Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Champion Nutrition Recipe of the Week - Ole!

Greetings from Sunny Mexico! Though it's humid as heck, we're loving the R&R after all the show prep. I'd like to thank Champion Nutrition for all their support as I reached for the stars, and a big shout out to Mike at Champion!! Wooohoo!

In honor of my Celebration Vacation, I'm sharing my recipe for Mexican Pizza. This is so good!! You can boost the protein (I often do) by adding shredded chicken breast or shredded beef/bison. I've been making this pizza for years, and it's a fast and nutritious dinner that won't derail your diet, as long as you have room for some carbs. :-)  There's also a no-crust option below! 

This isn't my pizza, but it looks really similar.

Chelle's Recipe
1 Pizza Crust - Alvarado St Bakery, Sprouted California Style, Original
1 can black beans, low sodium, drained & mashed
1/2 tsp Mrs Dash Southwest Chipotle
Dash of Mrs Dash Extra Spicy
2 cups ground lean beef, cooked
1/4 cup chopped red pepper
1/4 cup sliced black olives
3/4 cup shredded medium cheddar
2 tbsp crumbled feta
1 cup lettuce, chopped

Place crust on pan. Drain and mash black beans and mix with Mrs Dash. Spread mashed black beans over crust (like you would sauce). Spread cooked ground beef over the beans. (you can add shredded chicken to boost the protein). Sprinkle olives & peppers, then top with cheddar and feta.
Bake at 450 for 10 minutes. Allow to rest for a couple minutes, then slice. Top with shredded lettuce & salsa.
Makes 8 slices
Topping options: Chopped tomato, diced green chili, shredded chicken.
Nutrition info is figured on NutritionData.com. This is a rough estimate, per slice. 
Nutrition Info for Chelle's Mexican Pizza

NO CRUST OPTION:  Training diet doesn't allow for the pizza crust? Swap it out for an egg white "tortilla".  2 egg whites, pour into a hot skillet and spread them out like a pancake. Sprinkle with Mrs Dash Southwest Chipotle if desired.  Cook until you can flip it over without "spilling"  it, continue cooking until lightly brown on both sides. Use as a crust - top with the beans, meat, cheese (omit if necessary), etc. 

View more of my recipes here: http://billandchelle.com/fitness/recipes.html

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Flyin High!

Woooooohoooooo! There will be a longer post, with more details and pics, but here's a quick update before I fall face first into bed :-)

I took 4th in BOTH my classes! Figure Novice and Figure Junior Masters (35+). There were 9 competitors in my novice group, and I can't remember how many in Jr Masters. I came home with Hardware!!!! Two trophies!!!

My family and friends were loud and awesome :-) When they brought us out for the presentations at the end, the MC called me a 'crowd favorite'. How freakin cool is that???

There's so much to share, and I will :-)  but for now...
My first treat was a Tammie Coe cookie and a Godiva truffle, then WATER!!! LOL!  After the evening show, we headed to Mimi's (open late, haha), and I had a bbq bacon cheeseburger and fries. YUM. Oh, and lemon poppyseed bread :-)    Back home, I've showered, started on a glass of wine and another Tammie Coe cookie, and I'm ready for bed, then Mexico tomorrow. Here are a couple pics until I have time to post more...

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Here we go!

I'm packed, I'm ready... Let's ROLL!!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Hurdles and Obstacles

So the day went well. I got it all done. I look like an oompah loompah. I got in the car after my tan, and immediately got a seat belt mark across my chest. ARGH! I headed to the mall, and in my pajamas (which are about 12 inches too long) and my orange skin and now multi-colored hair (yeah, they got my hair, lol), I strode through Scottsdale Fashion Square and into Sephora. Yes, I got looks. Holding my purse out to the side (can't put the strap on my shoulder, and my skin is still tacky), I got a tech who specializes in stage makeup and we worked up a skin match for my face tomorrow. From there, I went back out into the mall to Godiva (and the angels sang!). After making the sales associates weep in gratitude, I headed back to the car and home.

I prepped tomorrow's food, and then it happened... I screwed the tan. I put something in the sink, which knocked something else over, the something else was full of water which splashed up and out of the sink and all over my arms. Streaks galore. Panic ensued.

Texts and calls to Tab, to the tanning company, a few tears, and then I was on my way back to Mesa. The Aglow tanning people fixed me up and all was well. I breathed freely, relaxed, and walked in the door to plop my butt in a chair and not move again (so as not to screw my tan up again).... and then...

The dog licked my elbow.

Argh. Lol. Oh well, they can fix it in the morning and I am not concerned.

That's my update. Now we're watching Pumping Iron with Tab. G'nite!!

A Post From Tabitha... "A Spark Of..."

Hey There Everyone!
It’s me your friendly neighborhood trainer and friend.   I.    I asked Chelle that if I submitted an entry for the blog if she would post it.  She said YES :D!!!!!!  (mostly because I threatened to make her do pushups if she didn’t, but that is beside the point).  Now I know that you all have not heard from me in a while, but it has been for good reason of which I know you are well aware since you are dedicated followers of Chelle’s blog.   It is important to me when I am presented with a goal like the one Chelle came up with to attack it with 120% dedication and focus.  It is what I EXPECT as a trainer from both myself and clients.  I assure you that very soon you will all be hearing from me very regularly again very soon.   As Chelle and I approach the finish line of the show I want to tell you all a little story. Those who just started following Chelle’s story you may not be familiar with how it started and for those of you who have been with her for a long time now it will be a great reminder.  WARNING:  The surgeon general recommends proceeding with this blog entry with a box of Kleenex close by just in case ;)

I met a girl on January 7th, 2007 at my gym.  She was a new member that was offered a free introductory personal training session.  As the words “Would any available Personal Trainer please report the offices?” blared across the loud speakers throughout the facility I walked into the office to meet her and her husband.   I am sure that I saw her cower back into her chair, but what she doesn’t know is that I also saw a tiny little spark;  A spark of hope?? a spark of desire?? a spark of motivation??  I wasn’t sure which at the time, but I knew it was definitely there.   As I got to know her in our first session, I thought to myself…..”Yep, definitely a ‘spark’….and YES!!!!!! It is all three!  Now all I need to do is cultivate that “spark” so I can this girl to her goals!”…and hence the journey and adventure began.

