Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Guest Blog!! 5 Fun Treadmill Workouts for Weight Loss

Happy Wednesday! I'm very excited today to have a guest blogger! Woot! Jamey from Proform (one of the top fitness and exercise equipment manufacturers in the USA) has written a great article for us offering some fun twists to a treadmill workout. I myself am guilty of calling it the dreadmill (or satan's sidewalk), lol - and I have freely admitted that I am easily bored when doing cardio. These great tips are going on my Must Try list;-)  Think treadmills are only for runners? Ya'll know my injury/arthritis situation - I can't run - but using these same tips, I can modify using incline and speed. Give them a try and let me know what you think!

5 Fun Treadmill Workouts For Weight Loss
Many people avoid treadmills, thinking that it can be boring to run in place. However, there are some treadmill workouts that can actually be quite fun. We're going to show you five ways to help you add to your mix of indoor runs. These techniques will engage your body, as well as your brain.

5 Fun Workouts for Treadmill Users

Follow these five treadmill tips to maximize your weight loss results, while spicing up your workout time:

1) Pull a Card

Here's a really cool card game to keep you engaged while you workout on your treadmill:
·         Get yourself four blank index cards. Write one of these terms on each card: walk, jog, run fast, run.
·         Place all of them in one envelope, and place it on the control panel of the treadmill.
·         Do a simple one mile warmup, then pull out one of the cards.
·         Perform the exercise on the card for about 5-minutes.

2) Total-Body Routine

This workout has great benefits for the stomach, legs and arms. It combines strength training with cardio. This 35-minute circuit requires weights between 3-5 pounds.
·         Take a light 5-minute jog for a quick warm up.
·         Get off of the treadmill and complete 15 pushups.
·         Return to your treadmill and do a 1-minute run.
·         Increase your speed on the treadmill by about one-mph, and complete a 30-second sprint.
·         Repeat the intervals above, in order, 3-times.

3) Treadmill Ladder Workout

This is a classic routine. Your interval lengths are increased gradually, as opposed to intervals of equal-lengths. Let's begin:
·         Warm up on your treadmill for 1-mile.
·         Increase your speed on the treadmill for 2-minutes.
·         Decrease your speed for 3-minutes. This is your recovery period.
·         Increase your speed for 4-minutes.
·         Decrease your speed for 5-minutes for recovery.
·         Increase your speed for 6-minutes.
·         Decrease your speed for 7-minutes for recovery.
·         Continue the intervals, or start from step one again.

TV Workout

Your television can be a good distraction during your treadmill workout. Not only can it help the time pass, the programming can help you structure your routine. Try this workout during a half-hour program:
·         When your show begins, climb on your treadmill and run hard.
·         As soon as the commercial comes on, decrease your speed.
·         Continue this pattern until the show goes off.
* Note: This workout can also be done using music. Simple, run hard for one whole song. Then, decrease your speed during the next song.

Dumbbell Workout

This treadmill workout routine is perfect for people who have very little time to dedicate to exercising.
  • Get your hands on a pair of dumbbells (up to five pounds).
  • Walk on the treadmill as you perform biceps. Lower and raise your arms with every step.
  • Hold the dumbbells up so that their aligned with your shoulders. The palms of your hands should be facing forward.
  • Stretch your arms up over your head.
  • Return your arms to the starting position.
  • Repeat this 10 times.
Author Bio
This content was written by Jamey Hardin. Jamey creates content for Proform, an industry leader in treadmills and ellipticals. Click here to find the right treadmill for your weight loss program.


  1. Thank you for the suggestion Jamey. The treadmill ladder is definitely one of the best routines to get out of a plateau.

  2. These are no doubt very much useful treadmill workouts shared here and these are beneficial to be followed as well. These workouts allow the users to perform all kind of exercise without any extra overhead and without any preplanning as well. It allows body to get all type of exercise and workout to every area of body as well.

  3. Jamey Thank You So Much For Your Suggestion..Will Follow Your Suggestion... :)


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  7. We can also run on the beat of the music while workout on treadmill. We can run hard for one song and then slow down for the next. It will be interesting too!

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