Tuesday, May 31, 2011

New Recipes, and a Weekend Update!

I had a fabulous time with my Sibs! Wish Stacey could have been here, too, but so very grateful Jamie and Sylvia made the trip. We had so much fun, just hanging out and chatting. I miss my family!

So to do a weekend recap...

Friday morning I worked out with Tab and she kicked my ass (big surprise). After, I cleaned up and us Sibs plus Shiloh & Bethany (Ariel had to work) headed out to Arizona Mills. It's a bit of a drive, so when we go, we plan to be there awhile. Bethany being sillyWe made it about halfway through when Bethany suddenly realized / remembered she had Cheer practice! YIKES! We had just a bit of time, so we hit the food court where everyone ordered, and I pulled out my purse-chicken, lol. I had packed a chicken wrap and almonds which I enjoyed while everyone had their meals. We raced back to Scottsdale, to home so Bethy could change, then over to the studio, then (more calmly) headed to the big Whole Foods at Scottsdale & 101 fwy. I love showing off that store :-) We picked up veggie hot-dogs for my bro, and a Tiramisu Cake for dessert - it got rave reviews from the family. 

Back home, we chilled, then bbq'd, and chilled some more. They (Jamie & Syl) headed back to Sacramento the next morning :-(  But it was a fabulous visit!!

Saturday, I did a Zumba class with Tab. It was nowhere near as traumatic as the others I've attended, lol, I didn't cry once! Figure Competition Recipes - Protein Ice Cream, Ziploc - Chocolate Peanut ButterWell, not that anyone saw anyway. :-) I had more fun than frustration, so that's a mark in the plus column. After that, I talked Bill into taking some down-time and we hopped in the pool for the first time this year. It was glorious! The kids were all this way and that, so it was just us. Very relaxing day. And it ended with my latest protein ice cream creation... chocolate peanut butter. O.M.G. Truly amazing. Truly. Even Bill loved it! I needed some fat in my diet, and had room for the calories, so I added a Tblsp of peanut butter to my protein powder & almond milk, blended, then froze (ziploc style). Yummy!

Chelle's Chocolate Peanut Butter Ziploc Ice Cream
2 scoops chocolate protein powder
1.5 cups unsweetened chocolate almond milk
1 Tbsp peanut butter (natural)

Blend together (I use an immersion blender), then pour into a sandwich size ziploc bag, remove air and seal. Place this bag into a gallon size ziploc that is half-filled with ice and 1/2 cup of salt (the salt is just in contact with the ice, not your ice cream). Seal bag and shake about 5 minutes. Pour into a bowl and enjoy. 

[smaller recipe: 1 scoop protein powder, 1 cup almond milk, 1 tsp peanut butter]

Sunday was food prep. I hit Whole Foods, Frys and Sprouts. Clean eating on the runSprouts had the 100% clean chicken breast tenders on sale for $1.99/lb.  Score! They also had the better deal on peppers, zucchini and broccoli, as well as raw almonds for $3.99/lb.  I ate in the car, between stores - a protein shake (vanilla protein powder, a couple shakes of cinnamon and mixed with water) along with an apple and steamed potato (4 oz). 

When I got home it was to discover that the Beverly International Fairy had delivered my supplements :-) Wooohoo! Protein Powder! Yay!
 Beverly International - Trusted provider of supplements

Bill and I enjoyed Saturday so much that we made a promise to each other to do the same thing on Monday (Memorial Day). So Monday morning, I hit the gym for 40 minutes of steady state cardio, followed by an upper body workout with Tab (ouch!). That done, I came home, fueled up, changed into a bikini (yikes!) and hit the pool. Ahhhhh. A gorgeous day. Once the sun set, I decided to try my hand at some figure-competition-culinary-genius'ness. 

IFigure competition recipes - jello crave jello. Seriously crave jello. While I know that the wiggly-jiggly-yumminess is not for everyone, I absolutely love jello. And I figured out how to make it. I can't use fruit juice & I'm doing my darndest to avoid artificial sweeteners... So what does that leave me? Glutamine. That's right. Glutamine Select (with BCAA's) from Beverly International, to be exact. This delightful (and naturally flavored) powder mixes with water - you sip it before, during, after  workout/cardio, or during the day to help with cravings. It's black cherry flavored. And it makes yummy jello :-)

So very yummy! Ahhh. I ran out at lunchtime to pick up some flavored tea bags (peach, blueberry, etc) to try my hand at some other flavors of jello.  I have to be honest... that little half cup bowl of pink stuff makes me pretty darn happy. Happy enough that my second experiment failing miserably didn't even cause me to frown... because I have jello.

