Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Coconut Oil = No Sunburn

Three cheers for tasty oatmeal! Three cheers for vanilla protein powder! LOL! Seriously, breakfast is soooo much better using the vanilla powder instead of the chocolate!
Yesterday's food was great until the evening. <sigh>.  No bueno ending to the day. Oh well, that's what new days are for.

So.... remember my whole Coconut Oil experiment? Well, it's over, and I now use it regularly, daily on my skin. I burn in the sun super easy. My kids say I'm part albino, lol. No matter what sunscreen I use, I always burn. However! Since I've been using the coconut oil on my skin, I have yet to burn this summer! I've spent the day on a boat, a few days laying around in the backyard, and daily on my back patio with my coffee. I'm getting a nice golden sheen, but NO BURN! Coincidence, I don't think so. I should mention, that other than the sunscreen in my makeup, I'm not using any. Interesting, to be sure. I will definitely keep using it on my skin. 

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