Along the way the “spark” and I worked out, puked, lifted weights, turned bad eating habits (I STILL DON’T QUITE KNOW WHAT THE HECK TEX MEX IS) into good ones, boxed standing up, blew out knees, boxed sitting down, cried (A LOT), laughed, and shopped our way all the way to 123 lbs in two years.  During that time the “spark” grew into a “flame”.  That “flame” flickered and twinkled as it began to spark new flames by reaching out to others through words, recipes, and witty insights about her journey in her blogs and stories. 

Then 21 weeks ago the “flame” came to me with a new goal.  This “flame” wanted to start a new journey towards her first figure competition, to which I responded over, and over “Do you know what you are getting into? Are you sure? Are you sure? It’s all or nothing…..We don’t do these things half way”   I also made sure that she knew my rule…..I would not put her on stage if I felt that she was not ready (not negotiable)!!!!!  Ha!!! No pressure!  After many talks about the realities of what she wanted we were set to charge into our next project and took the first step towards her next goal.  With no breathing room for error, misguided focus, or lack of motivation (because I do not allow for it during competition prep) we attacked it from every angle.  Everything was carefully calculated……workouts, cardio, food, nutrition, clothes, pictures, measurements…..EVERYTHING! 

Not a stone was left unturned the flame began to destroy everything in her path to get to her goal.  As she progressed forward she began to shine brighter as she continued to gain strength, poise, and confidence.  All of the other little flames that she ignited, that’s all of you ;) , got behind her, supported her, and rooted her on.  I need to send out a personal Thank You to you all for that by the way because that is a HUUUUUGGGGEEEE part of what kept her going, growing, smiling for the past few months.  The flame just kept getting bigger and bigger and bigger with each passing week.   Now after 21 weeks of hours and hours of prep, blood, sweat, tears (yes…. still lots of tears), and no carbs, the “flame” has now become a huge unstoppable fire.   On the eve of the final goal of “Getting on that stage”(….did I mention almost naked???), I am here to say with confidence and pride….

Go out there and burn bright like the fire you have become!  Take everything that you have learned, everything that you have accomplished, all the friends that you have made, and everything that you have become with you on stage and show it to the WORLD!  Say goodbye to the almost 200 lb girl that I met cowering in the office at Bally’s on January 7th, 2007, because she doesn’t exist anymore.  Burn that place down because that is who you are now!  You have seen it, I have seen it, and now everyone else is going to see it!  If you do that you will be unstoppable and there is no way you will lose.  If you do that, you have already won!    I am so proud of you and everything you have done.  You are a fierce competitor, a trainer’s dream, and the best friend I could ever ask for.  You are a CHAMPION in every sense of the word.  Go out there and let everyone know!


This is IT!!!!

It's here!!!! I'm frantically working trying to get all the last loose ends tied up, my To-Do list is a monster with a whip, lol, but I'm gonna get it all done. It's been such an amazing journey, and I'm so very grateful to all of you who've traveled the road with me. 26 weeks, and my show is tomorrow. I am a different person than the one who started out on this path. When the show is over, I'll do a more in depth post and share more, but today I just wanted to quickly thank you all. The messages, posts, emails... you've no idea how much they've meant to me!

Tab came over last night and we put together my show day bag, planned out (and practiced) my makeup (she's amazing with those fake lashes!), and today includes:
Last cardio! Grocery shopping, odds & ends shopping for showday, Posing & pictures, laundry, Godiva (gotta buy those post-show treats - I already picked up the Tammie Coe cookies!), Tanning, TONS of email/work related stuff, packing, charging various electronics, then this evening Tab's coming by to watch Pumping Iron with us :-)  Awesome!!

I'm excited, I'm lean, I'm hungry, I'm hairless (lol!), and I'm about to be tanned to Oompa-Loompah levels. Wooohoo!!

I have to say it again. Sorry.


Thursday, August 25, 2011

Thursday Update

Can you believe it's Thursday??? Yesterday I got my nails done - full set of fakes on the hands and then a pedicure. I managed to get most of my To-Do list done, including a spontaneous trip(s) to Best Buy to replace my iPod shuffle earbud adapter - again. Finally rolled into the driveway at 8:30pm, then it was time to inhale food and prep for the next day. And finish off my 1 1/4 gallon of water. Very thankful for decaf tea right now, lol.

This morning I weighed in at a crazy new low. I weighed twice to be sure, then went back a half hour later to do it again. Very, very strange to see that number. Ha, I would take a picture of it (since I'll never see it again, lol) but I really don't care about the weight. It's not about the scale, that's just to help us be certain we're moving in the right direction.

My cardio for the day is done, breakfast eaten, and I'm onto the million tasks I have to get done. I also have my polygraph & drug test today, so I'll be driving to Mesa for that. My cooler is already packed :-)  I like today's food, simply because today I get to have THREE half-grapefruits! And dinner is a steak! Schweeet! :-) And then, just to put icing on it all... Meal 6 is a carb meal! Woootwooot!

Ok, I'm off and running... Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wild Wednesday!

It's Wednesday! Just a short distance until goal! I had my last workout this morning - Back & Biceps. After, I headed to the gym for cardio. Just 30 minutes this morning. Every part of me is sore - if not from the workouts and cardio, then from posing.  Now I'm back home, inhaling breakfast and making my lists and checking them a gazillion times. :-)  I have ZERO workouts left. I have THREE cardio sessions left. I can't even remember how many weeks I've gone now without a rest day, but I do know that 26 weeks of preparation come down to this right here. WOOOHOOO!

The bloat finally started to fade, I'm drinking 1.25 gallons of water every day, I'm eating all my food, taking all my vitamins & supplements. I am nervous about the posing. I don't know that nervous is the right word. It's the part that's the most out-there for me. Ha, well, the tiny little suit, too. I know I can do it, am doing it. Tab's a fantastic coach, and whatever happens when I hit the stage, she's prepared me and I'm ready to go. I know I've done, and Tab's done, everything in our power to reach goal. The rest is out of our hands. I'm going to enjoy these last few days, and look forward to those moments on stage when everything I've done, not done, eaten, not eaten over the last 26 weeks shine under the big bright lights.

And I'm going to smile :-D

All right... I'm off to get work done, errands done, etc, etc...  Wooohooo!!!!!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Champion Nutrition USA - Weekly Recipe! Cupcakes!

Sometimes you just need a cupcake. And I'm not talking about those bake-in-a-mug-in-the-microwave-and-watch-it-try-to-climb-out-of-the-cup deals... I'm talking about a cupcake - with frosting. How about one with only 3 ingredients? How about one that's only 165 calories?

