Friday, July 23, 2010

Workout Kicked My Butt

 I am sooooo sore! Thursday night Tab and I did legs. The motivation to hit the gym I had in the morning had  evaporated by 5pm, but I went anyway. I did the workout, but my joy just wasn't there. I kept kicking myself for not "giving it my all", but all I could do was just get it done. Imagine my surprise when upon waking this morning I was so sore I could barely move! And I had a workout (upper body) scheduled for 7:45am with Tab! We were both sore, lol, but had a kick-ass workout plus cardio. I came home and chowed down on an egg & spinach breakfast sandwich (ezekiel english muffin) with some fresh grapefruit juice for vit.C. Once I managed to drag my butt up the stairs (let me tell you how much the glutes protest to stairs 24 hrs after a killer leg workout!) I got ready for the day then headed out for my errands.

I replaced my old gym shoes and got some new inserts which hopefully will relieve some of the stress on my knees, then joined Tab at the nail salon for a much needed and very much enjoyed pedicure followed by a bite of sushi. Ahhhhh, Girl Time! Nothin' Like It! 

Tonight, Bill is at a friendly (ha ha) poker tournament, while I am home alone (all alone, ahhhhhh!). I am at this moment enjoying a glass of red wine (no detectable sulfites - Frey label) and plan to enjoy a piece of Godiva dark chocolate shortly. I'm catching up on Losing it with Jillian without any distractions, and I'm LOVING it! :-)

Oh... New showerhead is WONDERFUL!!! Woohoo!

Hope your day and evening are wonderful too!  (Did I mention I'm sore? Oh, and I forgot to say, I'M SORE!!!!! ROFL!)

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