Friday, May 21, 2010

Sugar, Diabetes, and Stupidity - A Vent

Bethany graduates 8th grade next week, and we'll be having a little get-together at the house... planning is sort of piggy-backing on the birthday party planning. Bethany got her taste of the cupcakes last night and promptly declared her favorite... The Vanilla cupcakes that Ariel nixed! Lol! I guess I'm making FOUR different cupcake recipes today! I'll freeze a variety for Bethany's party next week, and get the others ready for tomorrow's party.  Here's the nutritional info for the vanilla cupcakes (without frosting, see the frosting nutrition info below).
Nutrition Informaion for Vanilla Cupcakes

On the subject of nutritional information... I want to point out that number in the image above... the Glycemic Load. Recently, someone came over one evening to visit. This person LOVES the coconut cookies I make (see nutrition data below), so I made a batch, knowing that this person was coming by. Once  said person arrived, they would not eat even one of the cookies I had made specifically for them, because said person is diabetic. I explained again, that these cookies are a good choice for a diabetic treat and the reasons why. 

Then the truth came out. You see, this person, just before coming over to my house, ate a store bought donut.  Therefore, my coconut cookie would just send this person into a diabetic coma (really??). 

Now, I did a little research because A) it really miffed me in general, and B) I get really angry when people blame my food for their poor diet choices (and yes, there's a lot more behind this situation than a simple donut). So below you can see the nutritional data for a standard store bought donut. Looks like an excellent choice for a diabetic, yes? (you're correct, that's sarcasm you're reading here).
Nutritional information for a standard donut

Now here's the data for my coconut cookie: (yes, it's high in sat fat, but if you've done any research on coconut oil, you understand that it's a VERY GOOD FOR YOU sat fat, because it takes nutrients and "saturates" your body's cells)
Nutritional informatin for coconut cookies

Oh, and did you notice the Inflammation factor? 115 for the donut, NA for my cookie???

Now, if you read yesterday's post, you have an idea of what I'd like to say to people who eat donuts while telling me that my lifestyle & food choices are too extreme and therefore unhealthy. Here's what frustrates/hurts me... I work hard to find tasty treats that are acceptable choices for the people in my life who either have a condition that would limit their treats, or just need to eat healthy... I love cooking/baking for people... I've always had the home that no one ever leaves hungry. I feed people. It's a need. When I do the research and the testing, when I provide a healthy wonderful treat for someone who couldn't (or shouldn't) otherwise enjoy a brownie or cookie or cupcake, it frustrates the hell out of me to have someone tell me that "I/he/she can't have that, it's too sweet... diabetes... blah blah blah." It pisses me off when I feel like I know more about the glycemic loads of foods than the persons who SHOULD, and yet I get argued with or sniped at or whatever. 

Don't effing sniff your nose at my food while effing stuffing your face with burger king and donuts.  And don't effing tell me that you can't have one of my treats because you just ate an effing donut and there's too much SUGAR in mine!

I know it sounds like I'm pissed over the donut. I don't care about the donut. It's the attitude, the deliberate poor choices, and then the snobbery against my food, and frankly, against me. <sigh> I guess I just needed to vent.      

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