Monday, August 16, 2010

New Photos!

Headache is gone! Well, not gone, but it's just a dull and manageable roar. Yay! Food prep was completed yesterday and I was in the gym doing cardio this morning. Feels good to be back :-)

Senior & Family portraits went well, I'll post a few soon. Friday was Freshman Friday (ironically, on the Friday the 13th!). Having 2 seniors for sisters can either be a good thing or a scary thing, lol. All the proofs from the photo shoot are on their own page.

I wanted to share this excerpt from today's Jillian Michaels Newsletter. It struck me as something I can say to myself. I know she's talking about her workouts & dvd's and whatnot, but as you read it, imagine you're saying it to yourself:

"Change can be painful and often involves some struggling, but remember, it's so worth it. Every time you push yourself physically, you'll grow even stronger and more confident in your abilities. No, my workouts are not easy, but you might as well face it now: I'm never going to let them be easy. I'm always going to be pushing you to the next level, whatever it might be. And you know what? You're only going to be stronger, healthier, and happier for it."

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