Saturday, May 29, 2010

Questions, and a Kiwi Mojito Recipe

9:00am:  I'm about to hit the road, gotta stop at the dealership and drop off some paperwork (still waiting for the bank to say yes, but they wouldn't have let me drive away in the new car if they weren't pretty  darn sure they'd get me approved, right?).

Anyway, I'm hoping ya'll can offer me some feedback. I've been tossing around some ideas and before I commit to them I need to know if it's got a shot at meeting your needs. This is two-fold... 

A) Years ago, I ran a business (cottage industry, actually) selling skin care products I created. Over the last few years, I've honed those recipes and I'm thrilled with the results. I have body creams, face  creams, body scrubs (including face)... that kind of thing... all natural and very effective. Is this something anyone is interested in? Would you consider buying a skin-care product from me? Again, these are products I  make, for me and my family (male & female), not products I endorse from some company. 

B)  I've got a ton of info on my site, things I've learned and such through the last few years about clean eating, exercise, cooking/baking... You can find all this info on my site, but it might take a while, lol. If I were to put together a downloadable "manual"... Clean Eating made Easy, or something like that... would you want it? Would you consider buying it?

If you guys could email me and let me know what you think of these ideas, I'd really appreciate it. You can use the contact form to the right, or email me directly.  Any feedback would be great! :-)  Thank you!!!!

7:30pm update... Back home. Long drive, great car! :-)   New favorite cocktail recipes...

Cucumber Mint Mojito:  1/4 english cucumber sliced, 4 mint leaves, 1 tbsp agave, white rum, club soda (low sodium). Muddle the mint, add the cucumber and mush that, too. stir in the agave, then add ice to the glass and add equal parts rum & club soda. Stir and enjoy! Very light and refreshing!

Kiwi-Mint Mojito: 
1 whole kiwi, peeled & sliced, 4 mint leaves, 1-2 tbsp agave, white rum, club soda (low sodium). Muddle mint, then add kiwi and mush that just a bit. Add agave, stir well. Add ice (fill glass 3/4 full), then equal parts rum & club soda. Stir, and enjoy. The longer the kiwi mixes with the rum, the more fragrant & flavorful the drink becomes.     

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