Oh... and how about a cupcake that fits with your training diet but actually tastes good?

I gotcha covered.  Fast and easy to prepare, these are almost idiot-proof (I say almost, because I did try to screw 'em up, but couldn't - but that doesn't mean I won't succeed in the future - leaving myself an out here). They're tasty and tempting... my daughter actually grabbed one and ran for the stairs, when the hubby asked her what she thought, she said (with her mouth full) "This is really, really good... are you sure Mom made this with that protein stuff??"  Nice. FYI, she has an aversion to "healthy" treats.  I guess I showed her, eh? LOL!

So, without further delay... 

Champion Chocolate Protein Cupcakes
recipe by Chelle Stafford

For the Cupcakes...

  1. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees & spray a muffin tin (6) with spray oil.
  2. In a deep bowl, beat the egg whites until stiff peaks form.
  3. In a blender or Magic Bullet, (or in a bowl with a mixer), mix 4 scoops protein powder with half a cup of water and 1 egg yolk, then pour into a bowl. 
  4. Fold in (gently mix) the egg whites.
  5. Pour batter into the muffin pan.
  6. Bake for 12-14 minutes, or until knife inserted comes out clean.
  7. Remove pan to wire rack and cool.

For the Frosting...

  1. Blend well, then chill in a small bowl. 
  2. When cupcakes are cool, frost with the chilled mixture. 
  3. Enjoy!!

Nutrition Information...
Makes 6 frosted cupcakes. Each is: 165 calories; 32 g protein, 3 g carb, 3 g fat. (sorry about the screwy numbers earlier -it's the lack of carbs, I'm tellin' ya!!)



You can view more of my recipes at www.BillandChelle.com/fitness/recipes.html

Monday, August 22, 2011

Peak Week Monday

This morning started with a major revamp in the schedule. Major to me, anyway. Tab is sick, and I mean SICK. She feels horrible, and I feel horrible for her. She's spent the day sucking down soup and Vitamin C & zinc and tea. No fun.  My 6:30 am lifting got nixed, and my day got shifted. Things happen. We adjust. Here's the recap...
7am - 40 min cardio
8am - ate my egg muffins, but didn't have time for the grapefruit as I was eating while putting on makeup, lol.
9am - office. Inhale grapefruit, then hit the morning meeting.
10:30am - Snack 1 - protein pudding while frantically trying to accomplish the impossible.
12:45 - Lunch while still trying to get a week and a half's worth of work done.
2pm - final meeting with boss, then out the door (was supposed to be off at 1pm).
2:15pm - Grocery store and a couple other stores in same center trying to find a new purse - I've killed mine. No luck.
3:30pm - Home and snack 2 - more protein pudding (not nearly enough), then prep a ton of stuff including the post for tomorrow's recipe of the week. I just have to plug in the pics then it's ready. Unfortunately, this computer doesn't have an SD reader, and my portable is at the office. I was also texting back and forth with Tab... I'm bloated - mega bloated. Is this normal? What's the deal? She talks me down, and I move on.
4:30pm - Head to gym for my lifting. Tab had emailed me a workout (chest and tri's with abs). It was brutal. Not the workout, per se, but the no energy, no strength, feeling low then trying to do what I need to do. I got through it, then headed to the locker room where I gave in to the tears for a moment. Then I refilled my water bottle, grabbed my cardio bag (magazines, iPod shuffle, inhaler) and headed back out.
5:30pm - 6:30pm Cardio. The LONGEST hour of my life. My heart rate monitor was being wonky, losing signal over and over, I've got the incline cranked, and I'm trudging & puffing before I realize that it's not my heart rate that's the problem, it's the dagnabb monitor. ARGH.
6:45 pm back home, toss fish in the oven, and begin prep for tomorrow. Food all packed up and ready, I sit down with my book to figure out what I've still got to do and realize that today's evening cardio was only supposed to be 50 minutes. ARRRRRGGGHHHH. %$#@!!!  Whatever.
7:30pm dinner. Baked Swai & Asparagus. I ate while prepping my carb meal for later.
8:30pm... I'm fried. I'm on the ledge. I feel weak, wobbly, snappy - and I still have to do 30 minutes of posing. And my throat is sore.

This is peak week. In all it's glory. Lol. Deep inside, I'm fine, I know I'm nearly there and it's all going to work out. But closer to the surface, I'm fighting panic, and I'm fighting it hard. Stress is NOT a competitor's friend. I've got to stay calm and centered, keep my cortisol levels down. I have to put away my inner ninja and go zen on this week. I can do this. I am not alone. I will NOT get sick. I am nearly there. Zen. Zen. Zen.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

A very long day

Oy. It's 10:30pm. My day isn't quite over yet.
I started with coffee & then cardio, moved on to finalizing the grocery list and to-do lists, then was out the door. Hair appointment & face waxing ended up taking 2 hours longer than I'd planned on which threw me off sync. I then ran around town gathering up stuff for the show... jewelry, makeup, etc., eating in the car, grocery shopping, eating in the car, more grocery shopping, dash home to change into my gym clothes while Bill unloaded the car, then I was gone again. 60 minutes of cardio, then back home to inhale dinner and prep food for tomorrow. Finally taking a moment to relax, and then I've got my last meal - egg whites & veggies. Then it's bedtime. I can't wait. I think I'll make a cup of tea, but I'm still trying to finish off my gallon... if I can polish that off, I'll have some tea with my last food.

Tomorrow will be more insanity. Abs and Cardio in the morning, food prep, a ton of computer work, 2 recipes to test, then off to Sephora with Tab for the final makeup stuff for the show. After that, it's posing, then back home for the rest of my food prep, laundry, and so on. Oh, and a 2nd cardio.

I'm on half days Monday and Tuesday, Wednesday I may or may not take off full day, then thurs & fri I'm off. It sounds like I have a lot of free time, but every moment is accounted for. I'm trying to not get stressed about all I have to do, gotta keep focused on the "fun". I'm working on it. :-)

I'm officially into Peak Week. This is it! Nearly there!  :-D

Freaky Friday Flashback

I didn't manage to post yesterday, it was a crazy day, but here's the recap..
6:30 am - Arms & Abs.
Hour workout followed by 45 minutes of cardio. I'm on the treadmill, walking at an incline to keep my heartrate where it needs to be. Because of the incline, my leg can't fully extend which means no knee pain. This is my new cardio routine for duration.
Back home, I grabbed breakfast, drank much coffee, then showered and was out the door. One of the things I needed to find yesterday was a new bathing suit for Mexico (yay!). I scored on the $5 rack at Target, but had to hit 3 Target's to get everything matched, lol. It was worth the effort, though. I also hit up Whole Foods for more roasted hatch chilies (wooohoo!), ate several meals in the car, lol, did my banking errands, and managed to get the majority of my list knocked off before my 3pm posing appointment.

