Thursday, May 31, 2012

Another pin in the pincushion

I must be wearing a sign.... "Poke me with needles".  Argh!!! I had my appointment this morning with my shoulder doc... And yes, you guessed it, I got another shot. This one went into my AC joint (the last one was into my bicep). And that numbing spray they use? Crap. Having a large needle poked into my shoulder then wiggled around - no bueno. NONE. I'm starting to really dread these doctor's visits.

The inflammation is still running rampant, so I'm continuing on the zero-activity list - bleh. I can do cardio, just no upper body work. I did get some relief from the bicep shot - I can now reach my left arm up my back, but still can't carry a purse on that shoulder. I tried to do a push-up last night - #@$@!! So, I got the new shot today, and I'll continue with the anti-inflammatory and the ice, and the no-use. Pfft. I go back in 3 weeks. 

At home, things are easing back into "normal". It's hard. No other way to say it. We're all grieving, but we're moving forward, one step at a time. We're keeping busy, spending a lot of time together. Last weekend we had my daughter's 20th birthday dinner - Benihana's - it was a lot of fun ;-)

This weekend has some fun ahead, too... friday night is the boy's poker event ;-) Once a month they all prove their manhood by dealing cards and bluffing each other. Lol. What that means is that I will have a lovely, quiet evening all to myself - Woot! Haha! I have a date with the new Mariah Stewart book ;-)

Now, to get to Friday night....

Happy Thursday, folks!

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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Champion Nutrition Recipe of the Week - Steamer Bag Omelet!

About this time every year, I go through my "if I eat one more bite of oatmeal I will explode!!!" phase. Today is May 29th, and it's official... my love affair with oatmeal is over. At least until the Fall ;-) I've returned to a former love - the microwave omelet (remember this one?). It's fast, it's easy, it's easily dressed up. And it's yummy. You can toss nearly anything into an omelet, and using the steamer bag method - it's portable, too!

Spinach & Mushroom Microwave Omelet

1 steamer bag (I use the Ziploc brand)
1 whole egg
2 egg whites (or as many as your diet calls for)
2 mushrooms, sliced
1 small pepper, chopped
1/4 cup baby spinach, chopped
1 Tbsp chopped onion
2 shakes Mrs Dash Garlic & Herb

Place all ingredients into the steamer bag and gently shake/mix it up (careful of the steamer slit in the bag - you'll end up with egg all over you if you're too rough with the shaking, lol!).
Pack into cooler or if you're ready to cook now...
Microwave on high for 4 minutes. Allow to rest 1 minute, then check the bag - if it's runny, continue to microwave in 1 minute intervals.
When cooked, slide out the omelet onto your plate and enjoy!

TIP: If you've got room for carbs - add black beans and drizzle with taco sauce. Need more protein? Add some chopped chicken breast (cooked). Add taco sauce, Sriracha or salsa for a bit of heat. For you gals on competition diet - this recipe was one of my favorite meal-6 solutions! Low cal, but filling and full of nutrients!

NUTRITION:  125 calories; 15g protein, 5g carb, 5g fat, 189mg sodium, 1g fiber.

Want another variation? Check this one out...

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Catching up...

Slowly but surely, we're getting caught up around here. From sleep to housework to office... it's slow, but we're plugging away. Thank you so much for the overwhelming support and encouragement you've given us. It has been so difficult, and your words mean more than I can say. My husband, my daughter and myself have all been brought to tears by your thoughtfulness and unfailing understanding. I appreciate you, all of you, so very much.

So, before I fall apart again, I'm a'movin' on! ;-)

Check this out...
Yeah, that says 110 degrees. That was at 5pm on Monday. Spring was way too short!

Last night was graduation at the high school, and were thankful for a light breeze as we sat under the bright stadium lights and watched the kids walk - and the bats fly. Lol! Here's my daughter Shiloh and her boyfriend Jared... he ships out for bootcamp (Marines) in a couple weeks. We knew several of the kids graduating last night - a couple of whom are like my own ;-) We're very excited for and proud of them. Way to go!!

At work I'm slammed, trying to make up for all the time I've missed in the last month. With all the doctor's, attorney's, ultrasounds, doggie doctor, dental, and other various appointments... let's just say I've missed some office hours. Lol. And so... I'm signing off and sticking my nose back to the grindstone.

