Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Bison Burgers

Total insanity this morning. Our main (work) domain expired, and no one knew since it was registered wonky and no one got notice, so everything was down and everyone panicked.  Once I got hold of a real person at NetSol, I discovered that the contact information reads: 
       Contact First Name:  ContactFirstName
       Contact Last Name:  ContactLastName.

Really?? REALLY???   Might I just note, self absorbed as I am, that this is the domain I was never given control over; that when I suggested we move it to GoDaddy with our others (our 48 other domains), I was told to leave it where it was? Yes, that domain. After much trauma and drama, we are back up, and pending some major changes (yeah, I'm moving the domain). And peace reigns once more throughout the land. Lol.

6:30 this morning found me once again in the gym. I did upper body, then 20 min on the stair-master (nasty-biting-bitch!). I'm sore and very glad that it's done, lol. Having done both lifting and cardio, I'm clear for the day and can spend some solid study time tonight, plus hang out at the bowling alley.

Dinner last night went well. Good thing I stopped and picked up an extra pound of bison, as instead of the 6 people I expected to feed, it was 10. The burgers were a hit. :-) Then the girls wanted to make yogurt/fruit/granola cups for desert. Oddly, my kitchen was not destroyed by this endeavor! :-)

While at Whole Foods (aka Whole Paycheck), I discovered a new (to me) brand of coconut water (yes, I was searching for Kombucha... drat!) and since it was on-sale, I picked up a couple bottles. Wow! New favorite!  I love plain coconut water, and often mix it in my water bottle for a tough workout, but this tastes like a treat! TasteNirvana is the brand, and it's just coconut water, but it tastes so much different from the other waters! This is seriously good stuff! I'll be heading back to WF today to get more! Even Bill liked it! And I mean LIKED it! I don't know if he'd give up his beloved Monsters for it, but I can hope, right? :-)

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