At 3, Tab and I got me into my suit & heels then headed toward the group exercise room at Mountainside. Jim, the trainer who took Tab to her show, joined us to help critique and guide my quarter turns, posing, and my T-Walk. Towards the end, Bill also joined us, and this was the first time he's seen me not only do the full routine, but in the suit, too.

So why is this post titled Freaky Friday? Because it was surreal. That was me in the group ex room... wearing that little tiny sparkly suit and walking, strutting, striking poses, smiling, laughing (so my abs pop out). Me. Shy, terrified me. And because we didn't have any bikini bite yet (this is the glue that holds the suit where it's supposed to stay), I had to keep pulling the backside out of my rear. Lol. And the cups back down. Having absolutely no boobage left means there's nothing to hold my industrial-strength padded top in place. I finally decided it's a bit like childbirth... you reach a point in that hospital bed when you realize that there simply is no such thing as modesty in this circumstance, and you just go forward. What else are you going to do? Stop fighting it and just roll. Even when the suit rolls.

Got lots of positive feedback on the routine Tab's created for me, and on where I'm at physically. I'm feeling confident and excited. Jim teased me a bit about my choice of post-show meal (Greek yogurt & my homemade granola), but I'm getting a lot of that, LOL!

Posing done, Bill headed home and I changed and hit the treadmill for Cardio 2. 60 minutes later, I rushed home to shower and get ready. Bill and I were joining friends at a pool bar (pool the game, not swimming) for a couple hours. I repacked my cooler, grabbed my water and away we went. The bar was very cool about allowing me to bring in my water, which was a surprise - usually that's a big no-no.  We had a nice time, then headed home - me eating my hard boiled egg whites & a red pepper like it was an apple as I drove. Gotta do what you gotta do.

How to locate the Figure Competitor in the Bar...
And then the big FREAK of my friday.

Got out of the car and walked up to the front door. I heard something funny, turned and saw I'd almost stepped on a snake! Then it hissed, curled up, began rattling and struck at me as I went flying sideways off the sidewalk and into the rocks, where my feverish mind is imagining more snakes lying in wait, so I'm scrambling back and over and around and generally looking ridiculous. Bill comes running to see why I'm screaming "No! Snake! No!" Says not to worry, it's probably just another garden snake, go inside.... well I would but the freaking door is locked!!!!!

I get inside, Bill grabbed the door jammer (thing you stick in the door to keep it from being forced open), and I head to the kitchen (far away from the front door). In the kitchen I can hear this thing rattling, I hear Bill cussing, the dog is going nuts at the front door wanting out, and I'm still wigged. Bill finally comes back in and the door jammer is bent to hell and back, but he's got that grin on his face that guys get when they've done something particularly manly. It's dead, he tells me. Wanna see? Ummmmm, NO.  So he grabs our biggest kitchen knife and heads back out. He cuts off the head and garbage cans it, then cuts off the tail (I guess it's some kind of trophy), then drags me out to see the body. Turns out that little bugger was a Diamondback Rattler. Young, so even more dangerous. And it was still twitching. Why do guys get such a kick out of this???  The body went into a large ziploc then into the can. The tail went into a smaller ziploc and he plops it on the counter where I'm doing my food prep for the next day. REALLY????

Of all the things I've imagined (and I have a very good imagination) that could take me out of competition, that could stop me from reaching my goals... a Diamondback Rattlesnake bite was NOT on my list. I'm really, really glad it missed me.

We then texted all the girls to warn them, to tell them to be aware, and while they all got a big kick out of picturing my crazy dance, they get it and will be careful. It's the first rattler we've seen around here. Psycho pigs (we have javelinas), garden snakes, rabbits, birds, squirrels, but first rattler. Oy.

When things calmed down (ok, when I calmed down), I finished up my prep, iced my knee and crashed. Today is a new day.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

I Am Undefeated!

I've spent the day icing my knee and analyzing the situation.  Everything Tab said to me this morning has been circling in my head, in my heart, and I know she's right... I know that I am not done. I will take the steps necessary to protect my knee(s) as much as possible, but I am not going down like this. I've spent the last several months convincing myself that I Am A Champion (IAAC), I've spent the last three weeks believing that I Am A Champion, and now... today... I will prove it. Yes, I am injured, but I am not defeated.

by Def Leppard

Look in these eyes
These eyes don't lie
And they say that if you don't blink, Then you don't die.

Now feel this heart
It beats so tough
And if you ever gonna doubt my faith Then I'll call your bluff
Cause you ain't that tough

The lies in your eyes can't defeat me
I ain't ever goin' down
I was down on my knees completely
And you will never take my crown
But I rise from my feet you can't beat me
Oh, and that's why I gotta stay
And that's why I gotta say

I'm Undefeated
And standing tall (tall)
I don't want to be the loser
When the winner takes it all.
I'm Undefeated
I got this scar (scar)
I will wash this blood away,
Live to fight another day
(Shout! )
I'm Undefeated!
(Shout! )

I feel your pain
I hear your words.
But there ain't nothing you can say to me
I ain't already heard

These cuts run deep
Close to the Bone
But I gotta keep getting up
Cause I been down so long
So let's get it on

The lies in your eyes can't defeat me
I ain't ever goin' down
I was down on my knees completely
And you will never take my crown
But I rise from my feet you can't beat me
Oh, and that's why I gotta stay
And that's why I gotta say

I'm Undefeated
And standing tall (tall)
I don't want to be the loser
When the winner takes it all.
I'm Undefeated
I got this scar (scar)
I will wash this blood away,
Live to die another day

I walk through the fire
With the flames on my skin
I wanna be the last man standing
I'll never surrender, I'll never give in I just got to win
The lies in your eyes can't defeat me
I ain't ever goin' down
I was down on my knees completely
And you will never take my crown
But I rise from my feet you can't beat me
Oh, and that's why I gotta stay
And that's why I gotta say

I'm Undefeated
And standing tall (tall)
I don't want to be the loser
When the winner takes it all.
I'm Undefeated
I got this scar (scar)
I will wash this blood away,
Live to fight another day
I'm Undefeated!

