Thursday, September 23, 2010

I Will Not Weigh This Weekend.

May the gods have mercy on me (and anyone unlucky enough to be near me!). I have been shanghaied into taking a Zumba class tonight. Yes, Chelle of the uncoordinated limbs will be trying out Zumba. Run for the hills, people! There are three of us on this adventure, none of us has done Zumba before, but Tab says there's safety in numbers. We'll see.

Wish us luck! :-)

9 am... Food ended up right on track yesterday. I ended the day with an intake of 1866 cal; 38% protein, 34% fat, 28% carb... 180 g protein, 138 g carb, and 71 g fat. Not too shabby for my goal of 40% protein, 25% carb, 35% fat. Feeling more relaxed now about it... really helps to have that ratio to target. I had told myself I could have that Godiva truffle after bowling, but by the time I got home, I was so tired it just didn't sound good. Something must be wrong... two days in a row I'm not in the mood for Godiva. LOL! :-) Oh well, when I'm ready for it I know I'll really savor it. Good chocolate is an event. Lol! :-)

My day started with 6:30 am yoga, then my breakfast, packing up my cooler and so on. Today's food is looking on track (as long as I get into the gym after work). If all goes according to plan, I'll end the day with 1831 calories, 42% protein, 24% carb, and 34% fat. Sweet. Though I am only getting 26 g fiber.

I forgot my lemon slices for my water, so I'll have to run out at lunchtime and grab one (really helps me drink all the water I need).

The last few days, between all the extra water, the extra food, extra fiber, etc... I'm feeling very bloated. And yes, I've got fat-girl panic goin' on all over the place. It's hard to jump my calories this high, it seems counter-intuitive. Add to that how bloated I feel and, well... it's difficult.
Yesterday, I kept telling myself, "Trust the process". Problem is, a big part of me doesn't trust the process, never has (remember the fat-girl in my head? yeah that part is her), but... I trust the person who taught me the process (World's Greatest Trainer, aka Tabitha). 

Back in my journey, Tab trusted the process, I trusted her, and I found success. This new experiment pretty much piggy-backs on that. Intellectually, I know that I should trust the process, I know how it works, I know why it works... but emotionally... that's a different story. It's hard to not scramble back to my comfort zone. However, I do know the process works. I will stick with this. And I will not weigh myself this weekend. I will not. I will not. I will not.

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