Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Clean Hot Dogs, Sausages and Chips!

Ahhh, junior high is no more! I now have two seniors and a freshman at home :-)  Bethy looked beautiful, and even received an award for perfect attendance. She was sad to say goodbye to so many friends, but is looking forward to summer and high school. Shiloh & Ariel are just glad to be seniors, lol. "Upper Classmen Rock!"  LOL! 

The bbq went well... cupcakes a'la, of course, plus cucumber dip & potato salad, then we bbq'd hot dogs and sausages... Applegate Farms The Great Organic Hot Dog... Can I just say YUM!? Paired with a whole wheat bun and a bunch of onions and mustard... yeah, it was pretty darn tasty :-) I highly recommend! And the boys, who of course are too manly for hot dogs enjoyed the Aidelle's Clean eating organic sausageSweet Basil and Roasted Garlic Organic Sausages... another great (clean) choice.

When you eat clean, you, or at least I, tend to think that the old standby's are no longer welcome in this new lifestyle... summer things like hot dogs and burgers, or even just buns, are off limits... it's so nice to know that they're not. There are clean options. I have to pay more for them (though if it's not reasonable, I simply won't put my money down), but there are options. Even chips... my family loves the new PopChips brand barbecue flavored... they're incredible! And as I mentioned previously, Tostitos and Ruffles both make a "natural" chip now that can be part of the clean eating lifestyle. I wouldn't eat these things every day, not like I would quinoa or vegetables or lean protein or whatnot, but for a treat, like a family bbq... I can enjoy the foods I grew up with, without undoing all my hard work. I'm a simple gal when it comes to my day to day foods... I eat the same things day after day... eggs, chicken breast, quinoa, steamed veggies, olive & coconut oils, seasonal fruit... but when it comes to entertaining, I've often felt like it's a real challenge to feed my guests something that I "can" eat, too. I've spent so many years with "my" food and "their" food... it's nice to be able to really see a blending now. A lot of that is trial and error, some is simply the availability of clean choices that actually taste good to people who are used to eating fully processed/preserved foods (or non-foods). If you've been at it awhile, you're aware of that challenge. So when I find a product I can recommend, I do so :-)

On the fitness topic, I weighed in today, I don't know why. I'm weird. But.... I am now down a full 3% body fat and my metabolic age is..... 28!! Wooohoo! I wish I had been this healthy at 28, but I'll take that metabolic age as the success it is! (I know you weren't curious in the least, but my actual age is 39, I'll be 40 in October).  I wasn't in the gym yesterday, nor today, due to the various events going on. I feel incredibly guilty, but I'm trying to quash that. Tomorrow I will be back in the gym. Friday I will be in the gym. Saturday I'm driving to CA. And Sunday will either be gym time plus Sunday Food Prep  & The Counter of Chaos .... or.... Lucy & Ethel Time and Sunday Food Prep & The Counter of Chaos.  LOL! I'm hoping for the Lucy/Ethel time... feels like I haven't seen Tab (aka The World's Greatest Trainer aka my best friend) in forever! Too long! So, I know that my exercise caloric burn will be low this week, but I'm hoping that will work in my favor (confusing the body and all that), then next week I can hit it hard again. Oh, and I've also gotta get this darned toe healed. 'Bout lost my mind when a giddy 8th grader stepped back onto my toe today. OUCH!

Now the girls are all off to various "last day" activities, Bill is at bowling, and Nakki and I are sitting here enjoying the quiet. I'm about to turn on my iPod boombox and sit out on the patio, enjoy the breeze and just chill.

Happy Wednesday!

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