Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sentinels of Freedom

I am involved, in a most peripheral way, with an amazing organization called Sentinels of Freedom. Our Arizona chapter is run by the broker of the real estate company I work for. The work they do is both humbling and heartwarming and if supporting our troops (regardless of political leanings) is of interest to you, I encourage you to learn more about the Sentinels Scholarship program.

What I wanted to share with you is that they're launching a new program to get some cool technology into the hands of our troops in Iraq & Afghanistan. Can I just say that above and beyond POWER.GUY Solar Charger for Electronic Devices. Support Our Troops! Donate a solar charger to a soldier today!believing absolutely in this not-for-profit organization and the work they do, this tech is SOOOO COOOOOL!  :-) It's a solar charger for iPods, iPhones, phones, blackberry's, cameras, and so much more! It will allow a soldier to recharge his/her phone (for example) on the go, without ever needing electricity... increasing his/her ability to stay in touch with loved ones back home! How cool is that? And they're only $49.95.  Seriously!

If you'd like to know more about The Sentinels of Freedom, please visit their website at http://sentinelsoffreedomaz.org/

If you'd like info about donating a solar charger to a soldier (and/or buying one for yourself), please visit: http://sentinelsoffreedomaz.org/powerguy.html
New book/music/movie day! Great reason to like tuesdays! :-) Christine Feehan has a new "dark" book out today, Maggie Shayne has 2 new ones I need to pick up (Killing Me Softly & Kill Me Again), plus the third in the trilogy next month. We rented The Backup Plan and watched that last night. Cute. Last week we rented Date Night. That was funny :-)

Yoga at 6:30 this morning. Yay! Loving it! Bethany is definitely sick, no gym time for her. She's all stuffy, so we're doing saline nasal spray & benadryl, and she's loving the "need" to eat honey, lol. She'll be flying to CA this friday, so I want to get her sinus's cleared before that... it's miserable flying stuffy. We did a "fend for yourself" dinner last night, which isn't as bad as it sounds, lol. There's tons of great food, it's just a matter of everyone putting it together the way they want. I had a whole grain wrap, sliced open a roasted hatch chili from Whole Foods and laid it open, topped with browned ground bison mixed with black beans & green chili, added a scoop of lowfat cottage cheese and some shredded cabbage.... UBER YUM! Really hit the spot! :-) Love those hatch chilies!!  Tonight I'll be experimenting with a recipe for a crust-less spinach quiche.

Did I mention they're tearing up my gym? Major renovations. The downside is the absolute mess, the smell of fresh paint, the constantly moving equipment (now where's that back extension today??), and the dust. Upside is the new stuff coming in. We're getting a Boxing Ring! Woohoo! And a TRX system!!! I don't cycle or spin so the new bikes of varying types mean nothing to me, but I'm sure they're very nice. We'll soon be temporarily ousted from the yoga studio and into the fitness room while they refinish our floors (great, better to slip on, lol). I'm anxious to see all the new stuff! :-)

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