Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Photos from the Weekend

No gym as yet this week. Haven't been feeling well. :-(  I've had a weird headache for a few days, so Bill went out and got a carbon monoxide detector just in case. Food's been right on track though. If you've been following my cooler page, you have noticed a lack of fitday images... I go in spurts of counting my calories & ratios, and just rolling with it (not just random... my food is still within my ratios & calories), and I haven't been updating fitday. I will again, just not right now. I hope to be back in the gym this afternoon. I'm going to focus today on hydrating and (don't laugh) deep breathing, then with luck, my headache will leave me alone long enough to work out, or at least get in some cardio. That's the plan.

Here's more pics (Thank you Chrissie!) from the weekend party (click to view larger):

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