It's stand or fall! (fall)
You can laugh and walk around me with my back against the wall
I'm Undefeated
I got the prize (prize)
If you got the will to win
You got to take it on the chin
Stay Undefeated!
(Shout! )
Yea Undefeated!
(Shout! ) 

The Coach Factor

I've been saying it for years, Tabitha is the World's Greatest Trainer. Period. When my journey began, she showed me the way. When the road got rough, she taught me to be tougher. When injury threatened to stop me from reaching my weight loss goals, she stepped in with "Plan B" (and sometimes "Plan C") and got me to the finish line. She taught me about clean eating, exercise, being an athlete. She allowed me to be me, and encouraged me to try out my wings and fly. Tab has, over the years, been my teacher, mentor, sounding board, trainer, cheerleader, and my best friend. And then she agreed to be my coach as I embarked on yet another crazy challenge.

I underestimated the impact that request would make on her life. I knew I was asking a lot. I knew I couldn't do it without her, but I really had no idea how much it would involve her. She gives to me every day. Every morning, she trains me at the godless hour. Every day she coaches me, checks on me, listens to me, advises me, keeps me moving in the right direction... every day. She deals with my tears, my whimpers, my attitude, my lack of energy, all the "stuff" that goes with training for a competition.

I have not said often enough how much I appreciate all she has done and is doing to get me to the stage. And how do I reward this extreme sacrifice and selfless giving? <sigh> By getting injured. Again. My knee imploded this morning. Today was leg day. One of only 2 leg days left before show. First set and I'm feeling pain. It just got worse and worse until it was constant sharp pain. No doubt about it, it's injured.

I was in tears - pain, frustration, fear. I was devastated. Tab kept saying, don't worry, we'll get through this. As I have for the last many years, I let her voice pull me back from the brink. We adjusted, we tested, we adjusted, and she got me resettled and moving. As she put it, I pushed her all the way to "Plan D", but it got done. I did work my legs, and I got my morning cardio done (and amazing woman that she is, she stood beside me for 40 minutes chatting and keeping me going). A few adjustments will be made to my cardio (choice of equipment is now limited until this flare goes away), but I'm still on track. I'm still moving forward.

Under the best of circumstances, the right coach can make all the difference. I am uniquely blessed to have not only the right coach, but the World's Greatest Coach - in any circumstance!

Thank you, Obi-Wan-Coachobi!!!!

Found this gem on GetItGirl's blog :-)

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Wednesday Wonders...

Quick catchup from yesterday... after work, it was gym-time and 40 minutes on the stairmaster. Yes, I am still doing all my cardio without a shirt, lol. I dragged my sweaty self home and had dinner - you guessed it! Baked Swai & steamed asparagus :-)  I ran around getting my stuff ready for the morning, packing my backpack, prepping the food (I put it all together the night before, then stuff it all in a gallon size ziploc and put on the top shelf of the fridge - that way, in the a.m., I just move it from ziploc to cooler and go!), then I got to enjoy the rain for about 10 minutes before it was time to cook up my Meal 6 omelet (4 egg whites & 1 cup veggies - and yeah, Hatch green chilies are in it, lol!).

Lying in bed trying to sleep, I mentally ran through my posing - quarter turns and T-walk. It's taking longer and longer to fall asleep. It's only been in the last week my sleep pattern has changed, so with only 10 days to go, I won't worry too much. I woke this morning, stretched and yelped! My back and hips were soooo sore! Sore like from posing sore! Was I posing in my sleep?? LOL!

I drank my coffee and headed to my back workout. We weighed me in just to be sure I'm not veering off track. Not because of anything I'm doing, but remember that competition diet/cardio is a science experiment... gotta keep a close eye on it to make sure it's behaving as expected. So far, so good! Then Tab gave me my Plan. The Blueprint for the next 10 days. Woooohooo!!

It's an amazing thing, to reach this point. I see my body changing daily and it's a wonder to me. When I began my weight loss journey, I never believed I could actually lose the weight. I did. Then I began maintenance phase, and didn't know if I could keep the weight off. I did. And I reached a stage where I realized that I had to accept my body for what it was - that short of surgery and/or extreme diet/workout (hello competition training), I'd done everything I could to "fix" it. I did.

Then I began training for the show.

I can now say I've done EVERYTHING, short of surgery, to reshape my body. LOL! While I love seeing the definition, the leanness, my abs!, I know and accept that this is temporary - the lifestyle required to achieve this is not sustainable, not healthy in the long-run. I'm looking forward to returning to a normal lifestyle, but I'd be lying if I said I wouldn't miss looking like this. :-)

So over the next 10 days, I'll continue... workouts, cardio, diet... and watching my body change, and I'll appreciate the results of all my hard work and extreme dieting. I am proud of what I've done. It's hard, it's so very hard to do this, to keep doing it, and I am so very glad I am.  :-D

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tuesday - quick update

It's Tuesday... just a few more days of prep and then The Show!

Did you catch my recipe post this morning? My awesome sponsor, Champion Nutrition USA, sent me protein powder that smells waaaay too good to be true! Super chocolaty! The hubby had it as a shake and gave it the thumbs up, then I made the protein pancake stack and that, too, got a big thumbs up. And didn't he do awesome on the photos?? My hubby is a genius! :-D   I couldn't get over what a difference the light box made!

No lifting this morning. Cardio 1 is complete - 40 minutes on the stairs. I know I've said it before, but man... LL Cool J's Time for War is rocking my cardio sessions. I love it! I've got another 40 minutes tonight after work. The doubles must be done. It's long, monotonous, but necessary. So far the knees are holding up. I swap over to the elliptical if my knee is bothering me (less impact), but so far so good! Not bad for having knee surgery 8 months ago! :-)  They said I'd never run again... nobody said anything about flying!

Breakfast done, snack is an hour away (boo), and I'm pluggin' away at my To-Do list. It's going to be one of those days, but I'm gonna roll with it.

Quick shout out to Norma Bilbo of Bilbo Baggs - My suit is stunning, and I'm thrilled with it. Thanks, Norma!!

Bilbo Baggs

known for uniquely different posing suits, wrestling, fitness costumes, active wear for men and women and CUSTOM FITS for your body.

