Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Chaos & Burgers

 No gym yesterday. I got home to discover that our air conditioner was out, the Cox cable people were trying to fix our cable, and our landlord was in and out attempting to fix the AC. It was a bit chaotic, as well as being 100 degrees INSIDE my house. Oy. Landlord finally got it running again at about 9:15 last night, and the cable people are back at my house this morning to check the wiring in the attic (glad I'm not up there!).

While my fitness plan went awry, my dinner plan was successful. We tried a new recipe out of Devin Alexander's I Can't Believe It's Not Fattening!  And WOW! Awesome! The Bacon Burgers on pg 48 are great, and I only had to tweak a couple things to make them clean for me. I found a wonderful brand of bacon bits that are clean (Wellshire), and the bbq sauce (Robbie's) was phenomenal! I used an Earthgrains thin bun, while Bill had his Potato Bun (someday I will win that battle, but at least this is one without HFC). He also had some Pops bbq chips with his burger. Oh, and I used Bison instead of Beef.

Tonight, Tab & I are hitting the gym together (I love having a workout buddy!). Then dinner tonight will be Taco Salad.

Now... I must say... You guys overwhelm me. Thank you for your understanding, compassion, and virtual smacks on the head regarding my horrid confession. Truly. You humble and inspire me. I will keep on keeping on, and I WILL win this battle.

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