Happy Thursday, ya'll!! ;-)

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Champion Nutrition Recipe of the Week - Kielbasa, Sauerkraut & Summer Salad

We've been pretty busy around our house lately - running from one appointment to another, to yet another, all while maintaining our regular responsibilities (work, family, etc). Fast food has been the name of the game - and I don't mean drive-thru, I mean real, clean food that gets from prep to plate FAST! Today I've got two recipes for you... a main dish and a side salad... and they are YUM! and they are QUICK! Woot!

Kielbasa and Sauerkraut
makes 8 servings

1 large kielbasa link (I use Pedersen's Farms)*
1 container (about 16 Tbsp) raw sauerkraut

Slice sausage and toss in hot skillet (med-high). Do not add oil or spray to the pan.
Continue to toss until pieces are becoming lightly browned.
Add the raw sauerkraut and heat through.
Serve. (yeah, it's that simple!)

Tip: Increase the protein by adding chopped chicken breast to the cooking sausage.

Nutrition per serving: 175 calories, 8 g protein, 1 g carb, 15 g fat, 390 mg sodium.

*Look for a brand that is uncured, has only recognizable ingredients, and is low in sodium. Great brands include Pedersen's Farms, Applegate Farms, Wellshire Farms, and Open Nature. Experiment with different types, too - chicken, turkey, beef, pork... check the labels to find the one that best suits your nutritional needs.

Summer Salad
makes 2 servings

1 cucumber
1 tomato
1 pepper (any color or type)
2 Tbsp rice vinegar
1 Tbsp toasted sesame oil
1 Tbsp crumbled feta, finely crumbled

Wash all veggies.
Using a vegetable peeler, slice up the cucumber into large peels.
Chop the tomato and pepper.
Toss the veggies in a bowl and add the vinegar and oil. Cover and shake well.
Divide onto two plates and sprinkle with the feta.

Tip: To reduce fat, eliminate the sesame oil and reduce feta to 1 tsp (finely crumbled).

Nutrition per serving: 114 calories, 2 g protein, 8 g carb, 8 g fat, 2 g fiber, 59 mg sodium.


Sunday, May 20, 2012

Adopting Grace and Hope

If you've followed my blog for any length of time, you'll know that there's been something major going on in my home life. Something I have not been at liberty to share. Something that was traumatic, painful, devastating, brutal... how many other words can I come up with? This week saw the finale to this situation, though in truth - there is no true finish.

Through my websites, and this blog, I have shared my life with you - my triumphs and tragedies, my rises and my falls. Not all of them are fitness/nutrition related, but I've chosen to be transparent in the hopes that others might benefit from the lessons I've learned (or, haha, not learned). This is the case, also, in the crisis my family has been experiencing. I will say, though, that criticism will not be accepted in this. I am sharing now because that's who I am, and because I have been given permission to do so based up on the outpouring of love and support I have received from all of you over the years. I do not anticipate harsh words from you, but we all know there are those who love to pop onto blogs and such and spread their personal misery. To those I warn, I will delete you.

So... what's been going on?

Three months ago, our oldest daughter discovered she was pregnant. This was not a planned pregnancy, and there were aspects to her lifestyle that gave us all cause for concern. You and I know how difficult it is to make a lifestyle change - for my daughter, this change literally took place overnight. And she held to it. Though nearly 20 years old, she moved back home and dedicated herself to caring for her changing body and developing baby. She also made one of the most difficult decisions a woman can make. She chose to allow her baby to be adopted.

The day we went for her first OBGYN appointment, the doctor did an ultrasound to determine the age of the baby, and we saw for the first time the beautiful little girl our daughter was carrying. It was incredibly traumatic for all three of us - my daughter, my husband and myself. The doctor was wonderful - gentle and kind. As we pulled ourselves together a nurse came in and whispered to the doctor. There was a couple who were patients of another doctor there, who very much wanted to make a family but were denied the ability to do so themselves.

Our daughter connected with this couple through her attorney, and over the next months, met with them regularly. As the relationship developed, her confidence in them grew, and we were all assured that they would be wonderful parents to this tiny new life. We met together in group, our daughter spent time with them one on one, we all attended the birthing classes, doctor's appointments and ultrasounds. As the birth approached, our daughter remained true to the course she had set, standing tall and facing what would be more painful than words can convey.

Very early Wednesday morning, we checked in to the hospital. Our daughter had a very clear plan on how the birth was to go... who was to be there, who would hold the baby and when, and the doctor and nurses were all aware. Not only were they aware, but they were incredibly supportive. Our birthing nurse, in particular, was a godsend. In the delivery room were my husband and myself and the adoptive parents. Per our daughter's plan, the adoptive mother held the baby first, then our daughter, then the adoptive father, then my husband, then me. It was wonderful. It was painful. It was bittersweet.