Champion Nutrition Recipe of the Week... Breakfast of Champions!

If you've been training long, you know all about the oatmeal/protein pancake. 
It's a standard during certain training phases. But there's also those times
where oatmeal isn't welcome at breakfast. You can still enjoy some tasty
pancakes, with syrup, without oatmeal - or any other "flour".  This is a speedy
treat that you can embellish according to what your diet allows. My photos show
them topped with sliced banana, but you can use another fruit, or omit the fruit
all-together. Fast, easy, tasty, and full of protein... enjoy this Breakfast of

Chelle's Training Recipes - Protein Pancakes - Champion Nutrition USA

Chelle's Champion Nutrition Pancakes
recipe by Chelle Stafford


  • 2 scoops Chocolate Champion Nutrition Pure Whey
  • 1 Tablespoon coconut butter (butter, not oil. Coconut butter is the ground flesh of the coconut).
  • 2 egg whites
  • 1/4 teaspoon baking powder
  • 1/4 teaspoon cinnamon
  • *optional: Fruit to garnish

  • Blend together everything but the fruit, until smooth.
  • Reserve about 2 Tbsp of batter. 
  • Heat a skillet to medium-high, then spray with cooking oil.
  • Pour out batter, flip when pancake is lightly bubbling and you can slide a 
  • spatula under it. Cook briefly, then remove to a plate. (I made 3 pancakes with 
  • this recipe).

Use reserved batter as syrup, drizzling over the pancakes and fruit (if using).
Eat 'em while they're hot!

TIPS: Make pancakes thinner by spreading out the batter and lightly
shaking/sliding the skillet to widen the pancake to a "crepe", then fill with
the fruit & drizzle with syrup.

Nutrition Information without fruit:

Nutrition with banana:

View more of my recipes at www.BillandChelle.com/fitness/recipes.html



Monday, August 15, 2011

Monday Continued...

Sorry for the abrupt closing of my last post... crazy day! After I left the office, I picked up Tab and we headed to Goodyear to BilboBaggs to pick up my competition suit. It's gorgeous! Even more sparkly and beautiful than I remembered! I was so excited! And it fit a ton better, lol! I'm still two weeks from show, and I'll shed more body fat and water between now and then, and am excited to see how it looks on show day.

Back on the road, Tab and I ran through options for my T-Walk (aka Model Walk) song. I need 60 seconds of pose-friendly tunes. We've got it narrowed to three or four choices right now, but I'm leaning pretty hard towards one. One which I had initially cut from my list months ago because it was too "big" for me... I was too shy to use it, too hide-in-the-corner to walk confidently with that particular song. Funny how far I've come :-) We'll be making the final choice soon, as I have to turn in my music disc next Thursday. Next Thursday! Wow! It's so close! Wooo!

I haven't really noticed the lack of carbs effecting me much... I mean, yeah, the obvious, but I've been ok with the diet. Hungry, yes, but not particularly for carbs. Well, I got a 2nd slap today to show me that it does indeed effect me, lol. The first, was my workout this morning, you remember, where I seriously bombed with the weights. Normal, Tab assures me, and right on schedule, but it shocked me. This afternoon, back in Fountain Hills, I made a turn, to Tab's horror. What?? OMG! I totally ran a red light. It was not the turn left if there's no traffic intersection I somehow thought it was. Oops! Then, making an immediate right, I pulled up to the gate box to punch in the code and hit the curb! I'm a little surprised Tab didn't jump out of the car and run screaming for her home, Lol! Good thing it's a carb meal night!

After dropping her off, I headed to the gym for my 2nd cardio. I'm breaking my rule these days, a lot. I'm taking my phone with me. Silenced, of course, but I'm checking email, twitter, facebook, etc while I climb. While I have not mastered the ability to compose an email, tweet or post while climbing, I am able to catch up on reading them.

Home again, dinner inhaled (Baked Swai and steamed asparagus with diced Hatch green chilies), I got to relax for a few minutes with Bill, before I got back on the computer. I hope to catch up a bit, then I need to prep my carb meal (yay!), then it's lights-out. Another day tomorrow. I'm on 2 weeks+ with no rest days, and while I feel good, I'm tired and wear out really, really fast.

Home stretch, though. :-) I can do anything for 11 days. 11 days is nothing. I have this! :-D

Monday Madness

The weekend was a whirlwind! Sunday was No Rest For the Competing day... I did my 1st cardio, then began my food prep, recipe testing, laundry, etc. Before I knew it I was scrambling to get back to the gym for cardio #2! It was a blur.

My amazing hubby built me a light box! I tested recipes, and he photographed them. It was super crazy, but a lot of fun. Have I mentioned lately that I married a genius? Because I did. :-D

We tested 10 recipes. Whew! One for my Champion Nutrition USA Team Post tomorrow (watch for that!), and the rest for my World Physique Women Magazine debut :-)  Everything was tasty and looked good, I'm happy. The family is very good about honest feedback (too good?), so I never have to worry about that, lol! It wasn't too bad making all that food, because I know I've only got 2 weeks to go. I can see the finish line. I can stay on track.

And then I went to my workout.

Let me begin by saying I feel great. I'm not sleeping as well as I was, takes a LOT longer to fall asleep lately, and I'm up all the darn time to use the restroom, but nothing major. I don't feel wiped out (with the exception of my falling tree episode on friday where I crashed hard & took a 3 hour nap! Last time I did that was more than 5 months ago when I was sick!), I actually feel good! Into the studio I walk - it's Chest day. Tab sets up the same weights I've been using for several weeks... I get moving... only to discover I can barely move them! WTF?? I mean seriously, this was a shock. I was horrified! I feel good, why can't I lift my usual weights? What's wrong with me?

Tab had to (re)explain to me that I'm depleting... it's a process, it's phases, and my body is catching up to my diet & cardio. Sure, I feel good, but I haven't had carbs since last Thursday, and there's no stored energy. Oh yeah. I get it. Oy. Then she reminded me... it only gets worse. The battle I'll fight now is all in my head. My head thinks I can do more than I physically can. Since I already have a wonder-woman complex/drive, I'm going to really have to reign it in and focus on taking care of myself. If it doesn't need to be done, I don't do it. That's a toughy.

RATS... gotta run. I'll try and post later... I'm off to pick up my suit!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Super Saturday!

It was a great day, and though I'm way behind on what needed to get done, I'm ok with it.

