Thursday, July 8, 2010

Star Wars Cookies & Lousy Neighbors

Ok, so a cookie artist I am not. Lol! I finally gave up on Darth Vader, didn't even bother with Boba Fet,  but Yoda and the storm troopers didn't turn out too horribly. Click on the little picture to view the big one.

The Going-Away Party was a success. The kids had a blast. Did have a bit of a run-in with the behind-us-neighbor. Oy. This woman. Let me start at the beginning.

About 3 months ago, Shiloh (my 16-yr old) was home sick. Mid-day, she took the dog out back. This neighbor was in her back yard doing something to the trees which of course got Nakki stirred up. This person then proceeded to scream at my daughter for letting the dog bark. Excuse me, but if you have a problem with my dog, you talk to an adult in the house, not berate a kid. Anyway. I never saw this woman, so I just let it go. Our dog isn't a barker, only when there's a reason to bark. She sleeps in our room (in our bed, lol), and is inside all night long. She has a doggie door so she can go outside when she needs to during the day, but in no way is she a "noisy" dog.

A few weeks ago, I was sitting outside my bedroom (upstairs patio) reading as the sun was going down (ah, Arizona sunsets). Nakki was prowling the backyard, just sniffing at stuff like dogs do. Suddenly I heard this weird "Ch Ch Ch" sound and looked up. This strange woman was leaning over our back wall, snapping her fingers and making her "Ch" sound at my dog! WTH? So I watched her for a moment, trying to figure out what the heck she was doing... She then began waving her arms around and making louder "Ch" sounds... Nakki, of course, was going nuts, barking and lunging at the wall. This annoyed me.

I spoke up, "She's only barking because you're antagonizing her. If you stop, she will too." The shock on this woman's face when she looked up and saw me sitting there! Mucho funny!  She then began to upbraid me for having a barking dog. It seems that my duty was to be certain my dog is silent at all times (sorry lady, the yappy dogs are 2 doors down from you and belong to the HOA president). I explained again that the dog will stop barking and lunging if she will stop snapping, waving her arms over the fence and making "Ch" noises. She tells me my dog is outside barking all day and all night and she just can't handle it anymore (try Lithium, lady... the voices in your head are the ones barking).  She threatens to go the HOA (remember who the yappy dogs belong to). I say "OK". She threatens to call the police. I say "OK". Finally she storms off to make her call. The police never did come to the door, so I don't know if she actually called or not, but seriously, this woman is a fruit-loop!

This brings me to last night. Now, I'm not an bad person (really, I'm not!) and I am a good neighbor. We're throwing this teen-party, so my rules are simple. 6pm to 9pm. Keep the music at a reasonable level. Everyone out of the pool, outdoor music off and kids inside by full-dark (about 8:30pm). And finally, keep to our property. It's a weeknight, but it's also summer, so I feel the "everyone inside, music off by 8:30pm" is both reasonable and responsible.

The party begins, kids show up and by 6:30 (full daylight, folks) they're all in the pool, splashing and having a ball. I'm sitting out back keeping an eye on them, when guess who pops her head over the wall and starts yelling at the kids to shut up and turn off the music. Really? Oh yeah. I sigh, and wave her attention to me. She complains that the kids are too loud, the music is too loud, and the dog is barking again. I point out that it's full daylight, it's summer, it's a party, and I'm chaperoning and will be certain that she is not inconvenienced any more than necessary (you ol' bat). She continues complaining, then says she's calling the police. Whatever.

I go inside to check on the Star Wars cookies, and when I return she has turned on her stereo and is (I am so not kidding, you can't make this stuff up) blasting at top volume POLKA music, in the original language. The kids are laughing hysterically, so am I. The party goes on, and by 8:30 the kids have consumed 3 pizzas, an inordinate number of snacks, have cleaned up the backyard (what?! Who are these kids and can I make them mine?) and moved inside where they work on several "memory" boards for Amber (who is moving to Florida).

Bill comes home from bowling, and by 9pm the last of the guests have gone home. We head out back to sit and relax a bit (pulling a stray gummy bear out of the seat cushion). We chill a moment then he says, "Shiloh, please turn the stereo down, and... what the heck are you listening to?"  Shi and I bust out laughing, he gets a bit annoyed and reaches for the stereo. Which is off. Then it hits him. HA! He looks toward the back wall, turns back to me and says, "Really?". "Oh yeah."  "How long has this been going on?"  "Since 6:30 when she complained about the kids, dog and music." "Well, how mature."  ROFL!

She continued to blast her music until exactly 10pm. I'm tellin' ya, folks... this year's graduation party (I have 2 seniors) is gonna be an experience! 

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