Here's the recipe:

figure competition recipes - jelloChelle's Glutamine Gelatin
1 packet unflavored gelatin
3 scoops Beverly Glutamine Select
2 Cups Water

Mix the glutamine in the water, until dissolved. Add 1/2 cup of the mixture to a bowl. Bring the other 1.5 cups to a boil (watch it, if it boils over you'll have a mess on your hands).
Sprinkle the gelatin over the half cup liquid and allow to sit for one minute. Pour the boiling 1.5 cups liquid in and stir for 5 minutes. Cover and refrigerate until set.
Each half cup serving has 30 calories, 7 g protein. That's it. Awesome!!

Click on the image to the right to learn about the Glutamine supplement I take.

I'll let you know how the tea versions come out :-)

So... that brings us up to today. I started my day with yoga (love it!!) and will end it with cardio. In between I've been working like a mad-woman, lol.

Competition prep update... well, this coming Friday is picture & measure day. I'm actually looking forward to this one! I have been seeing some pretty major changes in my body, and I'm hoping they'll translate onto camera.  For one, my pants are all too big, lol. I started dropping weight, too. In one week (last week), I dropped 3.2 lbs and 2.3% body fat! YES!! Finally!  Cue the HUGE sigh of relief! Plus, I am visually recognizing differences... and the hubby is really seeing change (and liking it - always a bonus! LOL).

My food is all on track. We've made some minor tweaks to my ratios, but the foods themselves are all the same. I'm really having fun playing with my recipes to find fun and tasty treats I can enjoy without going off-diet. My protein ice-creams are awesome and leave me feeling "treated", and the new jello is simply fantabulous! :-) 

My workouts are brutal. I'm so very thankful for Tab and all she's doing to get me to my goal.

Food this week...
Sunday food prep got all my chicken and veggies ready to go, along with my oatmeal baggies. Food for the family this week is:

Monday: London Broil with steamed asparagus
Tuesday: Tostadas
Wednesday: Leftovers (bowling night)
Thursday: Pizzas (Alvarado St crust - 100% clean and very tasty!)
Friday: Chili & Jalapeño Cheddar bread (fresh)
Saturday: Grilled Chicken Sandwiches

My food of course is a whole lotta chicken and steamed veggies :-) Starchy carbs at lunchtime this week are either baked sweet potato or black beans. Veggies for steaming are: asparagus, broccoli/cauliflower, zucchini, and green beans.  Fruits for my morning carb are: apples, blackberries, raspberries, banana (only after weights). Morning complex starchy carb is my oatmeal. Fats this week include avocado, olive oil, coconut oil, coconut butter and peanut butter (only in my protein ice cream when my numbers allow).

And there you have it! Up-to-date! :-)  This is Week 13 pre-competition. 

I'm still here, I promise!! LOL!

I took the weekend off, and it was a LOOOONG weekend to boot! :-) I've got lots of catching up to do, but wanted to let you know I am still here, lol!

My food is updated and current here: http://billandchelle.com/fitness/todays_cooler.html

I'm working on getting everything else updated.

I promise, I'll be back :-)

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Graduation - DONE! Pictures!

It's Done! I can hardly believe it, my girls have graduated, and my baby is a sophomore. I feel ancient. Lol. Graduation was great, the girls looked beautiful. The next day (Wednesday)  was the grad party, and my sis & bro drove in from Sacramento. Awesome!!! So good to see them!!! My folks and other sister weren't able to make the trip, so I'm super grateful that Jamie and Sylvia did :-)

Here's some pics...
The Graduates!!
Shiloh and Ariel
Chelle, Ariel, Bill
Daddy and Ariel
Bill and Shiloh :-)
Another great shot of Bill and Shiloh
Mommy and Shiloh - Where did the years go??
Bethany and Shiloh
Ariel and Bethany
Ah, the love of siblings! Joey and Shiloh
Me and my baby!
The family
Shiloh, Bill, Ariel, Joey, Bethany and Me
The kids :-)
The Sibs!!
Sylvia, Me, Jamie
Food... Hmmm. Well. The good news is I haven't cheated. All my food is clean and my ratios are on track. But... I got a little distracted yesterday and missed some food. :-(  My bad. Seriously. Came in at only 1,000 calories for the day. And it was a weight lifting day (killer leg session with Tab that morning!). Dagnabbit. That was a major mistake on my part. :-( Not good. 

