Thursday, September 16, 2010

Healthy Heroes

The week is nearly over, as is September! Can you believe it? Homecoming is next weekend! Yikes! 3 girls... homecoming. Oy Vey!

So, today I have two things to share with you J

First..... I am so very excited to announce the new page is up! It's called "Healthy Heroes - Living Balance".  I have been blessed to have come into contact with some very incredible people who are truly heroes. These folks have impacted my life, and made me a better person. My greatest hero, you already have met... Tabitha Citro, and there are just no words to express how much she has come to mean to me. Who would have thought, that first day when I walked into the gym, that my life was about to change so drastically, and that I would not only get The World's Greatest Trainer, but a cherished best friend, too! Through the Heroes page, I will be sharing more wonderful men & women with you. 

My first Hero interview was with my yoga instructor, Abbie Chapman, and is ready for you. In addition to sharing herself with us, she also offered a fabulous favorite healthy recipe :-) You can view the interview and recipe here:

What, Lil' ol' me?   The second thing to share is a funny-what? moment I had yesterday.
Now, ya'll know me... I'm just me.  This website grew out of my own journey to lose weight and subsequently maintain that loss. I don't sell anything, I don't host ads, it's just you, me, and the fence post. :-)  Well, I belong to several internet forums and boards in the health world, and post often. I love to share, and if someone is, for instance, looking for a recipe and I have one that fits the bill, I'll gladly send them a link to it.

If I can help, I will, whether it's a cardio playlist, or recipe, or my sunday food prep.  Over the last couple weeks, I've noticed an odd thing on one of the sites I visit... my posts were disappearing! Odd. Then yesterday, I posted in reply to someone's inquiry about banana "ice-cream", and linked to the recipes (for the "ice-cream" and the peanut butter coconut oil fudge that I like to melt over the frozen treat). Just moments later, I received a notification that I had a response (to my response)... a moderator had edited my post and deleted my link! What? Then my "inbox" dinged and there was a message telling me I'd been flagged and was violating the terms of use for the site. !!? Me??

I got in touch with the moderator, who was a very gracious and patient person willing to answer my questions. Turns out, they had gone through the site and either removed my posts altogether, or removed links to my website because.... ready for this? I'm a competing website. They offered to sell me advertising space.

Ok, now if you don't grasp the full hilarity of this... let me reiterate... I do not sell anything. I do not promote anything. I am just lil' ol' me with a personal website and a desire to share what I've learned (and am learning). So, this Website has been watching me, editing me, deleting me because I represented competition. Me! Competition!

Are you curious as to who this Website is? Before I tell you, let me just share how confused, a little irritated, and supremely flattered I was by all this! How confused, irritated, and flattered? BOUNDLESSLY! Ok, ready for it? Ready?....
Yeah.  Haha!  Lil' ol' me.

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