After a bit, the birth father joined us, then the rest of our family... my husband's father and grandmother, our other children, our daughter's boyfriend and her best friend. We have the most amazing photos and videos. Including a five generation photo. We have photos of our family, and the baby's adoptive family, and every combination you can imagine. As I went through the photos yesterday, there is one I don't even remember taking, when the adoptive mother first held baby Lauren - the look on her face is amazing - the joy, the surprise, the 'oh-my-god, here she is!'.

The stay in the hospital was dedicated to our family spending time with Lauren - and we all did. We all held her, played with her, fed her, changed her, cried over her, and laughed over her expressions. On Friday, when it came time to leave, our daughter bundled her into their carseat, and we followed them home, where she took the baby from the seat, carried her to her room and laid her in her crib. Today, she signed the papers. It is done.

There is no part of this experience that has been easy. We have agonized, as parents, over the choice our daughter made, and the pain we know it causes her. Both she and the baby's birth father are shattered by this, yet have chosen to allow this sweet baby girl an opportunity of love and grace. Our daughter hand-picked this couple, and they are wonderful. We have no doubts that they love little Lauren, and will make an amazing family. We have no doubts that they will do everything in their power to protect her and allow her to reach her full potential. We are grateful to and for them. And we are so incredibly proud of our daughter - not for the decision she made, but for being a woman who could make such a choice - for the well-being of her daughter.

As I watched my family this week, through this, I was struck by how blessed I am. I am proud of each and every one of our children. They are amazing people.

We are moving forward. Our daughter is recovering from birth, and we're all settling back into a normal we no longer recognize. And we are grieving. But in our grief, we know hope. In that hope, we hold tight to each other as we face a changed future. We will stand strong. We may bow, but we will not break.

Allow me to share with you my beloved granddaughter... Lauren Ann.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Champion Nutrition Recipe of the Week - Chicken Kabobs

Check out these fun skewers! Available from
Here's another quick way to premake your chicken and veggies for the week! Grill 'em... even better, 'Kabob 'em!! :-)  I adore kebobs! They're easy, fun, and you can pretty much put on whatever you want! Grilling is a fabulously healthy way to prepare your food... and let me just say... do not fear the bacon! Check out my note below the recipe for my bacon recommendations.

Bacon, Chicken and Pineapple Shish-kabob 

by Chelle Stafford
Makes 8 kebobs

3 chicken breasts, cut into 1-2 inch squares
2 cups fresh pineapple, cut into squares
1 package (usually 8 slices) uncured bacon (NO sulfites, or junk - I recommend Open Nature or Applegate Farms brands) *
1/4 cup Bragg's Liquid Aminos
Mrs Dash Garlic & Herb
Skewers (if using wooden ones, soak them in water for 20 min to an hour before using).

Place chicken and pineapple in large ziploc bag. Add Liquid Aminos and sprinkle in Mrs Dash (I use 1 Tbsp). Allow to marinate for 1-3 hours.
Heat grill. 
Skewer as follows...
   Skewer a piece of bacon 1" in from end, staying close to the point of the skewer, add a piece of chicken, wrap and skewer the bacon over that, then pineapple, then bacon, chicken, bacon, pineapple, etc until you run out of bacon. As you thread everything on, keep close to the top of the skewer so you don't stretch out or break the bacon. You can push it down as you go.
Grill, basting with the marinade liquid every few minutes, until chicken is cooked through and bacon is cooked. 

NUTRITION: per kebob
143 calories, 22 g protein, 5 g carb, 4 g fat, 1 g fiber, 200 mg sodium, 4 g sugar.

TIP: Try shrimp with the bacon!!!  

TIP 2: While you're grilling, whip up some veggie-kabobs, too! Alternate cherry tomatoes, zucchini, peppers, eggplant, snow peas, mushrooms... whatever you like! Make extras for use during the week! 

*NOTE: Regarding bacon - step away from the turkey bacon!! It's so full of sodium and chemicals! Bleh! There are clean brands of real bacon available - look for uncured, with a list of ingredients that you recognize. My favorite brands are Applegate Farms and Open Nature.

 For more tasty clean eating recipes, check out

Monday, May 14, 2012

Ready for the Week... ?

Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend! Ours was great! Super busy and full of all kinds of crazy events. Friday I took our beloved boxer into the vet - she was limping hard - turns out she had torn her knee ligament. How'd she do that? Well, as Tabitha said, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Nakki fell up the stairs. Yes. I said UP the stairs. She's now on strict rest (any idea how hard it is to make a 70 lb boxer rest?). After her vet appointment, I took her into the store (PetSmart is attached) to get a toy (yeah, I'm a big softie). Well, first let me explain that I had dashed home from work to get her, and had to go back to work after I took her home, so I am wearing work clothes. And work shoes. Heels, to be specific.

Evidently, being injured caused my dog to feel she must compensate for said injury by barking and lunging at every other animal and human in the store. Normally this would not be a problem as she's very well behaved, and I am usually wearing tennis shoes. Not this day.  I might as well have been wearing roller skates - cuz she took me for a ride! I was literally being slip-slide-drug through the store. People actually stopped to stare - point and laugh. Yes, they did. It was that ridiculous. Thanks, Nakki.

After work the hubby and I hit the grocery for party food (great shish-kabob recipe coming tomorrow!), and then we did date-night at the movies. As we jumped in the car to head home (10:30pm - late for us old-fogies) we were met with "dunt-dunt-dunt-dunt". Yep - dead battery. Again! Remember the last time was during my show prep last July (read about my cardio at the dealership here). Once again, the kindly roadside assistance folks showed up and jumped my car (had to use some special jump-box-thingy), and home we went. Saturday morning, the hubby took it in to the dealership (after jumping it again) and they replaced the battery. Back home we had a family bbq and a lot of fun, then Sunday relaxed in the pool before heading off to the grocery store - or that's what we were going to do when we discovered the starter in my car was shot. Are you kidding me????

So this morning, Bill called the tow-truck and the dealer, I drove my daughter's car to work, my daughter rode with her friend to her appt where I drove her car to meet her and then back to work, and we're all anxiously awaiting news of my car's fate. Let me just say that this could not have happened at a WORSE time. Seriously. I'll be sharing that in the next week or so, but I'm sayin' here and now, this BLOWS. Not cool, Universe, not cool.

Movin' on... Today's Cooler is up. My prep for the week is done - I used several shortcuts due to the chaos (that, too, will be shared soon), and I'm ready for the week. Sort of. Lol. Now I'm taking a big breath and preparing to jump into the great unknown. Here we go!

Happy Monday!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Am I wearing a sign on my forehead...

...that says, "Stick me with large needles!"???  UGH. I had a cortisone shot in the (shoulder) AC joint April 20, my third, then last Friday I had 2 root canals, Monday I had the lumbar epidural, and today I got another cortisone shot! This one in the biceps tendon.
Can I please have NO MORE NEEDLES???? PLEASE???? Ok, calming down now. The reason for today's needle is that my shoulder surgeon wants to reduce more inflammation before determining the next step. I go back in 3 weeks. Bleh.

The good news is that my back is a ton better! I had a road trip yesterday and handled it just fine (previously, the 5 minute drive to work was almost more than I could handle). I'm feeling good and can't wait to get back to my cardio! The bad news is the shoulder is still out of commission and no weights for me. Boo. But... I'm getting closer to a finish with it. Yay for finish! Lol!

Is it Friday yet? ;-)

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Yesterday was the big day for my back. At 9:15 I checked into the Surgery Center. By 10:30 I was laying on my stomach attempting to get in the right position. A little hard to support myself, even briefly, on my elbows with a bum shoulder, lol. They finally got me in place, head to the left, and as I waited for the IV sedation to begin, I was forced to watch the nurses unwrap the HUGE epidural needles (3). I know the needle itself is only 3-5 inches, but the whole contraption put together is at least 12 inches long. Really? You couldn't turn my head the other way? This is cruel and unusual punishment, people! LOL! Sadists! As I joked with the doctor and staff, (and waited for the IV sedation), I kept giggling. Yes, I am that person. The nervous giggler. My doctor finally asked the nurse, "are you sure they didn't start her sedation in pre-op?" Ha! No they didn't, but you can start it NOW please! ;-)

They also teased me about my back ink. When you have a procedure done, the doctor initials the area to be worked on (here's the pic from my knee), but he wondered if he'd be able to see it with all the ink I already have, lol. Then they wondered what it was I had inked on my back. Oy. You see, I had a tat put on when I was heavy. At the time, it was a (very large - and not intended to be so) celtic heart with wings. As I lost half of my self, lol, the tat contorted. It now looks like a pretzel with wings. Not what I had in mind. My daughters tell me it's to remind me not to eat pretzels, hahaha. Goobs.

