Monday, August 2, 2010

I Have a Hater! LOL!

Much catching up to do! First, Tab's back!!!! Woooohooo!!!!! I can't wait to catch up with her!

Next, today was Senior registration day, and while there are some class schedule snafu's, it otherwise went fairly smoothly. Freshman registration is Thursday, which is also the day my sister-in-law arrives (Yay, Sandi!).

Last week I didn't lift weights, but I was in the gym 5x's.  I did 4 yoga classes, and 2 cardio sessions. And I am sore! :-)  This week is beginning well... I have already completed my cardio for the day, and will lift this evening after work. Tomorrow and Thursday mornings are yoga class, plus I'll have other cardio & weights sessions in the evenings. While I didn't lift last week, and had limited cardio, I don't feel I lost any ground. Instead, I feel strong. I'm really liking yoga! Shiloh and her bff Olivia went to class with me on Saturday, and afterwards said they'd be interested in "occasionally" going again. Lol. Yoga is a fun, challenging and different activity, and it will definitely be staying in my routine.

Saw a couple movies... on DVD we watched Clash of the Titans; then Bill and I hit the theatre to see Despicable Me. And yes, we were indeed the only adults without small children attending. LOL! It was awesome! I so very much want minions! :-)

Now my big news of the weekend... I have a hater! ROFLMAO!!!! I got my first hate-mail from a viewer of this site. I feel so official now! LOL! Evidently I am "self-absorbed and vacuous". Too funny!  Tab asked if it was possibly from the Person-Whom-Shall-Not-Be-Named, but I don't think said person could use "vacuous" in a sentence.  :-)

Seriously though, I do not understand why some folks just can't play nice. I'm not referring to my web-hater, because I get that he must entertain himself somehow; it's the real-life people who mystify me. It's a big world, why narrow in on one person and make it your life's work to attempt to make them miserable? It's fine to disagree. It's ok to see the world from differing perspectives. It's not ok to be malicious, nor to involve others in plots and drama. <sigh> Anyway... Happy Monday!

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