Monday, July 12, 2010

Workout, Food, Motivation...

Awesome workout! It's so much more fun when you have a workout buddy :-)  Though, Tab and I are about to start a betting pool on how long until the trainers there confront us, lol! I've already had run-ins when they thought that I was training my girls. They didn't believe me that I wasn't a trainer, and those were just my kids (ha! I'll take it as a compliment!). Today they were watching us like hawks (again!)!  LOL!  After the gym, I had my post-workout kiwi (vitamin c helps reduce Cortisol levels - cortisol leads to belly fat), then I made a breakfast sandwich (click for recipe). These are soooo good! They're based on a recipe in a Devin Alexander book, but I cleaned it up :-) I'll figure out the nutritional data for them tomorrow and get it posted.

Let's see if I can remember everything from the workout...
5 minute treadmill walking warm-up
Round 1 (x3):  One arm squat cable pulls; Wide grip lat pull downs.
Round 2 (x2):  Low Rows; Assisted pull ups (have I mentioned I HATE this machine? LOL)
Round 3 (x2):  Standing on bosu - bicep curls into shoulder presses; bent over reverse flye with shoulder rotation.
Cardio: 20 minutes intervals on stair-master
Calories burned: 578 calories

4pm:  Woohoo! I had already planned to hit the gym after work today, then it turns out Tab is available at the same time! We're doing upper body (back, biceps, shoulders), then the stair monster! Yay!
On another note... picked up the current On Fitness Magazine today. There was an interesting little tidbit on pg 14 in an article about feeding hurting muscles...

"Coconut Oil. The fats in coconut oil are absorbed directly into the blood stream and can be used quickly for energy and recovery, where other fats have to be routed through the lymphatic system. These fats can greatly increase the energy requirement for muscle recovery quickly and effectively." Dr. Jade Teta [Holistic physician and certified strength and conditioning specialist in NC]

I'm a strong proponent of using Coconut Oil regularly, so it was nice to see a fitness publication also recognize the value. Most experts will warn us against ingesting fats (even healthy ones) just before or after a workout. Protein & carbs, yes; fat, no. Coconut oil is the exception to this rule. And in my experience, eating coconut oil before a workout helped increase my stamina and recovery time. Coconut water (pure coconut water, not mixed with other juices) had a similar effect.

9am:  I had the most incredible weekend! Sorry I wasn't online, but my friend and her family were here and I hadn't seen her in 22 years! She's a runner (Boston Marathon, etc) and looked amazing! We had the best time just hanging out by the pool and talking. It was awesome!
Then Sunday, we drove the girls to CA to meet up with their dad for another 2 week visit. Didn't get home until after 7 (stopped for dinner), so no Sunday Food Prep. Food is good today, though, and I'm running out to my favorite "clean" restaurant to pick up lunch (steamed chicken, veggies & brown rice). So my cooler is light but I'm still on track.

Fitness.... ok. here's the thing. I'm still battling my back. :-( It's better, then it's not. Then it's better. Oy. But... I have a plan. First, visiting with Ang really brought back the fire for my back-burner-goal to actually run a 5k (not just walk it). I mean seriously, how can you be around someone who does the Boston and NOT be inspired! Not possible!  :-)  Anyway, that means treadmill time, which I cannot do until my back is healed (Tab has me banned until I have no pain). So, I've given myself 2 weeks (yes, another 2 weeks) to try to allow this to heal on its own while I work with the stair-master and Tab's modified lower-body routine. If I'm not truly better in 2 weeks, then I will admit defeat and see the doctor. If I am better, I will go to step 2... back on the treadmill (obviously only with Tab's blessing)! Then I plan to build up to 5k running.

Because we were on the road Sunday, I also didn't get to do Yoga, but I plan to keep that in my routine. Once I'm back on my feet, I'm also on the lookout for unusual fitness classes, so if you hear of anything be sure to shoot it my way! I want to try some new things :-) as long as there's no pole involved, lol! :-) 

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