I started off with coffee then cardio, followed by breakfast, then getting my cooler packed and everything ready to go for the posing clinic. I headed to Tempe where I got off the freeway, made the turn onto McClintock and promptly got lost. Drive for miles lost. Oy. Typical.  I eventually found the studio, parked, gathered all my stuff and headed in.

My fellow competitors were a mix of seasoned and fresh, a couple were migrants from the NPC (not-tested arena) wanting a more "fair" playing field (OCB is natural). I can tell you I'm really glad a couple of those girls were very tall and/or that I'm really short, as we'll be competing in separate classes, lol. The gals were all friendly and it was a fun time. I learned a lot, including reinforcing a truth I already knew... I have THE BOMB of a coach! :-) My posing was spot on, and I represented her well. I left feeling confident, excited and ready to rock. Not my normal reaction to a situation like that... normally I'd be in tears, weeping & wailing the whole way home about how inadequate I felt. Not this time! Woohoo! Yay for growth! :-)

I celebrated with a quick sale at Bath & Body Works - new fall candles! 3 for $5... couldn't resist. I can train like a demon, stick to the diet like glue for months and months, but I cannot, CANNOT walk out of Bath & Body Works empty handed. Sigh.  Oh well, yummy scents :-)

Grocery shopping was next, then unloading, some food prep, and more food prep then Cardio 2. Bill was an amazing husband today and not only removed the cooked chicken from the crockpots for me, he also weighed it and placed 5oz portions in baggies for me! Yeah, he got a gold star! :-)  After dinner and pre-meal 6 I was starving. Famished. And the glass of red wine Bill was drinking really bothered me. Normally it's not an issue, and it's not that I was tempted to veer off course, it was just that it sort of grabbed hold of my mind. So I grabbed a bowl of my tea-jello and gulped it down. Now I'm ready for Meal 6 and feel more normal, lol. I'm looking forward to enjoying a glass of red wine after all of this, but it's certainly not worth risking my progress, or my focus.

I'm exhausted and ready to eat then crash. Think I'll light one of my celebratory candles while I enjoy my egg whites & veggies :-)

Happy Saturday!! (And it's especially happy for me because it means tomorrow is Sunday and Tab comes home!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Friday, August 12, 2011

Fierce Friday

I started my morning, per my usual, in the gym. A 5 minute warmup then I hit the weights. Tab's in L.A., so I was on my own, and determined to do everything in my power to make it a great workout. I did it in 3 groups... set one 5x, no rest; set two 4x, no rest; set three 3x no rest. My last set included 21's (15# dumbbells), reverse curls (8# dumbbells), shoulder raises (8# dumbbells), and leg raises. Round 2, I hit failure on the 21's at five full - pissed me off. I came back in round 3 and got them all. I noticed something funny though, as I did my sets. When I began, the free weight area was full. It was empty when I was done. Hmmm. Scared, boys? LOL! Kidding, but it was funny.

I drank some water, reset my heart-rate monitor and headed for the StairMaster. 40 grueling minutes later I was done. for the morning. My cardio is getting more monotonous. My playlists are helping, but I get bored easily these days. I was warned about this, so it's no surprise, and I just push through. Every step gets me closer to goal.

Home again, I scrambled some egg whites with my beloved Hatch chilies, had my half-grapefruit and coffee, and am now counting the minutes until Snack 1 when I can have my protein pudding. You know you're a competitor when... time only exists as a space between meals. Lol. I do have to say I'm hungrier. Didn't think I could get hungrier, lol, evidently I was wrong. I really struggled yesterday, and hadn't packed any emergency cucumbers because I haven't needed them. I was really excited for my 9pm carb load meal, not because of the carbs but because of the sheer amount of food. Crazy.  I'd like to say I'm getting used to my stomach growling, but I'm not. I do know that every moment of hunger is worth the prize.

Today I've got a million things to do. I'll get done what I can. Tomorrow is the posing clinic, plus all my food prep. Sunday I'd really like to be able to REST between cardio sessions. We'll see how it goes. My brain is a little frazzled, and I keep doing silly things... like putting the egg whites in the spice cabinet, the Mrs Dash in the fridge, and the favorite - walking into a room to get something then having absolutely no idea what I'm there for. I keep having this dream that I forget tomorrow's posing clinic and wake up in a panic. Goofy, I know.

Well, I'm off to .... huh. Blank. Oh well, I'm sure I'll remember...

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Letting my Geek out to play...

I follow this guy on Twitter and he cracks me up. Today I managed to make it over to his website and I have to say... if this is geekdom, I am queen because I just love this!

I give you....

Depressed Darth

Junior High Antics, Grapefruit, and Song of The Day...

15 days until Show!!

My day started at 5am - I worked on my grocery list, my to-do list, drank coffee, then hit the gym for cardio. I'm on the stairmaster, I'm puffin away to LL Cool J, I'm in my zone - eyes are closed, climbing-climbing (and yes, I am without shirt), when.... THWAK! The woman next to me has hit me with her sweat towel as she put it back over the arm of her stairmaster. Hmmmm. I look at her, but she won't look at me, she continues chatting with her friend next to her. Innocent mistake, I'm sure.

Climb, climb, climb - puff, puff, puff.... THWAK!!!  Really? This time I look harder at her... she won't look at me. I simply don't exist to this woman. Whatever. Back to my zone. I've got 10 minutes left, just push through and get done.

Climb, climb, climb - puff, puff, puff....

Oh yeah, you saw it comin' right? THWAK!!!  This time I made a grab for the towel as it hit me, but missed... still she won't look at me. Are we in junior high?? WTH! Seriously??

I finished my 40 minutes, wiped down my machine, put on my shirt and stretched then smiled REAL BIG at her and her friend as I passed by. Too early in the morning to deal with passive-aggressive grumps.

Back home, I had breakfast... my 3 egg muffins with half a grapefruit. So, when the diet specifies half a grapefruit for breakfast, but doesn't specify SIZE of the grapefruit... this is what happens...