I had to be awake, simply for the procedure, but since I'm allergic to dye, I really had to be awake. Normally, contrast dye is injected into the lumbar area, then X-rays are used to guide the needles exactly where they need to go. It's a wee bit trickier without the dye. My luck. But, I have an amazing doctor, and he zipped right through it. No complications, I was moved to recovery then sent home where I slept away the sedation. I had some pains last night, just little stuff they told me to expect, and I get to remove the bandages tonight. Yay! I'm allergic to adhesive, too, so I'm hoping there's no major blisters under there.

Anyway. I'm back at work today, still icing off and on, but so far no pain. Yay!!! And.... I can cross my legs again! Woot!!

In other news (lol), today's cooler is up  What's in YOUR cooler?? :-)

Champion Nutrition Recipe of the Week - Lettuce Wraps!

When you're looking to reduce carbs, a lettuce wrap is an easy and tasty way to do it. You can put anything in a wrap - and it's super portable!  Start with your favorite lettuce - I know lots of recipes call for Boston or Bib lettuce, but it's not a personal favorite ;-) I prefer green leaf, romaine or iceberg myself, but use whatever works for you! Here are a couple of my favorite fillings for lettuce wraps.

Asian Chicken Lettuce Wraps
- serves 4

1 Tbsp sesame oil (I prefer dark)
1 lb ground chicken breast, raw
2 Tbsp minced garlic, raw
2 tsp grated ginger root, raw
1 cup mung bean sprouts
1/2 cup cucumber with peel, sliced
1/2 cup carrot, raw, grated or peeled
1/2 cup radish, sliced or chopped
1 head lettuce
Bragg's Amino's (or low sodium terriyaki sauce)

Heat sesame oil in skillet. Add garlic and ginger and saute until lightly brown, add chicken. Cook until meat is no longer pink.

Fill lettuce leaves with bean sprouts, cucumber, carrot and radish, then top with meat. Spray on Bragg's Amino's or lightly season with low-sodium terriyaki sauce.

Serve immediately or wrap in saran wrap, toss in your cooler and go!

TIPS: can substitute tempeh, beef, turkey or pork for chicken.

NUTRITION: per serving 189 calories, 28g protein, 7g carbs, 5g fat, 117 mg sodium, 2 g fiber.

Fiesta Taco Wraps - serves 4
Fire Roasted Diced Tomatoes with Green Chilies
1/2 lb lean ground beef or bison
1/2 lb ground chicken breast (or turkey or lean pork)
1 Tbsp Mrs Dash Southwest Chipotle
1 tsp Mrs Dash Extra Spicy
1 15 oz can Fire Roasted Diced Tomatoes with Green Chilies (I use Muir Glen)
1 small can sliced olives, drained and rinsed
Low Sodium Salsa for topping
*optional sliced green onion for topping
*optional 1 Tbsp per serving shredded cheddar or 1/2 Tbsp per serving crumbled feta
*optional add slices of fresh avocado in place of the cheese
*optional add black beans

Brown together the beef and chicken with the Mrs Dash seasonings.
When cooked through, drain with a sieve and rinse with hot water to remove any excess fat. Return to pan.
Add the can of tomatoes, olives, and mix well.
Fill lettuce cups with mixture, top with 1 Tbsp salsa and cheese if using.
Serve immediately or wrap in saran wrap and toss in your cooler!

NUTRITION  per serving: 199 calories, 28g protein, 10g carbs, 5g fat, 500mg sodium, 4g fiber.

MORE Fun Fillings...
You know all that chicken you precooked this week? Chop some up, mix with a couple tablespoons of your favorite salsa, toss in a lettuce leaf and enjoy! Or... chop it up, mix with a little brown rice and dice green onion, add some Bragg's Amino's and stuff the lettuce. OR (my personal favorite) chop up some chicken, add a Tbsp of peanut or almond butter, heat in the microwave and mix well - add green onion and stuff the lettuce, roll it up and ... Awesome!  :-)

Sunday, May 6, 2012

It's my wedding anniversary!

May 6, 2006     Six years ;-) Might not seem like a long time, but... Bill and I met in 1985 - we went to high school together. After graduation, we went separate ways, then found each other again (thanks Mom!!!), and have been together since 2000. We finally tied the knot in 2006. Now, some folks in the family felt it was a travesty that we didn't wait until June to marry... I told 'em where to stick it ;-) Though it might have been very apropos :-) Lol!!

