Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Dumbass Magic Pill

9:00 am - Today I managed to pack my cooler, but boy is it light! My lack of preparedness this week is entirely my own fault, which of course irritates me. Thankfully I still have some staples in the house... including an Amy's bowl, which is clean, but low on protein. I've got to get my act together this week! Tonight I'll be cooking a pork tenderloin so I'll definitely have protein for the rest of the week. I'm good on veggies & fruit, so that's not a problem, and I need to make a batch of quinoa. I know this to be true, yet it still surprises me how far a little prep can go. I'm spending so much more time in the kitchen trying to get my meals together than I am used to and it's frustrating. I much prefer my Sunday Food Prep! I'd like to say, "Well, this will teach me! Won't let this happen again!" but in actuality, this is life. It will happen again. The key, for me, is to roll with it. Make the very best choices I can, and keep moving forward.

8pm update... I must confess to a grievous error in judgment. You see, I have an issue, but I know what the solution is...I must drink sufficient water. Yet I ignore that and turned to a little magic pill to solve my issue. I have trouble drinking enough water. This has been a constant battle for me. It is compounded by my high-fiber diet. A high-fiber diet is a good thing, even a wonderful thing, but no amount of fiber (including ground flax) will do me any good unless I accompany that fiber with plenty of water. Yet I don't. So, last night before bed, in a moment of weakness and the use of a single brain cell,  I turned to two  itty bitty pills to solve my problem for me.... and egads, I am paying for it! Starting at 1am, I was up every half hour... my gut is so gurgly and twisted, and I am bloated - painfully so, and I have lost 5 lbs in water weight today... not good when I'm already under-hydrated! Blast that magic-pill-complex!  I managed to do my cardio, a bit of abs and stretching but there was no way I could lift weights! Oy! I had a Siggi's Skyr (Icelandic yogurt) after the gym, hoping the good bacteria cultures would ease some of my discomfort... not so much. I am physically miserable... and I did it to myself! I could have just drunk the darned water like I knew I was supposed to! I have already doubled my normal water intake today, but I think it's going to take more than that to ease this.  What I needed was a smack in the head, instead I gave myself a punch in the gut. I tell myself that I do indeed have more than one brain cell... utilizing them is a good thing. Live, learn. Do stupid things and suffer stupid consequences. Yeesh.  "Gentle, overnight relief"... HA! Yeah Right!!

Anyway, I have a tenderloin in the oven, so my protein needs will be better met for the rest of the week. <sigh> Tomorrow is a new day. I am eager for it. 

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