Today is better. I'm back on track. I started my day with a 40 minute steady-state cardio session on the stair-master, packed my cooler and have been on track ever since.

I'm working in the office today, then tomorrow I'm hanging with my kids & Sibs :-)  after my 6:30 am torture session with Tabitha the Terminator :-) Awesome!! I've been calling Tab the WGT (World's Greatest Trainer) for years... now that I'm back training with her, I am more convinced than ever, she IS the WGT. No Doubt. :-)   Next friday is measurements & pics again... I'm hopeful that this time I'll see change, in the pictures and the measurements. I've finally started seeing it in my tummy area. It's flatter than it's ever been. Poor Tab, Wednesday I came flying into the studio where we train and excitedly lifted my shirt and said, "LOOK!!"   She had no idea what she was looking at, lol, but she played along. Seriously though, I can actually see that it looks different, and that is a huge relief!! :-) 

Food for today is up on the Cooler page. You can view the pics and stuff there :-) Dinner this evening for me is my usual chicken & veggies, but I've got a Enchilasagna for the family :-) (see recipe page).  Can't wait to go home and hang with the family! :-) Isn't the day over yet? LOL!! Happy Thursday!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

More Protein Ice Cream - Dreamsicle!! Plus Today's Food...

It's Graduation Day!! Shiloh & Ariel graduate high school this evening. Wow, time flies! I've got a short work-day today, and then I'm off to get cardio done, then all the mad-errands for tonight and tomorrow. Lots to do!! :-)

Last night after work, I hit the gym for my cardio - did 40 minutes, plus 5 min cool-down, on the elliptical - steady state. Headed home for dinner Salmon lettuce wraps (if I have my way, that's the last of the salmon!) with steamed broccoli & cauliflower. At bedtime, I was ready for my shake, but decided to do the "ice-cream" instead... OMG! I hit a winner! Remember dreamsicles? Those vanilla ice cream popsicles surrounded by the orange flavored ice? I nailed it! So incredibly yummy! Even Bill was shocked at how good it was (his lack of faith disturbs me, lol).

Dreamsicle Protein Ice Cream
1 scoop vanilla protein powder
1 tsp vanilla extract (pure)
1/4 tsp orange extract
1 cup almond milk (vanilla, unsweetened).
Blend together, then pour into a sandwich size ziploc & seal.  In a gallon size ziploc, add ice and half cup of salt. Place small baggie in the big baggie, seal and shake about 5 minutes.
Calories: 182; protein: 21 g; carbs: 7g; fat: 7g; sodium: 350 mg; sugars 2g; fiber 2g.

This morning, I had yoga at 6:30 am. It was a great class (as usual) and really helped... I'm super sore from yesterday's workout, lol , my chest feels like it's going to explode. After work, like I mentioned, it's cardio time and then errands. We've got family in town from Northern California... and my siblings arrive tomorrow for the party. Can't wait to see them! :-)

Here's my food for today... the cooler only has breakfast through lunch in it, as I'll be heading out then, and eating the rest of my food at home.
Click on picture to view all photos and nutrition info for today's food.
Breakfast -  Oatmeal w/protein powder, ground flax, cinnamon. 
4 oz roasted pork tenderloin, 4 small strawberries & a small kiwi
Lunch -
4 oz  grilled chicken breast, 2 cups steamed green beans, 1/2 cup of black beans.
Snack -   (not pictured) 4 oz roasted grilled chicken breast & 2 cups steamed broccoli & cauliflower.    
 -   (not pictured)5 oz grilled chicken breast, 2 cups steamed zucchini/yellow squash 
Pre-bed Snack
- (not pictured) Shake or Ice Cream - 1-scoop protein powder mixed with 1 cup almond milk (vanilla, unsweetened).

Today's Numbers (click on the fitday icon above to view all the info): 1413 calories; 51% protein, 30% carb, 19% fat. 42 g fiber.  Sodium: 685 mg

Monday, May 23, 2011

The weekend in pictures, plus today's food & workout...

Lots to catch up on! Here are the pics I promised..

From Ariel's 19th Birthday...

Me and Shiloh, then Me & Bethany

Me and Joey... as you can see, my son is astonished that my phone can take "self portraits" with a simple mode-change

The Cupcakes... (thanks to Elana Amsterdam's new Cupcake book! I LOVE ElanasPantry.com!)

