Wednesday, July 14, 2010

It's Difficult For Me To Accept Limitations

Workout went well. Here's what I did: 3x - Leg Press, Stiff legged deadlifts with 20# bar, Squat Press with 20# bar. 2x - Swiss ball hamstring rolls, walking lunges with 12# bar on shoulders, wall-crunches with 10# ball. Then 20 min intervals on the stair-master. Burned 474 calories in an hour. I was super careful of my back - keeping excellent form and using low weights, as this was the first time doing these exercises since my injury. Afterwards, I drove home (too hot to walk, now, it was 113 at 7:00pm), had my Vitamin C (grapefruit juice), and finished the other half of my lunch wrap & a couple hard boiled egg whites. Popped a couple ibuprofen, just in case. After about an hour, I took stock... back felt fine... strong, even (and Tab gave me the thumbs up on my workout, yay!). Knees... Oy.

It's difficult for me to accept limitations (quit laughing - yes, it's an understatement, lol). When I tore the cartilage & patellar tendon in my knee, the World's Greatest Trainer (aka, Tab) was incredible at rehabbing it and getting me back on track. I know now, how to strengthen the supporting muscles, how to build up for stability & power, but the challenge is the degenerative condition that was discovered when I was injured. The undersides of my kneecaps are wearing away at an accelerated rate (both the patella and the cartilage). The eventuality is that I will need to have both kneecaps replaced someday. To extend the life of my patellas, it's important to build strong quads, as these control the "tracking" of the patella and can reduce wear on the underlying cartilage. Because of my back injury, I had let my legs go... now I'm back, and boy am I feeling it.

All last night, my knees felt like glass (still do). I was sure that if I knelt down, they'd shatter. I hate that feeling. I don't like to feel weak, in any way. In fighting it, I push too hard, I injure myself. Then I berate myself for stubbornly pushing too hard and causing injury. Ugh. There is a balance, and I'm actively seeking it. It's a difficult thing sometimes to differentiate between basic muscle soreness and injurious pain. It's also difficult to enforce rest on someone who sees it as weakness. I am working on this.

Food For Life (Ezekiel) 7-Sprouted Grains English MuffinsAnyway... Today's workout for me is chest & triceps, along with the stair-master. Food today is on track. I picked up some Sprouted 7-grain english muffins for my breakfast sandwich, along with some no-salt added turkey breast (Golden Farms). Snacks are simple, yet complete (hard boiled eggs & apple, Siggi's yogurt & string cheese). Lunch is a sandwich... Earthgrains thin bun with 4 ounces Golden Farms Turkey Breast, tomato, lettuce, cheddar and 1 tbsp dijon mustard, plus a banana.  Tonight is bowling for Bill, so after my workout, I'll have to clean up then go pick him up. Can't believe it's already Wednesday!

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