Thursday, August 12, 2010

Barometric Pressure Blahs

Grabbed a salad at Whole Foods. Same as yesterday (baby spinach, kale, shredded cabbage, slivered almonds, shredded chicken, shredded beets, red quinoa and olive oil. While in the store, the current issue (Sept/Oct) of Well Being Journal caught my eye with this headline, "Coconut Oil Benefits Cholesterol". I picked up the journal and headed back to my office, excited to read the story. I was disappointed to discover it was written by Bruce Fife (author of the majority of coconut oil books on the market). Don't get me wrong. I like his books, found them interesting and informative, and my own coconut oil experiment was successful. But... There's so little "real" research available! I was hoping for a new study released, or at least a new voice. <sigh>.

Ok, the wrap for dinner last night? Sucked! Ew! Not getting that kind again! Blek. Moving on... I'm heading out again today at lunchtime, so I'll pick up either another Whole Foods salad bar deal or hit up Red House for Steamed Chicken, Veggies and brown rice. I may or may not have time for Snack 2, as I have to leave the office early to make it to the studio for Senior portraits and Family portrait.

No yoga this morning (much to Shiloh's dismay, she really wanted to go with me), as the headache is still raging, though as the morning moves on, it's becoming less intense. I checked the barometric pressure and sure enough, it's "steady" as of about an hour ago (coincidentally, the time when I noticed the pain easing off). Surely there's a way to combat this! Oy! Hell or high water (please God, neither!) I plan to do yoga tomorrow morning. I've got to get back in the gym. This is driving me nuts. I want my cardio, lifting and yoga back! Ok, I'm done whining.

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