Thursday, May 13, 2010

Workout, Check. Food, Check. Sleep, Check Check!

12:00 noon:  Bowling went well last night... last match of the season. I'm taking the summer season off, though Bill and the rest of the guys will continue. I'll start back up again in the fall when, hopefully, I can buy a new ball. I've been bowling with the same ball I got 4 years ago... and having lost so much weight, the finger holes are way too big and I have difficulty throwing consistently. I did manage to win some small money prizes last night too! How's this for odd... I took 8th place (out of 150) in three different categories. LOL! So I celebrated by hitting up Best Buy today for a new pair of ear-buds for my iPod :-) I'm trying out some new playlists today through the weekend, so hopefully I'll have those to post for you on Monday :-)

My quads are finally quieting down today. I just feel sore now. Vast improvement! Tonight I will be doing an easy (steady-state) cardio session after my weights (back & biceps). Tomorrow will be another easy cardio session with abs and light legs. Saturday will be chest, shoulders and triceps (and abs). Sunday cardio. I plan to be able to start doing a couple HIIT sessions next week. I just want to make sure my legs have time to really recover before I start tearing them up again.

Food has been really consistent. If you've been looking at my daily cooler, you've noticed that I've added my summary.  I update it throughout the day, and it helps me be sure I'm on track.

8:00 pm update: gym time is complete. I did 40 minutes of back & biceps and a bit of abs. Then followed up with 30 minutes cardio. I meant to do steady pace, I really did. I just couldn't hack it! I had to do intervals! There was this voice in my head telling me, look at your heart rate... let's bump that up! Aye yay yay. Whatever, it's done now. Tomorrow is more cardio, so we'll see how my legs feel when I wake up in the morning.

Dinner was a yummy steak taco... Ezekiel sprouted grain corn tortilla with 1 tbsp lowfat cottage cheese, 1/4 cup shredded cabbage, taco sauce, sliced red pepper, 2 oz sliced lean grilled beef and taco sauce. Followed by my new favorite desert, Banana "ice cream".  My daily food totals are up on the cooler page.

And now I'm crashin... g'night!

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