Monday, May 24, 2010

New Recipes Up

Ok, the potato salad & cucumber dip recipes are up, and I've included the nutritional information (as close as I can calculate it). Food today is wonky... I normally eat breakfast at my desk, but we had clients in the office and I didn't want to microwave my eggs & broccoli while they were here, lol, so I switched up a few things. Had snack 1 for breakfast, snack 2 for snack 1, and I'll eat lunch in a couple hours. I'm fully in sodium bloat from my treats yesterday, lol! Sucking down water like crazy!

This week is shaping up nutso, we've got so much going! Along with various other activities/events, we've got a business deal on Tuesday evening, Wednesday afternoon is Bethy's graduation then party, then Wed night Bill has bowling (and I have party clean up), Thurs & Fri are all post-school year stuff, then Saturday we're driving the girls to Coachella to meet up with their dad for summer visitation. Through it all, my boss is in and out of Canada presenting seminars, so my brain is overflowing with hotel reservations, venue details, printers, etc. Crazy! I am going to absolutely need my gym-time this week, just to stay almost-sane.

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