Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Hit up Whole Foods for more Kombucha :-) This time I tried the HONEST brand, maqui berry grapefruit. Seriously yummy :-) Whole Foods has some great online coupons (including ones for some of my favorite brands: Siggi's skyr (icelandic yogurt); Muir Glen; Bare Naked Granola, TLC (Kashi) cereal bars (the kids love 'em); Imagine boxed soups/broths, and lots more! Now if they would just give me some coupons for Kombucha! :-)

Bowling went well, food ended up being very light yesterday, but it was all whole and clean. I did find a new Kombucha (yay!). Since my  beloved GT kombucha has yet to return to the shelves, I'm finally trying new brands. High Country brand was in my Whole Foods, so I picked up the Wild Root bottle. Very tasty. Definitely kombucha, it's got that vinegar scent, but the very light flavor of root beer was terrific! I can't wait to try more!

Today, began... confuzzled. I woke up in plenty of time to enjoy my coffee before yoga, I got there on time, stretched and readied for the class, but I was "off". I really struggled through this morning's class. Though I did repeat my baby arm balance (see yesterday's post), I bobbled Dancer, which I've gotten very confident in. It wasn't until the end of class that I realized what was wrong. You see, I'd brought with me a couple of companions: anger and fear. Neither of which belong in yoga class, and I'm afraid that my frustration in my practice today was tangible and communicated itself to the others. I truly hope not.

This situation with my knee is bothering me more than I've even admitted to myself. I am angry to be injured. I am afraid I will not reach goal. I am afraid I will never get past this. (It's the same knee I blew out in '07.) While I know that I conquered then, and I reached my goals, it doesn't stop me from being afraid (and angry, very very angry) that I'm battling it again. What If's are insidiously weaving themselves through all my thoughts. Making it worse, I am fully aware of the mind-body connection, and I know that my anger & fear are only endangering my success. Not only is my body fighting me, but now I'm fighting myself, too. I don't know whether to cry or go punch something.

Hopefully tomorrow's dr appt will help settle my mind. And if it doesn't, the Lucy & Ethel time Tab and I have scheduled for afterwards will certainly do the trick.  J

On another note, I will be doing much baking this weekend. The seeded-bread was a big hit, and that's what I'll be using from now on. I will run the numbers for both price and nutrition and get those posted as soon as I can.

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