Ariel's dessert - Mint chocolate chip ice cream and cupcakes... she couldn't finish! LOL!
But she tried!!

This is my dinner, while everyone was gnoshing on bbq chicken and cupcakes...

Friday night, Bill and I ran some errands, then hit up Chipotle for dinner. Here's the pic I promised...
Figure Competition Diet - Chipotle Salad

Saturday night, Bill and I attended a Scandalesque show. It was fun to dress up and get out of the house. Then Sunday was my usual Food Prep and Counter of Chaos. And Chaos it was! With Graduation on Tuesday, and the party on Wednesday, there was a ton of extra food & stuff that came home with me... and I have to go back on Wednesday for more! Yikes!

I am absolutely loving the protein ice cream recipe! I've tweaked and messed with it, and no matter how I do it, it's awesome! :-) Here's the recipe for my current favorite.

Here's the menu for the week...

Sunday - Chicken sandwiches on Bagel-thins for the family, grilled salmon & steamed veggies for me. FYI, I think that was the last salmon I'm every going to eat. Blek. There's just not enough mustard in the world. I'll stick with cod.
Monday: Grilled chicken salad
Tuesday - Graduation! Kids are every which way with visiting family members, so no "family dinner". I'll be having my usual grilled chicken & steamed veggies. I'll be taking a protein shake with me to the grad, too. It starts at 8 and goes and goes and goes.
Wednesday - Graduation Party! Friends, family, and us :-)  Everyone else will enjoy dips, chips, veggies, burgers, hot dogs, etc... usual picnic foods. I'll have my grilled chicken and raw veggies.
Thursday - My Siblings will be here! :-) They'll all enjoy the Chicken Enchilasagna (see recipe page), while I have my grilled chicken and veggies :-)
Friday - BBQ with the kids & my Sibs! :-) . My food... huge surprise!!! Chicken and veggies! LOL!
Saturday - Leftovers. Chicken & veggies for me.

Here's today's food... click on the picture to view all the images & nutrition info.

Breakfast -  Oatmeal w/protein powder, ground flax, cinnamon.  
Snack: 4 oz grilled cod with mustard in green leaf lettuce plus 4 small strawberries & a small kiwi 
Lunch - 4 oz  grilled chicken breast, 2 cups steamed broccoli & cauliflower, 1/2 cup of black beans.
Snack -   4 oz roasted pork tenderloin & 2 cups steamed zucchini/yellow squash.    
Dinner  -  (not pictured) 5 oz grilled chicken breast, 2 cups steamed green beans 1/2 tbsp garlic infused olive oil & sea-salt  
Pre-bed Snack - (not pictured) Shake - 1-scoop protein powder mixed with water and decaf coffee.

Today's Numbers (click on the fitday icon above to view all the info): 1433 calories; 51% protein, 29% carb, 21% fat. 46 g fiber.  Sodium: 830 mg

My workout this morning was a KILLER. It was Chest, Triceps, Shoulders. I am already feeling tight and sore! Wooohooo! I have an option of either doing my cardio or attending Tab's Total Body Conditioning class... I'm kinda thinking cardio. Lol. We'll see how I feel in a bit. Speaking of cardio... I am now officially at 45 minute cardio sessions (was doing 30 min). And I am 14 weeks out from show.

Happy Monday!!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Shout With Me... "I'm ALIVE!!!!"

As I was doing my cardio yesterday, I was thinking. It was a 45 minute steady state session, which I find incredibly boring, so I tend to do a lot of thinking while I'm working, lol.  I had my Competition Posing playlist going, and I was holding my heart-rate steady at 135, as I climbed 148 floors on the stair-mill. Listening to the lyrics of songs I've picked that mean something special to me, I found myself digging deeper, pushing harder, each step taking me closer to my goal of crossing the stage in August.

I thought about where I'd come from. Heavy, miserable, in pain and sick at nearly 200 lbs. I thought about the journey; the pain, the struggle, the frustration, the rhythm I eventually found, and the joy when I hit my goal weight, then shot right past it. I thought about the challenges of moving into maintenence mode, the fight to find and hold balance, the steps I took to push myself to continue to grow and reach new goals. I thought about where I'm at right now... preparing for my greatest challenge - to step onto the stage at the OCB Arizona Natural as a qualified and prepared Figure Competitor. And I thought about where I'm going after that. And I thought about you.

