Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wine and Yoga Don't Mix

Long day yesterday. Got home and poured myself a half glass of red wine. Drank most of it, then realized how stiff I was and thought, "hey, I've got On Demand! I can pull up a yoga session on Exercise TV and stretch out a bit!"  And so I did. That's when I realized that even a measly half glass of red wine before cobra and down dog is not a brilliant idea. I paused and drank a bunch of water, then got back to it. I did the set - 30 min of intermediate to advanced work... it was awesome, I was sweating up a storm, but my stomach was not a happy camper, lol. After, I headed to the kitchen to serve up my buffalo taco salad. 

 Nutritional needs met, I spent the next couple hours catching up on Warehouse 13, season 2. Yep, I am a SciFi geek :-) 

This morning, I hit the gym at 6:30 for cardio... 20 minutes of intervals on the stair-master, then 10 min of intervals on the treadmill. Back home, I mixed up my bowl of oatmeal/protein powder, had another cup of coffee then got ready for the day. Tonight is bowling, so I'm really glad I got some gym-time in this morning. It'll be my first night with the new ball (and revised throw). We'll see.

One thing I've been pondering... doing yoga during the week, I'm quite sore. It's definitely full body, and the class I attend is anything but slow-paced. It's quite the workout. Now, normally, I do upper body 2x/week, and lower body 2x/week, plus my cardio sessions. With being so sore, I'm afraid to do lifting, because of the whole "rest" thing. Hmmm. Maybe I should head over to  Tabitha's page and ask the expert :-) I'll see what The World's Greatest Trainer says!

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