It's been quite the journey to get to where we're at now - I am grateful beyond words to be sharing that journey with a man I love, like, respect, and cherish - a man who also loves, likes, respects and cherishes me. I treasure the past, live the present, and hope for the future.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

More info, more appointments...

I had my appointment this morning to learn the results of my back MRI. Turns out I've got a protruding disc. After going through the options, we've decided on the Epidural. Monday morning I will be heading to the surgery center, they'll hook me up, sedate me, then inject the cortisone using X-ray. I should have relief within 5 days.  I found a really cool graphic online that shows some of what's goin' on...

This is going to be a packed weekend. I have a root canal (ok, 2 - blek) tomorrow, then I'm doing my Sunday food prep on Saturday, celebrating my anniversary on Sunday, then Monday is the Epidural. I'm not even going to think about what the rest of next week looks like. It's insanity. Tell me somebody out there is having a nice, leisurely Cinco de Mayo weekend... drink a margarita for me, k? ;-)

Speaking of busy... I know some of you have sent me emails in the last weeks - If I have not gotten back to you, please forgive me (and maybe resend?). My life is absolutely messy right now and I am so sorry that one of the balls I'm dropping is responding to emails. Another couple of weeks and I'll be able to share more details with you all on what's been goin' on and hopefully you'll understand my schizoid posting and such ;-) Yes, I am normally a bit of a spaz, but this has been seriously nuts. Sorry :-(

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

New Recipe and New Cardio for Me!! Woot!!

Last night, the hubby and I tried out a new spin class at our gym... I had high hopes for Spin - I have enjoyed it in the past, and hoped that it would be a new form of cardio for my injured self. Between the back and the shoulder, I'm unable to do my beloved stairs, the treadmill, the elliptical, the recumbent bike... OY! So you can see why spin gave me hope... Well... some of you (I'm talking to you, Jill!) might be interested in learning that the new class was led by a new instructor.... Tabitha! Woot!

Class was terrific, my back handled the saddle fairly well though I'll have to make accommodations for my shoulder - even just with my hands lightly on the bars, my shoulder screamed. Booo. But... I can do it! I may have (ok - I DID) suck wind and have rubber-legs by the end of class, but I loved it! I have cardio again, my friends!!

However.... (Don & Melanie, I'm talking to YOU) I need saddle tips! O.M.G. And I believe my dear hubby is in even more discomfort than I am. Eh-hem. ;-)  We'll be looking at gel-seats/covers this weekend, but if there are any (and I mean ANY) tips from you cycle experts out there, I am BEGGING you... send them!

We were a sweaty mess when class was done (it was awesome!), and we headed home for dinner - a new recipe. And... if I do say so myself ;-) it was a winner! Serious yummage was had! Egg & Chorizo Tacos. Even my girls who "weren't hungry" (actually, they just knew I was trying a new recipe, lol) were suddenly famished and building heaping tacos! Nom-nom-nom! Because I was post-workout, I used corn tortillas to increase the carbs, but when I revisited the recipe this morning for breakfast (yeah, it's THAT good), I used my La Tortilla Factory Low Carb tortillas (the little ones). Click on the link above to view the recipe.

Happy Wednesday!!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Champion Nutrition Recipe of the Week - Green Tea Protein Ice Cream!

Ya'll know how much I love my protein ice cream ;-) I mean, what's not to love? It's ice cream - creamy, cold, flavorful - and I get to stay on track with my diet? YES! If you have room in your diet for a protein shake, you've got room for my protein ice cream.

While on our EPIC vacation, I was served this luscious dessert - little flaky pastries with chestnut and red bean filling, served alongside green-tea ice cream (and drizzled with caramel - yum!). I knew I was going to have to recreate it to make it both clean and "diet"-friendly... the pastries I am still working on, but the ice-cream is good to go!

You can adjust the amount of green-tea to hit your own flavor spot, and if you have room for the honey, it's worth it! If you're no-sugar, then sub in some stevia for a bit of sweetness... and as always, everything is improved by a drizzle of sugar-free caramel, yes? ;-)

Chelle's Green-Tea Protein Ice Cream

1 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk
1.5 scoop (my scoop = 1/3 cup) vanilla protein powder (I used Champion Nutrition's Pure Whey)
1 tsp Matcha Green Tea powder (I found it at Whole Foods and Sprouts)
1 tsp honey

(for ziploc instructions, visit this post)
Blend all ingredients in a blender or magic bullet.
Pour into ice cream maker and let it run about 20 minutes.
Remove to a bowl and enjoy!

View more of my Protein Powder Ice Cream recipes here: