Saturday, August 28, 2010

Godiva Makes Me Happy

Got it all done yesterday AND made it to the mall for Tab-Time! Woohoo! We had lots of fun, and entertained many salespeople in the process, lol. Imagine Lucy & Ethel in the mall. Yep, that's us. :-)  And of course, we hit up Godiva for some excellent chocolate. They have a new truffle, Dark Chocolate Molten Lava Cake.... There are no words. Truly. It is an experience. Incredible Awesome Yumminess. We're walking through the mall eating this little piece of chocolate heaven and Tab says, "I think I just became a diabetic." I responded, "I think I just got 4 cavities."  LOL!
Afterward, Bill and I got our date-night dinner. Blue Adobe. I had the shredded beef taco and the tenderloin relleno. Yum! :-) Excellent treat meal.

Today, I'm heading off to the gym. My a$$ is soooo sore, so I'll be doing some light cardio and upper body work. Then hitting the grocery store to mix up a fruit salad for the Luau tonight.
Hope ya'll are having an awesome weekend! :-)

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