Sunday, May 23, 2010

8th Grade Grad Madness

9:00 am:  The weekend party went well. Lots of clean choices, I'll share more about those tomorrow, and add some recipes. A terrific benefit to all the food prep for yesterday is that most of my work for the week is done already. I need to make my grains and a few other things but it won't take long. The goal for this morning is to find Bethany a new dress for her 8th grade graduation, so I'm off to the mall. Once we find what she's looking for (and what Mom approves, lol) I'll hit the grocery store for some odds and ends, then finish up my sunday food prep. I also have one last cardio and abs session slated for today, and then I'll have met my fitness goals for the week. I did my weigh-in (Operation Marshmallow Fluff) and in the last few weeks I'm down a total of 2 pounds, up 4.5 pounds in lean muscle mass (can you say bulking, lol) and.... wait for it.... DOWN 2% BODY FAT!!!  Yeah Baby! :-)

Ok, I'm off to the mall(s)... I'll update ya'll later! Happy Sunday!

Bethany's 8th Grade Graduation outfit8pm Update. Bethany's graduation dress found, shoes, jewelry... check. so pretty! :-) And, I discovered that shopping with a 14 year old girl burns 125 calories per hour, lol! I'm thoroughly exhausted... I've spent days on my feet, and yesterday in one of my more graceful moments, while removing the leaves from the dining room table I broke my toe. Grace. Bill asked if I wanted to get it set, and I just laughed. If this toe heals straight, it would be my only digit that isn't crooked! Over the years I've broken every finger, every toe in various sports and grace-idents. But walking for hours today was no-bueno on the toe. I'm hurting now, so skipped cardio. :-(  However, even without it I was over 2200 calories burned through exercise this week, so I think I'm good.

I actually cheated/treated tonight. I got my salty, got my sweet, and (shhhh don't tell anyone) got my Pepsi One. Can't even think of the last time I had a soda. Tastes kinda funny, lol. And as soon as I poured it over ice I realized what I really wanted was hot tea. Ha! Silly. 

Two of my all-time favorite family recipes are a potato salad and cucumber dip. These are mainstays of my childhood, and every family gathering. Each time I prepare these dishes I feel connected with my family, regardless of how far away they are. I've never really tried to "clean" them up as they're... well... traditions. But, this time I made an attempt. With the exception of one ingredient, they're now "clean". And they taste just as wonderful as they always have. I have ideas to replace the last un-clean ingredient, but it's not a priority as I only make these dishes a few times a year. I'll post them tomorrow. 

Anyway, what I was getting to was my cheat/treat. I've been pushing hard, eating super-clean for several weeks without cheats so I felt comfortable enjoying a little yesterday, and a little more today. Yesterday I had a 1/2 cup serving of my potato salad, and probably about the same of my dip. Traditionally the cucumber dip is served with Ruffles potato chips (yeah, I know). But while shopping for party supplies I found that Ruffles now comes "Natural" (remember the tortilla chips I mentioned a few days ago?)... ingredients are potatoes, sunflower oil and sea-salt. So for the party (and a treat today) I enjoyed a serving of wonderful salty potato chips with my cucumber dip!  And yes, my fingers are swollen, lol! But it was my treat and I enjoyed every bit of it. Any dip I have during this week I'll enjoy with my more-usual raw cauliflower and sliced turnip, but it was sure nice to enjoy those chips. Aaaahhh. Then after dinner tonight (leftover kabobs) I had one of the cupcakes (I didn't have one yesterday)... and I have to agree with Bethany, the Vanilla cupcakes are the BOMB! :-)   Plus I've now packed away two huge ziploc bags of banana pieces in the freezer so anytime we want banana "ice cream" it's ready to go :-)

So, treat done. Food prep done. Grad shopping done. Birthday party done. Resting and icing the broken toe, and washing the laundry so I have clean gym clothes for tomorrow. Sipping on my hell-must-have-frozen-over-soda, which I'll  probably dump out shortly and trade for a glass of red wine, and I'm ready for a new week. Lol!

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