Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Legs & Abs - Workout

Today is Ariel's 18th Birthday! Happy Birthday!

Bill and I hit the gym yesterday after work... he did legs with me :-)  He didn't do the whole workout, as he had to get back home for the game, lol, but here's what I did:

Round 1: Leg Press
Stiff-legged deadlifts w/30 pound EZ bar
Squat Press with 30 pound EZ bar
Repeat 3x
Round 2: Lying Leg Curls (10 each leg)
Plie Squat
Walking Lunges Holding 12# Medicine ball overhead
Repeat 3x
Round 3 - Abs: Reverse crunches with toe-touch (view similar)... I do the reverse crunch but lower my toes (maintaining the knee bend) until they touch the floor then go back up.
Hip push... lay flat on bench, raise straightened legs until they're at a 90 degree angle to your body, then lift straight up raising your behind.
Side Crunch on the machine to the right
I don't know what the majority of my exercises are called, but you can see the images to the right... I do all those, lol.
Decline Crunch with 12# Medicine Ball raise/push

20 minutes on Stairmaster
5 min. Stairmaster cooldown
Calories burned: 600

I ran my numbers for last week. The previous week, according to my trusty Polar heart rate monitor,  I had burned 2346 calories in exercise. Last week I burned 2847! Wooohooo! Progress! :-)

Dinner, post-workout, was great. I did taco salad. Ya know, sometimes you've just gotta have a chip... so I used these... Tostitos Natural Corn Tortillas. They're a great option when you need that corn crunch. My caloric intake for the day ended up right around 1400... a little low, but still in range.   Click on images to view.

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