Saturday, June 12, 2010

Summer Monsoon & Kiwi Mojitos

Back from California. Left this morning at 9am to drive to Coachella to pick up the girls, then turn around and drive home. It's great to have them back :-)  I'm glad to say I'm hitting my water goal, still feel a bit sloshy though, lol! I scared the bejeebers out of Bill on our drive back home today when I finished my third 23.7 oz water bottle and threw my arms up in the air and yelled, "YES!"   LOL! Tomorrow morning I'm cleaning out the fridges and heading to the grocery store. I'm looking forward to my Sunday Food Prep :-)

Tonight I'm enjoying my new favorite (clean) summer drink... my Kiwi Mojito. I'll post the recipe soon. Very light and refreshing, and totally clean. :-)  We've had several 100+ degree days lately, but looks like we're heading into monsoon season! We hit rain on our way out of Phoenix and back in today, and tonight the sky is cloudy and there's a glorious breeze/wind blowing. I love monsoon season!  :-) 

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