Monday, August 9, 2010

Updates and Photo


Chelle and Bill Stafford - August 2010Busy weekend! Thursday my sister-in-law arrived :-) Friday morning she joined me for yoga, then she was off to spend the day with her bro & pop, while I headed to meet Tab with Shi & her best bud. Friday evening was Bill's Dad's 70th birthday party (woohoo!) and yes, I did dress up like a girl :-) I totally forgot to take photos, but a few others, including Sandi took pics and then the weirdest thing happened... someone took the SD card right out of Sandi's camera! Left the camera, took the memory card! Really??? Crazy! And, it happened at the house, not at the restaurant!  Such a disappointment! 

Anyway, moving forward, Saturday we got together again to see SALT (which I LOVED, though everyone else thought it was just OK, lol), and Sunday Sandi flew back home :-(  I did my food prep and final ready-for-school stuff, and today the kids are all back in class! 

My folks are at Sturgis and I'm so jealous! :-) For my birthday a couple years ago, they took Bill and I to the Love Ride in CA. Here's a pic of all four of us (and my Dad's amazing chopper he built!).

This week is going to be crazy. We're still working out the kinks with schedules and rides. We've got family and Senior portraits on Thursday, and that will be fun. I look at our last family portrait, and it's amazing how much the kids have grown! 

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