Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Reality Check and Banana Ice Cream

No gym today or last night. I had my a$$ handed to me by the World's Greatest Trainer over my workout/training schedule & too-low caloric intake. <sigh> and she was absolutely right. I know better. I let my fear push me into an insane plan. Damn.   :-(    I'm tellin' ya, folks... Maintenance phase is a bitch! Here I am, a year and a half into maintenance and I'm still trying to figure it all out.

So... here's the new plan. Cardio 5x/week, Weights 4x/week. Calories 1400 - 1600/day. No more twice a day's unless it's cardio only in the morning and weights only in the evening. I will absolutely reach goal doing this, and hopefully avoid injury or over-training. I have to admit,  that I am hurting. I've been pushing so hard that my muscles haven't been able to sufficiently recover before they're called into duty again, legs in particular. I've been telling myself I'm just "sore". I'm ok with being sore, sore means progress. But this? This goes way beyond sore. This is a fraction of a centimeter above curling up in the fetal position and whimpering. I've been so set on getting it done, that I haven't truly been taking stock of my body, and now that I've had more than 24 hours since my last workout (and yes, the irrational panicky fat girl in my head is yelling "no! get your a$$ in the gym! You don't have time for this!"), my muscles are absolutely screaming. No bueno. Yes, my overachieving, Type-A, highly competitive nature can handle a lot, but this kind of pain is just dumb. And I'm really glad Tab caught me before I did any damage. The way it stands now, I've given myself a 10 day jump start and shocked my body, now I'm reigning in and pushing steadily forward. Marshmallow Fluff be gone, Sanity remain. And please, oh please, let my quads recover before I truly do whimper out loud.

On another note... AMAZING recipe! Banana Ice Cream! One ingredient, totally healthy banana ice cream! Now, if you already know about this wonder, just ignore me as I gush and bubble about this wondrous treat :-) YUM! This was truly amazing and I can't wait to enjoy it again! We sliced banana on ours and drizzled with melted coconut oil peanut butter fudge... the fudge froze solid like a shell (remember those dipped ice cream cones when we were kids? like that!). So darned good! I just have a cheap $30 food processor from Wal Mart, and it handled the frozen bananas just fine (ok, for the first minute I had to hold it down on the counter, lol). If you've never tried this before, you simply must! It's a new favorite in our house!

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