Thursday, June 3, 2010

Clean Cupcakes. Oh yeah.

Two of our nieces arrive today from Sacramento. Woohoo! We only get them Saturday & Sunday, because the rest of their visit they're staying with Bill's Dad (Grandpa), but we're really excited! :-) They're great kids and it's amazing how much they've grown and the people they're becoming. I'll tell ya, I really miss having family "in town". I'm missing watching all the nieces and nephews grow up :-(  Ok, homesick moment.

Moving on. After work yesterday, I ran by Barnes and Noble and picked up Jackie Warner's book. She's a gal who's fascinated me for a few years and her fitness, health, lifestyle philosophies have been evolving... I'm interested in seeing where she's at now. The book is called "This is Why You're Fat, and how to stay thin forever". I haven't cracked the cover yet, but I'm looking forward to it. 

After my book splurge, I hit the gym. 30 minutes back & biceps, then 20 minutes intervals on the treadmill. My back is still a major issue - it's the part in the hip cradle, below the small of the back, but above the tailbone. Heaven forbid I actually make progress and NOT be slowed down by an injury. Yeesh!

The guys loved the cupcakes... though one in particular feels it's his job to harass me about my fitness & diet lifestyle, joking with me, of course.  He said, "tastes pretty good considering."  I asked considering what? He says, "Considering there's no sugar." I said, "How do you know there's no sugar?" "Well YOU baked them! You don't use sugar."  

So.... while you can't actually taste a difference... you can't tell that there's no sugar, but you're assuming there's no sugar, therefore, they're pretty good considering? What you're really saying is you're wigged by the fact that it's possible to have a tasty cupcake (or brownie or whatever) without white refined sugar in it.  And since you can't actually taste a difference, you're going to assume there's something wrong with it simply because of the (again) assumed lack of sugar. But, you're also going to have another one because, "considering", they are quite yummy. Do I have that straight?  

I should add, that this is the same friend who was happily gobbling up a big brownie at Easter when someone told him they were made without sugar and were a healthy/acceptable treat. He immediately put down his fork, pushed his plate away and said "they were all right". Really, 'cuz that was your THIRD, and they were better than all right until you knew they weren't full of nasty fats & refined sugars & flours. Really???

Now, my father-in-law, the diabetic, says this recipe is his favorite of all, so far. The Cranberry cupcakes have officially dethroned the Coconut cupcakes with key-lime icing. :-)     

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