I get a lot of emails asking me about motivation, and how I keep it. I ask myself often, what's the difference between my journey and the next persons? And I get asked, very often, how to rise above the struggle to reach goal. Since the day I hit goal weight and began my blog and website (www.BillandChelle.com/fitness), I've said that if I can do it, anyone can do it. I've believed that completely. I still do, but it's only partly true.

We, each of us, have what it takes to succeed. Each one of us has the strength, the drive, the ability to reach our goals. But some never will. No matter the tools, the advice, the need, some people will never do what it takes to complete a lifestyle change and maintain it. Why? When I've addressed this before, here and on forums, I've stated that the reason some people never reach goal is that they don't want it enough. I know that sounds oversimplified, but it's really not. The reason I was able to make the transformation I've made (not that I've arrived, but I have transformed and thrived), is that I wanted it. More than anything. I wanted it more than I wanted to keep eating junk and lay on the coach. I wanted it more than I wanted to have my life stay "easy". So I worked. And worked. And cried, and fought, and struggled. And I made it to goal, beyond goal, and I'm still going.

Each one of us is born with the indomitable human spirit. It's what causes us to take that first breath and scream with it, "I'm Alive!"  Along the way, life - circumstances, environment, has leached some of that spirit from us. It's our job to take it back. To take that breath again, and scream, "I'm Alive, and I'm damn well going to stay that way!"  I have that. YOU have that. Each one of us is capable of doing more, going farther, climbing higher. Capable, but not probable. Most folks will never leave their comfortable laziness. It takes something more to not be one of those people. You have that something more. Are you using it? When's the last time you felt that sizzle of life, when you wanted to shout, "I'm alive!"? When's the last time that you felt strong, capable? When's the last time you dug deep and finished a challenge?

You have what it takes to make the climb, and to stand on the summit of your goal and scream, "I'M ALIVE!!!"

If your goal is to lose weight, to reclaim health, the path is simple: Eat Clean and Exercise. There are no shortcuts, no magic pills. It takes hard work, commitment and organization. It takes your indomitable human spirit. It takes your desire to stand on that summit and know that YOU made the climb.

Motivation is like a butterfly.
It will flit in and out of your life.

Motivation is fleeting. I know I say it alot, but it bears repeating... don't wait for motivation. You'll wait possibly forever. Act as if the motivation is there... do what you know you need to do, take the steps you know you must take, and let motivation catch up. It will. It might not be today, or tomorrow, or even next week. But if you do what you need to do, motivation WILL catch up to you. It might not stick around long, which is why it's so important that we continue to take the steps, continue to climb the mountain. Engage your drive to succeed. My husband says, "Drive is self-imposed motivation", and that really resonates with me.  Motivation is like a butterfly, it'll flit in and out of your life, but drive is something else altogether. Drive is 100% in your control. Just like your eating is. You have 100% control over what goes in your mouth. Start there. Use your drive. This is YOUR journey! Own it! Self-impose that motivation, and take moments along the way to stand up and shout, "I'm Alive!".

As I finished my cardio on the stairmaster, I stood tall, I felt strong. I was sweating like a pig, my muscles ached, my knees whimpered, but in my head, I was screaming, "I'm Alive, and I'm damn well going to stay that way!"

Friday, May 20, 2011

Happy Friday - and Protein Ice Cream! Woohoo!

Since my computer at home died, I'm unable to post until Bill gets home with his laptop (and then I take command, lol). 
Quick recap....

Last night was Ariel's birthday dinner. I managed to get it all done (by the skin of my teeth). While they enjoyed their bbq chicken, I had my chicken (grilled with olive oil & Mrs Dash). The grilled veggies turned out awesome (and weren't contaminated, haha, by the bbq sauce, so I could have them, too). The cupcakes turned out well (I'll have pics on Monday), and Ariel couldn't finish her dessert, lol. She's so unused to sugar now, that the Mint Chip Ice Cream and cupcakes were serious overkill for her. LOL!

6:30 am workout with Tab the Torturer. It was AWESOME. She killed my upper body. KILLED it DEAD. Wooohoo! :-) 
After, I was granted a huge boon by my gracious coach... half a banana and an extra half scoop of protein powder with my oatmeal for breakfast! YES!! Wooohoo! Seriously, it was as good as Christmas.

