Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Fat Burning Cookies?

Well, my plans for Taco Salad night were dashed when I arrived home to discover my wayward daughter had tossed a lasagna in the oven for dinner. Lol. While they munched on lasagna (it might not be strictly clean, and certainly not carb/protein balanced, it is made with whole ingredients and no preservatives), I enjoyed a grilled chicken breast and steamed veggies for my dinner.

Today was yoga (yay!). Seriously loving it! I'm starting (barely) to recognize some of the terms, and I did Wild Thing without hurting myself! :-)

I made up a batch of cookies last night out of the Sept issue of Oxygen. Did you see the Fat Burning Cookies on pg 80? Have you made them? Here are my thoughts... 1) They look NOTHING like the photo. The photo in the magazine looks like they didn't even include the oats! Mine rose and got "cakey", certainly nothing like the cookie-gems in the magazine. 2) Serving Size... it says the recipe makes 38 servings of 2 cookies. Those cookies must be the size of my thumbnail! My batch made 38 regular normal size cookies, so the nutritional info for my cookies is the same as for 2 of theirs.  3) Texture... very dense cakey-dry. Not at all like a cookie. But, knowing this, they do still make an excellent pre-workout fuel-up and since the nutritional profile is good, I'm content.  They taste pretty good, as long as you're not expecting a cookie. Lol. I think these ones are safe from the kids.

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