not pictured) Snack 3 -  1.5 scoops chocolate protein powder (Beverly UMP) mixed with decaf coffee & water.

Total calories: 1404. Protein 55%, carbs 28%, fat 18%. 

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I am a Super-Hero

I am a Super-Hero. Yes, indeed. Would you like to know my Super-Hero Name? It's...

The Waffler.
The Waffler - Super Hero Costume
found this on the internet, how cool is that costume?

You see, I waffle. More than anyone I know, as a matter of fact. One day I'm feeling positive and excited about my progress. The very next (or later that same day) I am negative and discouraged. I waffle.  (and before you ask, yes, I've seen Mystery Men one too many times).

Take today for example. I woke tired, but upbeat. I did my cardio (the dreaded steady-state), had breakfast, blah blah, and when I was getting ready for work, got a look in the mirror at my backside. You know, the backside that last week I was so excited to see change in? Not so much today. Today all I saw was pancake-ass. Sunk my mood like the Titanic. Was in a funk all morning. Then this afternoon, I walk into the kitchen to heat up my lunch and realize that I'm wearing my daughter's pants (oops!). I thought I grabbed mine this morning, but nope... these are the skinny teenager's black slacks. Huh. Back up goes the mood. Then I get on the internet and find a video-post from a gal who is headed to her first Figure show in 12 weeks... she looks amazing! Freaking awesome! Down I plummet... I don't look like that, is there any hope for me? Will I make it? (does the fact that she's 6 weeks ahead of me enter my feverish mind? no- of course not!)

Up and down, back and forth. Sheesh! Stop the merry-go-round, I want off!  How crazy is this?
My nutrition is completely dialed in. Even my decadent weekend cheat-day-treat turned out to be nearly non-impact (remember my amazing chocolate?).  Despite my obsessive tendencies with fitday, I've checked my numbers and I'm exactly where I need to be. My workouts are progressing, my cardio is all getting done. I'm doing everything I'm supposed to be doing. So why do I waffle? Because I'm human? Female? Totally irrational and compulsively anal-retentive? Hmmm. That couldn't be it. :-) 

So... in an effort to lighten up and relax, I have dubbed myself The Waffler.

"Would you like some vanilla-infused pure-maple syrup with those waffles?"


Today's Food and Workouts

You know what they say about the best laid plans... Well, they're right. Tab has the flu, so I'm back to my regularly scheduled routine. I did cardio this morning - steady state, and after work I'll be heading to the gym for Chest/Triceps. After that, I'll clean up and head over to the bowling alley.  My dinner is packed in my cooler - my trusty Wednesday-Wrap, lol.

Food today is all on track. I'm completely dialed in. There's very little I can control, but that... I've got. Here's my food and schedule (click on the picture to view details and calories/ratios):

6:15 am - Cardio. 30 minutes steady state on the elliptical.
7:00 am - Breakfast: 1/2 cup dry oatmeal w/1 scoop protein powder, 2 tbsp ground flax and some cinnamon mixed with water and nuked. Plus a banana.
10:00 am - Snack 1: 4 oz grilled chicken breast and 5 medium strawberries.
1:30pm - Lunch: 4 oz grilled chicken breast with 1/2 cup brown rice and 1 cup steamed broccoli & cauliflower with Sriracha sauce.
4:00 pm - Snack 2: 4 oz chicken breast (
Tosca's Crispy Chicken Bites) with 1 cup steamed green beans and spicy mustard.
5:30 pm - Workout - Chest/Triceps followed by stretching
7:00 pm - Dinner: Low Carb/High Fiber Wrap with 5 oz grilled chicken breast and 2 cups mixed spinach and cabbage.
9:30 pm - Snack 3: Protein Shake (1.5 scoops protein powder mixed with decaf coffee & water). 

All-together, I'm at 1452 calories, 50% protein, 33% carb, 17% fat. Right on target.

Dinner from Last Night...

Here's last night's dinner: 6 oz (pre-cooked) grilled salmon with 2 cups steamed asparagus. I covered the salmon in spicy mustard, lol, and squirted lemon juice on my asparagus. 

Bill doesn't like fish, but agreed to try a bite. He then said, "That's cheating! You cheated!" huh? "You put so much mustard on there you can't tell what the meat is... fish, chicken, pork... all you taste is mustard!"  Well... duh.  ROLF!! The salmon I cook at home that I actually like is very, very rare... meaning uncommon. It always seems to come out fishy tasting. Spicy mustard. he he.  I finished off the day with a final shake (1.5 scoops protein powder mixed with decaf coffee & water) and crashed.

