Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Me + Gym = Peace for All Mankind

Today is a no cooler day :-(  Ran out the door this morning to have breakfast with the girls before they flew back home, and I completely spaced packing up my cooler. Thankfully I have a bag of natural almonds and a few packets of tuna in my desk, so that'll get me through until I can dash out to the store. I am fully intending to have gym-time today. I'm a better person when I get my gym-time. :-) Wait, let me rephrase... I'm a nicer person when I get my gym-time. LOL! 

Things went ok at the dealership. They're demanding I jump through hoops, but it is what it is. Then they asked for a copy of my social security card and I thought, Ah ha! I have that right here.... uh, where's my... oh crud! So much for an easy hoop. I lost my card a few years ago and never got around to going to the SSA office to get it replaced. That was a mistake. So now I have to run over there, and wait in line and wait and wait. Hopefully it won't take all day (because it can). Oy. Procrastination... it is not my friend.

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