Wednesday, July 7, 2010

In a Galaxy Far, Far, Away...

9am: It's up! Tab's Training Tips is launched! :-) Wooohoo!! Please check it out, and if you have any fitness questions, send them her way :-) I'm so excited to be able to share her with you! We've got a lot of fun things in store for the future, and she's already answered 3 questions!
Tonight, I am hosting a houseful of teenagers. My youngest daughter's best friend is moving to Florida on friday, so tonight is the going away party. Between that and various errands I will be unable to hit the gym, which normally means I'd have done it this morning, but like all best-laid-plans that too, went awry... I overslept. Oy. So, no gym today, but my food is clean and on track.

The boys (my son Joey & his buddy Robbie) came over last night so I cooked up Devin Alexander's Chicken Enchilasagna. Very tasty, it's a family favorite. I made it with Ezekiel's sprouted corn tortillas (and doubled the chicken of the original recipe to make it higher in protein). I sent the leftovers home with the boys :-)

On another note, my back is giving me trouble again. Dagnabbit! Have I mentioned how much I detest injury? I do. Deeply. Today I'm back in my flats and moving slowly.
Not. A. Happy. Camper.

On a completely different note :-) Look what arrived!!!! One of my errands today is to hunt down an icing set (Find the icing, I will) so the kids can make cookies tonight for the party :-)  (Yes, my geekdom knows no bounds!)

UPDATE 2PM:    Find the icing, I did. Strong is the force in me. :-) 

Need a laugh? Have you read the Twilight books? Then you simply must read Jen Lancaster's June 30th blog... I'm still rolling!    Then read this:       

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