Friday, May 28, 2010

New Car!

It's been a loooooong day, but a good one! I was able to trade in my car (2008 Hyundai Santa Fe) for a 2010 version... and it has a direct iPod plug! Yeah, I know, it's silly, but when we take these long drives to CA and back (for the kids' visits to their dad) it drives me nuts to hit the radio dead zones, and then the iTrip adapters are so squirrely that they get fuzzy and it's so very frustrating! I need my tunes! :-)  Plus I got XM radio free for a year! Yay! I'm super-excited! The kids are laughing at me but I just keep saying "it's so shiny!"  Lol! 

No gym today, as I spent the whole day at the dealership, and probably no gym tomorrow due to being on the road from 9:30am till about 7pm. Hopefully there will be no "issues" with the exchange of the girls tomorrow.

Food throughout the day was sketchy... but dinner was fabulous! Bethany was having a serious pizza craving, but Bill and I wanted mexican, so I put together a clean pizza for Bethy, and taco salad for Bill and I. YUM! I wish I had remembered to take pics, because mine was so pretty, lol!

Now I'm chilling out and catching up with Chuck :-) One of these days I'll pick up that t-shirt Sarah wore for the geek episode that says "Frack Off"... LOL! SciFi Geeks Unite! :-)

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