Thursday, June 17, 2010

Awesome Lower Body Workout, and... Scorpions and Dogs - file under creatures who don't play well with each other

The workout Tab created for me was great! No additional pain! Wooohoo! I got home from the gym, grabbed a 4 oz piece of grilled chicken breast then cleaned up and headed to the bowling alley, intending to eat more of a meal later, but just as the game was ending, Shiloh called to say that Nakki had been stung by a scorpion - in the house! So we rushed home, got Nakki in the car and ended up at an all-night animal hospital. 

Horrible experience, felt like we wasted 2 hours and $200! They required that Nakki be muzzled and it's a toss up as to who was more traumatized by it - her or us! She's fine now. A little lethargic, but I think that's the Benadryl.  I've got calls in to several local pest control companies. I might live in the desert but I do NOT have to live WITH scorpions! Ugly little buggers!

So, back to the workout Tab gave me. The trick was to take my lower back out of the equation - difficult to do when you consider that you use your core for everything! Of course I know that she is the World's Greatest Trainer (WGT for short, lol), but I just have to say it again! :-) 

Here's the workout:
Warm-up - 10 min.  I use my walk to the gym for this, stretching and flexing as I go.
Quads:  3x
     Leg Extensions with toes pointed up (12 reps)
     Leg Extensions with heels together and toes pointed out (12 reps).
60 second rest.
Outer Thigh / Glutes:  3x
     Step ups onto platform with kickback and squeeze for a 3 count (15 each leg)
     Resistance Tube Side Walk (stand on tube, feet shoulder width apart, hold handles at hips and side step 12 steps, then return 12 steps)
60 second rest.
Calves: 5x
     Standing calf raises (no weight) - 15 reps with a 3 second squeeze and hold at the top.
Cardio: 25 minutes of intervals on Stairmaster (side steps and skipping steps and skip step with kickback and squeeze).

It took me 1 hr, 15 minutes (including the walk to and from the gym) and I burned 538 calories. I had a 4 oz piece of grilled chicken breast post-workout, but didn't have more than a piece of string cheese later, due to the scorpion drama. 

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