Thursday, May 20, 2010

Workouts - Cupcakes - Nutritional Data

9:00 am: Yesterday was a great day, but I ended up way too low on calories :-(   After work, I went to Whole Foods for supplies, dropped them off at home, changed and hit the gym... GREAT workout... Back & Biceps, with some abs, then 20 min treadmill lower intensity intervals. Burned 546 calories. Got home and grabbed a baggie of grilled chicken and munched while I began the cupcake baking marathon. We tested 4 cupcake recipes with 2 frosting recipes (all from - see below for more info) to find Ariel's fav for the party saturday. Wouldn't you know she picked the frosting that was uber-messy! Lol! I was covered in it! Crazy! But it was really, really good :-) During all this, I boiled a pot of whole grain pasta and added the ground turkey & mushroom/tomato sauce I made on Sunday for the family. I took a couple bites, but was so busy making cupcakes & frosting that I spaced actually sitting down and eating. Then, when Ariel got home from her dinner date, I had her taste-test the cupcakes... narrowed it down from 4 recipes to 3. Lol. Guess I'm baking 3 different cupcakes for Saturday. I had mini-uber-mini bites... just enough literally to get a taste. So even with that, my calories were too low. Today however is a whole new story and I'm on track so far. :-)

Yesterday's workout was:
Round 1 -
Assisted pullups - wide grip
Lat Pulldowns - wide grip
Lat Pulldowns - narrow, reverse grip
Low Rows
Medicine Ball floor crunch
Repeat 3x
Round 2 - Assisted pullups - narrow grip
W-lifts with 12# dumbbells
Medicine Ball floor pulse-crunches
Repeat 3x
Round 3 - 21's with 12# dumbbells
Hammer curls w/12# dumbbells
Medicine ball floor crunches with twists
Cardio: 20 min med-intensity intervals, 5 min cool down. Stretching.
Calories burned: 545

Cupcakes! Elana ( is doing a cupcake month... should I love her or hate her? Lol. Seriously though, her recipes are great, and I love that they make small batches :-) I still ended up with 4 dozen cupcakes but the kids will be sharing them with friends at school over the next few days, and they're "healthy" treats. I forgot to take pics last night, but I'll try and add those tomorrow.

I ran the recipes through's recipe analyzer and here's what we get per cupcake (actually a little less as I made 12 out of each recipe, but the data is for 10 per recipe)...

Coconut Cupcakes (without frosting - see below for frosting)

Key Lime Frosting (per cupcake)

Flourless Chocolate Cupcakes (without frosting - see below for frosting)

Gluten Free Chocolate Cupcakes
Vegan Chocolate Frosting (per cupcake)
9pm update:  
Gym time complete. I did my 2nd leg day, but I am not split-savvy, so I don't feel I'm doing this quite right... at least not on the leg front. I'm going to have to do some research to get this right. I ended up hitting my hamstrings today and I think it was too much. Nothing I can't recover from, but I certainly don't want to overtrain any areas. My goal is to sculpt. I need to consult my expert fitness guru (aka The World's Greatest Trainer) but she's been pretty swamped with stuff recently.

Anyway, I did:
Round 1 -  3x
Walking lunges with body bar and kickbacks
Stiff legged deadlifts on a step
Exercise Ball Hamstring Roll/Tuck
Exercise Ball crunches
Round 2 - 2x
Bosu push up/hurdler stretch/burpee/press
Bosu side lunges
Bosu forward/reverse lunges
Round 3 - 3x
Seated calf raises w/ weight
Cardio - 25 min elliptical - med intensity intervals. Then stretching.
Total calories burned: 545

Dinner was 1/2 cup of whole wheat pasta with 1 cup of my tomato/mushroom/turkey sauce, a kiwi and 4 oz of milk. Then I enjoyed a cupcake from yesterday's marathon baking :-)  I had the flourless chocolate one with the chocolate frosting.  Yum! Now I'm relaxing with a lovely glass of no-detectable-sulfites Frey red wine and watching back Fringe episodes :-)

I've been pushing hard, I know this. I'm not anticipating that I can maintain this pace, I know this too. I am determined to reach my no-more-marshmallow-fluff-goal. I'm sore, all the time. While the sick-twisted part of me likes that, lol, another  part of me realizes that to keep pushing this hard is courting injury, exhaustion. I'm trying to be sane, trying to stay focused. I'm very excited about the new definition I'm seeing in my shoulders, arms and back. My butt is distinctly higher and more rounded, I'm losing some of the extra girth in my thighs. My waist has narrowed. 

But I have to be careful, knowing myself, of becoming so focused on those changes, that I cross over to obsession. Just something I must be watchful of. I want to be healthy. Not obsessed. That said... some view my lifestyle as obsessed anyway. Frankly, screw 'em.  Those people have no  right to comment on my life or my lifestyle. As a friend of mine stated on her own blog today, "Shut the f#*%k up and eat your donut".  LOL!

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