Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Finding The Ease In The Pose

Hope ya'll had a great weekend! My day started with yoga at 6:30am. Have I mentioned how much I'm loving yoga? :-)  I also took a yoga class from a new instructor on Saturday... holy cow. Remember my first yoga class? Much like that! The heat! The sweat! The slipping! The cute, sweet-faced, gentle-voiced DRILL SERGEANT! I got my butt handed to me on a plate. I think it's safe to say I do not currently prefer (nor tolerate well) heated yoga. Oy! LOL!

Yesterday included my usual Sunday Food Prep and the Counter of Chaos (did it Monday because of the holiday weekend)    :-) I did a big batch of quinoa for my grains, crockpot chicken which I then shredded for use throughout the week, browned up 2 lbs of ground bison with Mrs Dash Southwest Chipotle seasoning for wraps and tacos, and grilled 5 ounces of salmon for today's lunch. My veggies are snow peas & cherry tomatoes, red beets (crockpot'ed), white & yellow squash, broccoli & orange cauliflower, and large Portobello caps, in addition to my usual shredded cabbage, various lettuces, spinach, etc. Fruit is peaches, gala apples, bananas, Clementine's, strawberries, raspberries and blueberries. I also picked up some (cheap!) New York steaks for an old fashioned meat & potatoes dinner this week.

FINDING THE EASE IN THE POSE: As I was leaving yoga this morning, I was going over the class in my head... evaluating how far I've come, how much I have to learn, and the constant seeking of balance between the difficulty and the ease. This last is a lesson my fav instructor Abbie encourages us to focus on each class... to maintain the discipline of the pose, while breathing easily through it. "Find the ease in the pose." Sometimes I think to myself, "ha, ease! let me tell you how much ease I'm feeling!" LOL. However, I do get what she's saying, and I constantly seek that. I find that as I increase my muscle involvement during the pose, my balance improves; as my breathing deepens and calms while holding my muscles taut, my ability to focus on the muscle involvement improves, thus creating a cycle wherein I am ever evolving, progressing, and "easing". As I was thinking about all this, I recognized the correlation between finding the ease in the pose with yoga, and finding the ease in myself, my body image, my acceptance and quest for continued evolution.

For me, since I began my journey, it's been a battle. I've waged war on my old body, my old lifestyle, and I've sworn to never go back. As it became a lifestyle and I entered maintenance, I've continued the battle... eat right, be active, stay focused. I've rarely, during this time, experienced the ease. Always at the back of my mind is the thought that I must do this (exercise, eat clean) to not be fat. There's no ease in that mindset.

One thing I remember Tab saying to me during my journey, and often after it, is to appreciate the moment. She encouraged me to pause and enjoy where I was because she knew I was always singularly focused on where I was going, and she tried to give me those pauses. I am realizing that I'm still looking to where I'm going, what I want to be, look like, feel like. I am doing this to the near exclusion of appreciating what I have, what I look like now, how I feel now, and where I am.

It's time for me to begin finding the ease in the pose, in my life, rather than just in the studio.

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