Song for today.... 
Queen Latifah, "Champion"

I don't even care
No more
That's my word
That's for sure
I don't even cry
No more
That's absurd
I'm so cured

I'm so secure
With who I is,
Oops, who I am
And I'm a champion
For sure boy
I'm a champ
Oh, yes I am

But what
I thought about
When those people
Put me down
They can laugh
For now
But watch it
When I turn
This thing around
I know, I believe
Ain't nobody gonna do
It but me
I'm fly, no lie
I'm the truth
Baby ask me why

I'm a champion
I'm a champion

What you say
Don't stick
I'm the best
And I know it
I know you tried
To bring me down
Look at me now
Watch my smile

I'm so secure
With who I am
And I'm a champion
For sure
I'm a champ
Oh, yes I am

But what
I thought about
When those people
Put me down
They can laugh for now
But watch it
When I turn
This thing around
I know, I believe
Ain't nobody gonna do
It but me
I'm fly, no lie
I'm the truth
Baby ask me why

I'm a champion
I'm a champion

Keep your head up
They hatin'
Cause you
Majored in minor
Gonna celebrate
Like you won
The finals
Hold your trophy up
In your parade
In your honor
And pour some champagne
And put your glass
To the sky
'Cause you a champion
You're a champion

I'm a champion
I'm a champion

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Hatch = Happy!!!!

Guess who has fresh roasted Hatch Green Chilies??

ME!!! WootWooot!! I called Whole Foods, they told me the packages were ready, I shot off an email to my friend Patricia (who shares my slightly obsessive love of Hatch Green Goodness), and jumped in my car like it was the batmobile! Down the highway I flew, giggling the whole way. I zipped into a parking spot, grabbed my reusable insulated grocery bag, and ran in the store - straight to produce.

And didn't see them. No sign. No display.

But then I looked closer. 
Oh yeah. Happy Camper!

I greedily reached into the cooler, then yanked my hand back. Damn. No greed allowed. Be nice. At least leave some for Patricia. :-)   I picked up 4 (read GRABBED) packages, put them in my basket and chatted with the very nice produce gentlemen (who remembered the crazy-chili-wanting lady from the day before), then I headed to the tea aisle. FYI, those very kind men also assured me that the chilies are roasted without anything added - no oils, salts, etc. Just good ol' green chili & fire! 

As I'm mulling over (haha, no pun intended, but it was pretty clever) my choices of tea, Patricia walked down the aisle! We've exchanged emails, Facebook posts and text messages over the last year or so, we live in the same area, but we've never met face to face! How cool is this??? She looks fantastic, and I was very excited to finally meet her! We each had our, haha, fair-share of Hatch chilies in our respective baskets and can't wait to dig into them! 

Back at work, I snapped a pic to show you exactly how happy I am. Lunch will now include a still warm from the roaster Hatch Green Chili! Wooooohoooo!!!

I'm now eyeing my bag of chilies doing Golem again... "Ahhhhhh, my precious!!!"

*File this post under "how to make a really hungry figure competitor happy"  LOL!

Update & Song for the Day...

It's day 10 without a rest day. Day 6 of in a row doubles & triples (double cardio, triples are days I also lift). My calories are low. My carbs are 1 meal on Monday night and 1 more on Thursday night. And...


Sure, I'm sore. My knees hurt. My muscles ache. I'm exhausted. I'm HUNGRY. But I feel absolutely fantastic. I'm laughing again, I'm not snapping at my family (as much, lol). I'm getting done what's necessary, and letting what's unnecessary go undone (most of the time). Life is always complicated, and competition prep only makes it more so, but I'm done with the terror of not doing everything I can. I AM doing everything I can. Nothing that I know of is being left on the table. I have a lot of balls in the air, apart from competition, and a lot to get done in a short time, but it will happen. Or it won't.

Last night after work, I went straight to the gym for my evening cardio. Sans-shirt, I got it done. Yes, my heart rate was a little elevated, ha ha, but I didn't worry about what anyone else was thinking. I just didn't care. Afterwards, I hit Whole Foods because I was out of Coconut Flour & Maple Syrup (lol, not for me though). Mostly, because it's HATCH CHILE SEASON!!!!!!!!!! WF roasts then packages & sells the chilies (they sell them raw, too), and I LOVE them! Unfortunately, they're behind schedule & low on staff and so the chilies weren't ready. Dagnabbit. The very nice produce gentlemen told me to call today and find out what time they'd be ready. I am so all over that!

Back home, it was baking time. I made another batch of yesterday's post-workout bomb/cookies and they turned out terrific - I omitted the baking powder, so they didn't puff up as much. I also made a batch of Banana-Doodles. Both recipes were for Tab who's flying to L.A. today for the IDEA Conference (I sooooo wish I was going with her!).

As you can see here, Multitasking is the word of the day :-) Shiloh walked in on me closing the oven door and going into a pivot and pose, haha, she was not sure what to think, say, do... it was the first time I've seen her truly speechless, LOL!!

I was prepping food for today, baking cookies/bombs & banana-doodles, eating dinner, and posing all at once. I had a lot of fun with it, and Bethany threw on my spare shoes and joined in... yes, my little girl is taller than me. Significantly. I'm the shorty around our house. Well, me and Shiloh :-)

I had a great workout this morning. We did back & abs with posing practice. One of the exercises was really funny... We actually had to weigh me down to keep me on the bench! Getting into position so Tab could put the weight on me was like trying to hold yourself down at the bottom of the pool - your body keeps trying to float to the top. It was hysterical! If you look at the picture, you can see I have handles in my hands - the object is to pull those down (to where I have them), hold & squeeze the back muscles, then slowly raise the arms back up, then pull down again. As soon as she pulled the weight off me, my whole body started "floating" up with the weights. LOL!

As we worked, interspersing posing & abs, we got to one of the last sets and Tab approved my posing, then said, "Good. You can keep tomorrow's carb meal."  ROFLMAO!!! I thought I was gonna pee my pants I was laughing so hard. I put up my hands like paws and panted in happiness, and we joked about me earning my carbs. :-D

After the workout, I headed over to the gym (we lift at Personal Training 101 - Thanks John!! then I do my cardio at Mountainside Fitness), and did my morning cardio. All the stair-masters were full (rats!) so I used the elliptical.

Throughout the rest of my crazy morning, I was deciding on my song for the day. I was going to go with something soft & inspirational... Jennifer Lopez's "Brave", or Hayden Panettiere's "I Fly". Then I realized, I don't feel soft. I feel tough. I feel like a warrior. And I thought about something I wrote here the other day, about not really competing, but growing. Screw that. I've grown enough that I'm embracing the competition. I'm competing, people! I'm a competitor!

So I give you today's song for the day... :-)

LL Cool J - "IT'S TIME FOR WAR"  Listen on YouTube