The rest of the day was super busy, running from one thing to another. I inhaled my first snack (chicken breast and blackberries & raspberries) before I dashed out the door (again). Lunch was on the road, purse chicken & grilled veggies (forgot my baggie of black beans, darnit!), then had a protein shake for snack 2 when I stopped back by the gym to deliver Tab a couple of last night's cupcakes (gotta get those buggers out of the house, lol).

For dinner, Bill and I went to Chipotle. I'd forgotten how easy it is to eat clean there! He had the tacos, and I had a salad: greens, grilled peppers and onions, steak (double portion since they were stingy - I managed to finally get about 4 oz), and salsa... lots of salsa. It was soooo good! Then we ran over to Safeway to pick up some supplies for a couple new recipes I'm trying this weekend. I'm so excited! Jamie Eason posted a Ziploc Ice Cream recipe that I'll do tonight instead of my usual protein shake, and then she had another recipe for Chocolate Protein Bars. I got online to NutritionData.com and tweaked the recipe six ways to Sunday, and came up with several versions that will work with my competition diet (I'm going to try it sans-Splenda, so we'll see how it goes). I'm really happy about the possibility for "treat" snacks that don't hurt my competition prep.

The ice cream recipe is:
Fill a large ziploc with ice, then add 1/2 cup salt.
In a second smaller ziploc, add 1 cup unsweetened almond milk, 1/2 tsp vanilla, 1 scoop protein powder (she calls for 2 tbsp splenda, but I'm nixing that). Mix that well, then put the smaller bag into the larger bag and shake for 4-5 minutes. Voila! Ice Cream!

There's some varieties here too... add some decaf instant coffee, and/or cinnamon. The version I'm doing tonight, since I'm low on fat for the day, includes 1 Tbsp of Coconut Butter. Can't wait!!! Is it 9:30 yet?  :-)  I'm going to have so much fun playing with this recipe! LOL!

As far as my competition prep goes... I'm feeling fantastic! Having Tab as my coach/trainer has taken such an enormous load off me. These last couple months of prep for me have been stressful (yeah, understatement, I know). It's all been on me. Tab has been incredible - a huge support and source of direction and info, but when it comes down to it, I'm walking into that gym alone for every workout, I'm planning all the food. It was all me. And almost overwhelming. Every workout, I ask myself, did I work hard enough, do enough. It's doable, but draining. Having Tab take over that aspect of my prep is such a relief. Now, I show up, she pushes me, and when I leave I know I worked hard enough - I know I did enough. Tab won't accept anything less.  She's the expert, I just do what she tells me. I'm probably not explaining this very well, but it's such a huge relief! Now I can focus on the food (which is my passion anyway) and the process (which is what this was all about for me). I can appreciate the journey - each step, because this huge part of the responsibility isn't on me anymore. Does that make sense?

Anyway. Tomorrow is packed... Cheer event, cardio session, and a million other things :-) I'll be baking those protein bars (maybe several versions, lol), and planning the next week's meals. I'm ready.  Come Monday, I'll be even more ready.

Bring it on!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Today's Food...

Got everything done yesterday that I needed to, including my Abs Class and Cardio. Dinner was my standard chicken breast and 2 cups of raw peppers. They're so used to me and my cooler now at the bowling alley, that no one even looks at me funny anymore. Lol! I had a bowl of sliced cucumbers, but didn't end up needing it, so it's in today's cooler, just in case :-)

This morning, Ariel received her first birthday treat - a large Godiva chocolate bar from me :-) and     then she headed to Pt-101 where Tab kicked her ass while making her wear a birthday crown, LOL!!  :-) While Ariel was sweating blood, I was at the gym doing my morning cardio. HIIT today, on the stairmaster. I do two HIIT sessions and 3 steady-state cardio sessions each week. For now, lol. So today was 20 minutes of my killer intervals, then 10 minutes of steady-state. My glutes screamed Tab's name with each and every step I took, lol. I'm fabulously sore from yesterday. Love it! 

The cardio was tough, HIIT always is, and I had to resort to my muscle chant to keep going... each step I muttered "Quad, hammy, glute. Quad, hammy, glute". Every step counts, and the way I'm feeling right now... each one did. For sure!

Food today is all per my usual. Dinner tonight will also be my normal chicken & veggies, though the rest of the family will be enjoying bbq in celebration of Ariel's 19th birthday. After work (that cardio this morning was all I had to do today, so I don't have to head back to the gym) I'll be whipping up those cupcakes. Can't wait to smell them! LOL! Bill is in charge of the grill and will be cooking the chicken & veggies, while I head up the rest of the food. Hopefully I'll have everything ready before folks show up.

