Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Window Washer Etiquette

Where is the day going? Yikes! Rush, rush, rush! Food is on track today, I'll be hitting the gym this evening, and I'm rollin' right along. How about you? Are ya'll watching the new Jillian Michaels show? What are your thoughts? 

Update on the water intake project... I am consistently getting all my water in, Yay! I've been slicing up lemons and taking them in a baggie, then adding to the water as I go. Every time I fill up the bottle, I add a couple more slices. I'm right at about a lemon a day, lol. Hey, my liver gets a free boost while I'm getting my water :-)

OMG! Ok, folks.... I think there needs to be a blanket rule that if window washers are doing the office windows on a specific day, someone should let everyone else know. Holy Cow! I'm all alone in the building, it's quiet, I'm typing away.... and just got the bejeebers scared out of me! Excuse me while I scrape myself off the ceiling. Lol!

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