Figure Competition Diet- Dinner: Salmon and asparagus

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I remember, years ago when I was in my weight loss journey, one of the first times I went to lunch with Tabitha (who was my trainer at the time). We drove to this little hole-in-the-wall cafe... Fitness Cafe in Scottsdale. The walls were lined with autographed photos and posters of bodybuilders - amateur to pro, figure to fitness to bodybuilding. The food was good, basic, but healthy, with names like The Arnold Breakfast Wrap, Pro-Carb Platter, Knockout Salad and more. On every table, and stacked across the counter were bottles of Sriracha sauce. Bottle after bottle after bottle. At my raised eyebrow, Tab explained that competitors go through a ton of the stuff to combat "bland-food" during competition diets.

I get it now. I totally get it. I even keep a large bottle of Sriracha sauce in my desk drawer. I have another in the fridge at home. I so completely get it. ROFL!

Today's lunch: 4 ounces grilled chicken breast (marinated with Basil infused olive oil & Mrs Dash Tomato, Basil & Garlic), 1 cup steamed cauliflower and broccoli, and a half cup brown rice... and Sriracha sauce.

Today's Cooler and Stats

Chelle's Figure Competition Diet - Daily Cooler
Everything is pictured except dinner (salmon & asparagus).

Breakfast  Oatmeal w/protein powder, ground flax, cinnamon.  
Snack 14 oz grilled chicken breast with 5 medium strawberries.  
Lunch 4 oz  grilled chicken breast, 1 cup steamed broccoli & cauliflower, 1/2 cup of brown rice
Snack 2 -   4 oz cooked chicken breast (Tosca's Crispy Chicken Bites) and apple.   
Post-Cardio/Dinner  -  6 oz (pre-cooked) salmon, grilled with mustard and 2 cups steamed asparagus.  
Snack 3 (if needed) -  1.5 scoops chocolate protein powder (Beverly UMP) mixed with decaf coffee & water.

Click here to view more about today's cooler (and previous days) and the nutritional information from 


Update on my knee(s)

I realized I haven't mentioned my knees much lately. They're handling the workouts really well, but I'm taking good care of them, too. Post-workouts, I ice them and take Aleve. I also use the foam roller to keep that scar tissue growing long instead of short. I stretch my legs, a lot. I take my Glucosamine/Chondroitin/MSM and my Hyaluronic Acid. And I'm listening to my body. If it hurts (pain, not muscle) I stop and modify. I have a long way to go in a relatively short time - I have a lot of work to do on my legs & rear, but I can only get to the goal, get to the stage, if I respect my body - and my limitations. 

Yes, it sucks to have limitations. Example... last night in class, we're in pushup position with our hands on a medicine ball, then doing mountain-climbers - fast (also, we do a variation, where you place your foot beside the ball - stretch, return to pushup position, step your other foot to the other side of the ball). Not me. I can do them, but I can't do them fast - my knee, actually the lateral where it was cut - pulls painfully. I'm good if I do them slowly. 

It's frustrating. I want to do all the plyos, I want to keep up with the jumps and hops the class does, but when I find myself doing it on one leg to reduce pain... I give myself a mental "dumbass" thump and modify.

So that's where my knees are. They're doing good, but I'm really aware of them. So far ice and Aleve are controlling pain and swelling. It hurts to get up after I've been sitting, but moving around doesn't bother me. My surgery was Dec. 16... It fixed part of what was damaged, but I still have the arthritis, the degenerative condition in my kneecaps, and the patellar tendonitis. Surgery couldn't / can't fix that. Considering that I'm training for a figure show, I think I'm pretty happy with my rehab :-)

The Plan... Revised

Owwwwww!!! I'm sore! My glutes are screaming for mercy! LOL! Yesterday morning was Legs... after work I headed over to the gym for Tab's Total Body Conditioning Class (aka TORTURE). It was awesome! By the time I got home, my legs were wobbly. We had dinner (Taco salad - no chips for me), watched a bit of tv (OCC, baby!), I drank my last protein shake and crashed. Hard. Woke this morning and OWWWWW! My butt, my quads, my back... I think my abs are whimpering, too, but it's hard to hear them over the rest. Yoga was tough, but I got through it - even managed a new arm balance! Briefly, but I got up :-) 

Tab and I conferred over my schedule & food for this week, and she made a couple tweaks. First, she said I can have more food. You'd think I'd be super excited about that, but no... I'm ridiculously neurotic. I can't have more food, it'll throw off my ratios, plus I'm already doing an extra shake & banana. Yes you can, we've had this conversation - 1 cup of broccoli is 25 calories. Yes, but it's also 5 carbs. Really?  <sheepishly hunching my shoulders> Maybe.