Click on the photo to view all pics & nutritional info.

Breakfast -  Oatmeal w/protein powder, ground flax, cinnamon.  

Snack: 4 oz grilled chicken breast & 1/4 cup raspberries, 1/4 cup blackberries. 

Lunch - 4 oz  grilled chicken breast, 2 cups steamed broccoli & cauliflower, 1/2 cup of black beans.

Snack -   5 oz grilled chicken breast & 1.5 cup steamed green beans.    

Dinner  (not pictured) -  4 oz grilled chicken breast, 2 cups steamed zucchini/yellow squash, 1/2 tbsp garlic infused olive oil.  

Pre-bed Snack - (not pictured) Shake - 1-scoop protein powder mixed with water and decaf coffee.

Today's Numbers (click on the fitday icon above to view all the info): 1346 calories; 50% protein, 31% carb, 20% fat. 46 g fiber.  Sodium: 904 mg

And HERE you can see yesterday's food in photos :-) 

My husband is Gru?

So this morning we had a moment. It was a bit of a Despicable Me - the little boy and Gru scene. Remember when the little boy, right at the beginning of the film drops his ice cream and Gru makes him a balloon toy? The little boy is so happy at this unexpected gift! Wow! How cool! And then the moment. Gru pulls out a pin and POP!! goes the balloon toy. 

Yes. It was like that. Here's what happened.

I forgot to weigh myself yesterday, so I hopped on the scale this morning. Weight exactly the same, fine, no problem. Body Fat... WHAT???  It's dropped, again! ?? huh? Really? I mean, Yay, but... Really? Is this for real? Could I actually be seeing progress in this area? Finally?? Really? (yes, this is my lovely balloon toy).  I step out and say to Bill, "I just weighed, [you men reading this know that this is the exact moment Bill stopped listening and went into damage control mode] and it says my weight is the same but my body fat is at 23.9%!"  "Honey, don't worry about it. You know the scale doesn't tell the whole story."


There went my balloon. Remember, that's about 4% lower than it was 2 weeks ago.

It took me a few minutes to realize that he actually didn't hear what I said, that he was really just trying to comfort me, LOL. So being a wise, mature woman who deeply loves her husband and appreciates him, I of course pointed out to him his faux-pas and proceeded to razz him about it the rest of the morning. :-)  It's what I do.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Eating Clean vs Competition Diet

So after some blog reading over the last few weeks, I thought I'd share a few of the similarities and differences between my Clean Eating lifestyle and my Figure Competition Diet.

Not this kind of purse-chicken, LOL!
SAME: Purse Chicken. Oh yeah, I carry baggies with 4 ounces of grilled chicken in my purse. And I'm not afraid to eat Purse Chicken in public... in the mall, the grocery store, the bookstore, the high school office, on the road... anywhere. This is to the great dismay of my children. Along that vein... apples, almonds, and other fruit/snacks also make their way into my purse. When it's time to eat, it's time to eat. It's a little ironic though, that the same girls who are humiliated by my Purse Chicken, know exactly where to look for a snack when they're hungry and we're away from home. Hmmmm.

DIFFERENT: Back to the Purse Chicken. When on Competition Diet, my choices are drastically limited... no almonds or granola in my purse with that chicken. Now it's (maybe) an apple, (more likely) sliced raw peppers, along with my Beverly LeanOut and my Apple Cider Vinegar pills. Oh, and my packets of instant coffee (real & decaf). When my competition is over, my girls will once again find "the good stuff" in my bag. They can't wait.

SAME:  Packing a Daily Cooler. My cooler is my friend. It goes with me everywhere, and has for a few years now. Fast food is no longer a part of my life (and I don't miss it at all!). From breakfast through my 4th meal (snack 2) and sometimes 5th (dinner) - all my food is in my cooler. Whether I'm eating for a contest, or eating for "real-life", that cooler is what keeps me on track.

