Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Best Laid Plans...

The best laid plans... overslept this morning and missed yoga. :-( Seriously not happy, especially since I can't get into the gym tonight because we have back to back parent meetings at the high school (senior info nights). DAGNABBIT!

Dinner last night was a couple protein cookies, followed a couple hours later with crockpot bbq chicken legs when we got home. More healthy than it sounds, lol.

I got my answer back from Tab on yoga vs weights... check out her page for the info :-)

On a snacky note, ya'll know that my family LOVE the Pops chips. Turns out, we're not alone :-) They're actually sponsoring Jillian Michaels cruise coming up in October. If you haven't tried them yet, I encourage you to. They're excellent for those family/neighborhood bbq's and events where normally you'd be hiding from the snack table... now you can indulge! Read up, then taste... wow!  BBQ is our favorite flavor, but I see they also have a salt & vinegar... can't wait to try it!!! 

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