Not that she's telling me specifically to eat more broccoli, what she was saying was it's ok to increase my veggies if I'm hungry and need "more". I bow to her expertise, and will increase my intake where and when I need it. Trust the process, trust my leader. 

Yes, I am nuts. Once I focus on something, I get tunnel vision. Not always a good thing. So today, I decided to relax and go with the spirit of the "more food" edict, packed my cooler and then (just to be sure I wasn't out of line) I ran numbers. Wouldn't you know, I hit right where I need to be, and even with the extra shake before bed, I'm well within my calorie flux. Sheesh.

Tab also tweaked my workouts. I skip today's scheduled and trade it for cardio. Wednesday morning I skip my workout and do cardio instead (steady state), then in the evening I attend Tab's Muscle class (my muscles are quivering in fear). Thursday I have yoga (am), and Chest/Triceps in the evening. Friday I have legs. Saturday I do Delts/Back/Triceips/Biceps plus 20 minutes of cardio.  That's the plan.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Today's Food...

Woops! Forgot to post my food this morning! Here's today's eats

Post-Workout - 1.5 scoops protein powder mixed with water & coffee and a banana.  
Breakfast  Oatmeal w/protein powder, ground flax, cinnamon.  
Lunch 4 oz (5 oz pre-cooked weight) grilled chicken breast, 1 cup steamed zucchini/yellow squash, 1/2 cup of brown rice
Snack -   4 oz cooked (5 oz pre-cooked) grilled chicken breast and strawberries (4 large).    
Post-Workout/Dinner  -  6 oz browned lean ground beef on shredded cabbage, kale & spinach, drizzled with hot sauce/salsa.  
Snack 2 (if needed) -  1.5 scoops chocolate protein powder (Beverly UMP) mixed with decaf coffee & water.

Note: Coolers for the boys (hubby Bill & his dad): Sandwich (Whole grain bread, Tillamook medium cheddar, honey mustard, lettuce, tomato, sliced grilled chicken breast from Sunday's prep), 2 hard boiled eggs, string cheese, strawberries, and a serving of granola (click for recipe).

Note 2: Ariel's food today: Breakfast: Oatmeal w/protein powder, ground flax, cinnamon; Snack 1: 4 oz grilled chicken, apple, 24 almonds; Lunch: 4 oz grilled chicken, 2 slices whole grain bread, 1 slice Tillamook Medium Cheddar & spinach; Snack 2: 1 cup cottage cheese & 1/2 cup pineapple. Dinner: 5 oz chicken breast with 2 cups steamed broccoli/cauliflower. Snack 3: protein shake. Approx 1700 cal.

Sorry for the yucky pictures - gotta figure out this camera on my phone...

Workout Today - Legs

In the Gym...
Today is the first workout of Week 18 Pre-Show. Legs. I did the full workout, plus increased my weight on the leg press, not by much, but I felt it! Oh boy, did I feel it! Here's the workout (the way they're grouped together is how I superset them, little to no rest between):

Alternate x 3:
Leg Press 90 lb  15 reps
Squats   15 reps

Alternate x 3:
Hack Squat (sled weight only)  15 reps
Stiff-Legged Deadlift 30 lb bar  12 reps

Straight Leg Raises (with resistance tube) 3 x 12 each leg
Medicine Ball Crunch - 30 x 3
Medicine Ball Crunch with Raise 30 x 3
Plank - 2 x 2reps of 60 seconds

Stretch & foam roller knee.

Total time: 52 minutes
Calorie Burn: 323
Heart Rate Info: 133-159

I'm not entirely sure why, but I went into this morning's workout with a significant amount of fear. Was I afraid to increase my sets? My weights? What? I don't know, but it drug at me. I drove to the gym, turned on my iPod and just did it. No wasted reps. Focus, do the work. The fear faded about halfway through my workout. I still don't know what it was about, but I know that I didn't let it hold me down.

I want to thank those of you who've contacted me and encouraged me in this journey. Your words are so very appreciated! I'm so grateful to you!

Moving forward, after work I have Tab's Total Body Conditioning Class (weights & cardio). After that, dinner is Taco Salad, then chill time with the family. Tomorrow morning is yoga, then weights in the evening.

Taking the steps, one at a time.

