Thursday, July 29, 2010

Dumbass Drivers

updated the recipe page with the tomato & cucumber salad. It's high calorie (147), but it's important to note that the vast majority of those calories are from the olive & coconut oil (only a scant -very scant- 1/2 tbsp of each); and healthy fats are an important part of a healthy diet. Anyway, it was really yummy, and just a simple "toss-it-in-a-baggie" side-dish.

Bethany (my 14 yr-old) joined me today for 6:30am yoga. I don't think she was impressed. LOL! I, however, enjoyed it. This was my second class with this particular instructor, and while her music choices still strike me as odd, I do like her teaching style. Today's class was much (MUCH) faster paced... wow! Lots of fun! She'll be subbing for the Saturday morning class, so I'm planning to attend that one instead of Sunday's class.

Starting tomorrow, we are entering the Preparation for School Shopping Vortex. I plan to wear my heart rate monitor, just for giggles. :-)  This year, I've instituted what I hope is a brilliant plan. I went to my bank and got gift cards (visa)  for each of the girls with their share of the school shopping money. While I maintain veto power, and of course, all clothing items must meet dress-code approval, these handy little visa's will save me some sanity, and some cash. No more, "Mom, I know I'm at my limit, but it looks sooooo cute on me!" [with batting eyelashes and puppy dog smiles]. When the card runs out, so do they. Plus, if I really don't want to drive to timbuktoo, I don't have to because they don't need me and my card! :-)  Yay!

Somebody slipped up and I got my hands on the memo below... explains a lot about my drive in to work this morning. Hmmm.


Date: JULY 29, 2010

Today is officially "Brake For No Reason Day". Please feel free to brake at will. Further, we encourage you to randomly change speed, slowing to around 10 mph on 50 mph roads. Do this often. Additionally, if you have the opportunity to travel 3-cars wide on a 3-lane road, all traveling at the same speed, please do so.

Special note... Do not, under any circumstances, forward this memo to Chelle Stafford. A secondary purpose to "Brake For No Reason Day" is to cause great annoyance to her during what would normally be a very simple commute.
Thank you.

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