DIFFERENT:  Back to the Daily Cooler. The variety of food has changed. When I'm eating for "real-life", my  food is diverse... different fruits, veggies, grains, legumes, proteins... I go for a rainbow of color on my plate. On Competition Diet, I have to be very aware of glycemic impact, so sweeter fruits are out - tart is in, I also have to be uber-careful of my carbs - hence I only get fruit once a day, and a starchy carb twice (oatmeal at breakfast and beans or lentils or brown rice or quinoa at lunch). Dairy is also temporarily cut until after the show, which means none of my favorite snack: greek yogurt with granola & berries. So while I still carry my cooler (everywhere), the contents have changed. But they'll change again after the show to a more well-rounded diet (btw, that's why I'm taking so many vitamins/minerals - to make up for what I've lost in my diet).  

SAME:  NO SUGAR. White refined sugar is nasty poisonous stuff. Blek! It's not welcome in my lifestyle, nor my competition diet. Apart from very-rare treats (aka Tammie Coe sugar cookies, lol), I don't use white sugar. What I do use, when I need a sweetener, is Honey (local), Raw Honey (local), Agave Nectar, Sucanat (sugar cane natural, it's less processed), Pure Maple Syrup.  I do NOT use Splenda, Stevia, Truvia or any of those. I don't use any artificial sweeteners. 

DIFFERENT:  Back to the Sugar deal...  My protein powder has a tiny bit of Splenda in it (but due to the high quality & flavor of the protein powder, I choose to ignore the splenda), and one of my rare treats is Diet Pepsi - those are the only sources of "fake" in my lifestyle. In my competition diet, Zero is pushed... meaning zero calories, zero carbs... I have a list of "acceptable foods"... splenda is on it, diet soda, sugar-free gum, sugar free jello, and a gazillion other sugar free (meaning sweetened with chemicals) things. My food is so limited that the "free" foods become a focus, to a certain extent. So far I'm holding out. I am drinking more Diet Pepsi than I have in the last year, lol, and I go through a whole lot more protein powder than in my "real life", but I'm holding to my position on the no fake stuff other than those two things. It's hard, though. And it's difficult to be in a position where I'm forced to consider compromising my lifestyle, for my goal pursuit. In the meantime, I'm eating a lot of cucumbers :-D  he he he.

SAME:  Ordering in a restaurant. It's not quite "When Harry Met Sally", but it's close. Whether I'm eating clean for my lifestyle or my competition diet, the meal ordering process is identical. Sauces either held or on the side. No cheese. Extra steamed veggies. No butter, oil, etc. No bread or pasta. No creamy anything. 

DIFFERENT:  Treat meals - in my regular life, I can enjoy a treat meal. For me, that typically means mexican food - chips & bean dip and salsa, a mojito or margarita or beer or a glass of wine, and a meal that might include some cheese, lol. On competition diet, there are no treats (hence the Diet Pepsi). 

How about something outside of my food....
SAME:  Body Dysmorphia. It took me nearly two years after hitting goal weight to stop seeing the fat-me in the mirror, but there are still times I struggle to see what's really there. It's one of the things that isn't talked about often enough - you can lose the weight, but you are still the same person, and if you had body issues before, you'll still have those issues after. I've come a long way in my journey, but I am still traveling. 

Competing has brought this issue back into the light for me. I'm discovering that more often than not, my dysmorphia isn't allowing me to see what's really there. I have to rely on those around me to be my mirror.  It's a bit like being color-blind, I guess. It's not that I want to see a distorted image, it's simply that I do. But I am determined to win this battle. I don't know how, but I will. In the meantime, I continue to trust the process, and trust those I've chosen to be my mirror - Bill and Tab, in particular. I'm so grateful for them!

Here's a few more things that are the same whether I'm competing or not...
  • I'm neurotic :-) I have lists of lists, and yes - I have a competition book that I update several times a day. 
  • I might be scared to step out on a stage, but I am not afraid to do my seated "happy dance" in the middle of Hard Rock Cafe. Correction... I am not afraid, the people with me become very afraid. 
  • I still love to bake! I actually can't wait to bake up the cupcakes for Ariel's birthday dinner because even though I cannot eat the cupcakes, I enjoy the process. 
  • I am still music-obsessed. Not only do I have playlists for everything, but now I also have an ever-evolving playlist for my competition posing, for my competition prep (weights and cardio - separate lists), and even another just for driving around. LOL. 

Bottom line... I'm putting in more effort in the gym, I'm on a stricter diet, but I'm still me... still growing, still learning, still moving forward. Can't wait to find out what I'm going to be when I grow up :-)

Ya know, the more I look at that picture (top), the more I think I'm going to have to find me one of those chicken purses. LOL! :-) And I'm suddenly in the mood to watch When Harry Met Sally... Hmmmm.