Sunday Food Prep with pictures

Hope your weekend was nice :-) Ours was quiet. Sunday, I gave Bill and the kids the little easter baskets I'd put together (candy and all!), and guess what happened... Ariel ( who hasn't had candy in weeks) took a few bites and felt sick... started chugging water and put the candy away. Shiloh took a few bites and felt sick... went for a walk. Bethany took a few bites and said... "I'd rather have an apple". HA! Who wins that round, Easter Bunny??? That's right, ME! Ha!! ROFL!  And no, I didn't spike the candy, lol, they're just not used to it anymore (yay!).

After the candy episode, I did all my Sunday Food Prep - lots and lots of chicken, some ground beef, some fish (salmon & tilapia), plus all the veggies, oatmeal packets, etc. I took a bunch of pics this time (sorry for the low quality, haven't got the new phone figured out just yet).

Here's the granola (see recipe here)
And my burgers - 2 lbs ground beef mixed with 1 package of finely chopped brown mushrooms (no one can taste them!), 1/3 cup oat bran, 2 tblsp bbq sauce, and one egg (ignore the 2nd egg in my bowl, lol,  I didn't use it). here's my dinner... 6 ounces grilled burger smothered in spicy mustard and wrapped in a LOT of lettuce with onion & tomato, my corn on the cob, and zucchini. Can you see the burger in there? It's kinda buried under all the lettuce, LOL! 
The Brown rice I prepped... 1/2 cup to each baggie
My oatmeal packets :-)  1/2 cup dry oatmeal, 2 Tblsp ground flax, 1/2 tsp cinnamon and 1 scoop vanilla protein powder. The packets go into a tub, which is stored in the fridge. Total grab-n-go :-)
And of course the ubiquitous chicken... lots and lots of chicken. I trim it, pound it to an even thickness, then marinate with flavored olive oil & Mrs Dash - this week it was Basil infused olive oil and Tomato, Basil & Garlic Mrs D. After grilling & cooling, I cut, weigh and bag the chicken, marking the bags with the weight (I'm doing 4 and 5 ounce portions), then toss them in the tub and into the fridge.

I didn't get any pics of my veggies (asparagus, broccoli/cauliflower, green beans) in their steamer bags, but did catch one of my counter-top-fruit:

This does not include the gobs of strawberries I picked up :-) They were on sale at Frys, so I got 3 of the pint containers, then hit Fresh-n-Easy and they had a huge tray of huge berries for just $4. Couldn't resist. The family is going to be eating a LOT of strawberries, and freezing what we don't use.  :-)  I also picked up a cantaloupe and chopped it up for the kids, along with blackberries, and pineapple (all fresh). I love when fruit goes on sale :-)

Menu for the week (family meals) is:
Sunday (last night) Burgers & Corn on the Cobb with Steamed Zucchini (Ariel, Shiloh and I went sans-bun)
Monday - Taco Salad (I'll be no-chips, no cheese)
Tuesday - Spaghetti, using the leftover taco meat in the marinara sauce; with baked potatoes (for me: 5 oz grilled chicken breast, 2 cups steamed green beans).
Wednesday - Leftovers. For me, chicken wrap for the bowling alley (5 oz grilled chicken breast on low-carb/hi-fiber wrap with mustard, 1 cup spinach, 1/2 cup shredded cabbage.)
Thursday - Chicken breast, steamed broccoli
Friday - Chicken with tomato sauce, steamed veggies & baked potatoes (no potato for me)
Saturday - Leftovers

Saturday, April 23, 2011


My protein powder arrived!!! Woohoo!

Chocolate Heaven Followup...

OMG, that mousse was absolutely awesome!!! Everyone loved it! I was afraid the finished product would be a letdown because the fudgey part was so amazing, but the mousse was beyond words!!! This was the perfect treat! I'm really hoping Bill and the girls polish it off, because just knowing it's in the fridge might be a problem, lol! And I'm definitely making this next weekend!!

Out of curiosity, I ran the recipe through to see what kind of damage I did. Not that it matters, it was my treat after all, but still... curious. I couldn't believe my eyes when the numbers popped up! I went back over the recipe thinking that I'd missed something, but no... Check this out...

I used a big pie plate (12 inch), with no crust. Divide that into 16 slices.
Each decadent slice is:

102 calories
Protein:  3 g
Carb:  5 g
Fat:  7 g
Sugars:  3 g
Fiber:  2 g
Sodium:  57 mg

It as an estimated Glycemic Load of 1!! I can serve this to my diabetic Father In Law and Niece! It's gluten free, I can serve it to my Celiac Sister In Law!  It's an incredible dessert, I can serve it to ANYONE!!!!
Oh, Elana of - You are my SuperHero!!!!

Here's a direct link to view all the nutrition data:$report