Sunday, July 4, 2010

Part II: The Great Yoga Debacle

Ahhh Yoga. The peace, the Zen, the unfortunate injuries to innocent class-goers.  Lol!  Here's what happened...

Tab couldn't attend this week, so at 7:45am I make my way down the hill to the gym. This time I am better prepared (I brought a towel) and confidently take my place in the back of the room. I set up my mats, lay my towel down, remove my shoes (flip flops this time, no fighting with tennies!), and settle in to stretch and prepare. As the other attendees enter, they glance at me then quickly move toward the front of the room (I see the memo went out). 

The instructor enters (a substitute), adjusts the heater, and begins to chat with folks as she sets up. The lights dim, soft soothing music drifts through the room, and our Yogi asks if anyone is new to yoga. I raise my hand (and silently apologize in advance). She smiles graciously, pretending not to notice that there is no one within a 12 foot radius of my mat.

We begin, lightly stretching and bending as the room gently warms (only 106 this time!). As class flows onward, I am gaining confidence in my ability to learn these new skills. Latecomers have now entered the room, and with the only free-space being on either side of me, they've reluctantly taken their places (don't think I didn't notice their dismay). But, this is a new day! I am serene. I am loose. My towel is absorbing my sweat, brilliantly preventing slip-injury.  I am smugly congratulating myself on my newfound success when it happens. I should have known, though really, I cannot blame myself. I blame maintenance. Who waxes a wood floor before yoga class? Really? Yep. From Cobra to Downward Dog... my mat flew (perhaps the resident yoga gremlin yanked it) back and to the left, while I was thrown forward and to the right.

After recovering my mat, and resuming my pose, I realize that I have a long way to go before yoga is in any way natural to me. I will persevere. I will conquer. Though, sadly, I can be certain that next week, the empty space surrounding my mat will remain empty, no matter how many late folk show up. (Really people, I said I was sorry!)

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