Wednesday, July 21, 2010

New Workout Music & Dinner in 12 Minutes. NICE!

Ugh... hit a major slump. Sleepy! Time to break into the stash... KOMBUCHA!!!  I have two bottles from before stupid-celebrity-induced-panic pulled the glorious tea from the shelves. Cosmic Cranberry is about to revivify me! Yes, I just used revivify in a sentence. I'm a geek, what can I say? :-)  The bad news, is that I'm now down to just one bottle in my secret hiding space in the office fridge. Bummer.

ok seriously people! Get the Kombucha back in the stores! This is good stuff!

New cardio playlist that I'll be trying out tonight is posted here.

You know those days where you have to drag your butt kicking and screaming into the gym and through the whole workout? That was yesterday. It ended up just being me and the evil-me kept saying, c'mon... take the day off. While the good-me said, get your a$$ in there!!!  She was louder, so I went. Lol. I did chest & biceps, then 20 min intervals on stair-master. Then dinner was taco salad. I used bison, and it was super yummy! The family layer tortilla chips (see below), shredded lettuce (or bag salad), browned bison simmered in crushed tomatos w/green chilies, and Mrs Dash Southwest Chipotle, Rosarita refried black beans, shredded 2% cheddar, sour cream (light) and taco sauce. Mine however, is on a bed of shredded cabbage, then the bison mix, a bit of beans, then a big scoop (1/4 to 1/3 cup) lowfat cottage cheese, a sprinkle of reduced fat feta, and taco sauce. Sometimes I eat a few chips, most-times not. Super easy dinner! On the table in 12 minutes flat! Wooh!

Today I'll either do legs & cardio, or just cardio. Haven't decided yet. But I'm building a new cardio playlist so maybe that'll help me get motivated today :-)

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