Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Twilight Premier Night & My Theater Cooler

9:30am. Oy! What a night! Thankfully, the theatre was well prepared and we spent no time at all outside in line! Woohooo! Downside, was the frigid chill factor inside, lol. The girls kept busy and had fun during the wait. I played Phase (like guitar hero for the iPod) until my battery died, then I read The Most Decadent Diet Ever by Devin Alexander. I didn't even bother to read much of the "diet" part, just skipped to the recipes. I think they'd be easy to clean up and plan to try several soon. There's already a few that we've enjoyed. The movie was fun, the evening exhausting. They were almost 1/2 hour late starting our show, and we didn't get home until 3am, then I was up at 5:30 begging for coffee via IV. My beloved and wonderful husband had prepped the coffee maker the night before so all I had to do was push a button and blink blurrily until I had my first cup. Ok, I blinked blurrily until I finished my third cup, but I'm awake now! :-)

Here's a few pics from last night, including my trusty cooler and late night snack.

My new bottle of Emu Oil arrived and I am so impressed! Truly odorless! Amazing! Same consistency, better color than the one I usually buy. Yay! Speaking of Emu oil, I'm finding that the combination of Emu & Coconut is absolutely doing wonders for my skin!

11:30am... Ha, so I take a quick break to get my head out of the graphic design mode, and hit up one of my fav blogs... now I must explain this one. As I was growing up, my mother became a genealogist (damn good one, too!) and we spent more weekends than I can recall exploring cemeteries throughout California. The offshoot of that is I am very comfortable in such environments (to the dismay of my hubby), and have a somewhat dark sense of humor. Ergo, my love of this particular blog... (Bill is creeped out by it, but Mom totally gets it!).  Anywho... so I'm perusing older posts I might not have seen in a while when I come across one for which the caption reads:

I'm hoping someone out there can explain this one to me.
Is this some sort of obscure Battlestargate Treklactica* reference?

Ha! Battlestargate Treklactica! Funny! I'm laughing it up, then the next line catches my eye:
*If you understand this, you're a nerd. Just saying.

Hey! I am not a nerd! I am a geek! Ok, maybe a nerdy geek, but still! <sigh> Ok, I'm a nerd. Ah, Frell! (and if you know that one, you're a nerd too, so there!).

3pm... My bad! I had posted under Today's Cooler (for yesterday) that I would explain about the not-worth-it-treats. I had packed my cooler with a clean dinner (wrap) and a snack (1/2 cup lowfat cottage cheese & a cracker/flatbread), and had planned to enjoy some movie-popcorn and peanut m&m's as a treat (those just say "movie time" to me). Well, when you eat clean for any length of time, your body can no longer tolerate things that were once wonderful. The popcorn I could only manage a few bites before I gave it away. The peanut m&m's I was a bit more tenacious with, finishing my little bag, despite the nearly instant headache and uneasy stomach. Why did I insist on eating them? Because I'm a nincumpoop! It was my treat and I wanted what I wanted... and oh how I regretted it! Neither treat is truly a treat for me anymore. I would have enjoyed it so much more if I had simply packed some of my coconut oil fudge in my cooler (which I definitely will do in the future).

Other things I can't eat anymore? Ice Cream is at the top of the list. Pastries/Cake/Cupcakes/Pie... I just don't stomach them well... maybe it's the refined sugar, or something else but I get instant headaches and stomach distress. I don't even bother with them.

Other things I enjoy now so much more? Banana "Ice Cream", coconut oil fudge, clean cookies... I'd like to put chocolate gelato on this list, but it's been a seriously long time since I've had any, and I don't know if I can handle it anymore. (see recipes page for the goodies!)

Do I regret not being able to eat those other "treats"? Nope! Not even a little. I like my stuff better. :-)  I do still enjoy my weekly date night meal out... though I do suffer a wee bit of distress from that, too. I'm sure those food choices will continue to evolve, just as have my others. I'm ok with that.

  Awesome new shoes :-)
On another note, I'm in heels today!!!! Wooohooo!!! After weeks in nothing but flats (because of my back), I took a chance and wore some super cute sandals to work and so far, NO PAIN! Yay! By the way, those are my shoes to the right...

Well, my plan is to go to the gym, but I'm running on empty. Not sure if I'll make it. What I need is a good solid night sleep then I can hit the ground running again tomorrow. 

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